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Yoshi Alternate Forms[edit | edit source]

Like many or all of the other main characters, Yoshi can transform but in many different ways. He has a limit on items that he can use that Mario, Luigi and Sonic can use. However, Shadow also does not express too many forms. Only some are shown in Super Mario Bros. Z: Two World's Fate.

Alternative Forms used in SMBZ: Two World's Fate[edit | edit source]

  • Hammer Yoshi: Yoshi first uses this in episode 10 when the heroes were rewarded with items that Professor E. Gadd gave them. Yoshi transforms by using the Hammer Bros. item and developes a stone-rock hard made of steel Hammer Bros. helmet on his head, two steel-like Jackhammers and an iron tail. This is his most used transformation throughout the series as he uses this only a handful of time.
  • Fire Yoshi: He first uses this in the second saga when fighting Chaos the first time. However, this was his only time using this and he managed to beat Chaos until Chaos transformed. Yoshi uses this by absorbing the Fire Flower.
  • Metal Yoshi: This form is seen a few times and he uses this at first against Wart in episode 12. Yoshi transforms by using a Metal Mushroom and is capable of moving but finds it very hard to jump or move very fast. However, his attacks are tripled by 50..
  • Egg Form: This is not really a transformation in the same sense as the others but boosts Yoshi's defense and allows him to "Egg Roll" while moving. He aslo can attack people or enemies like that as well and uses this a handful of times.
  • Super Dragon Yoshi: This is Yoshi's most strongest form and only used about 3 times throughout the series unless you watch the Bonus Blooper Episodes (5 Episodes for Season 1). He grows wings and is stronger than many of the enemies and rivals that of the other heroes strengths. He first uses this in the battle against Morph X.
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