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Xiaolin Boys[edit | edit source]

This is an animated series created by Emblem64. This is a bogus version of Xiaolin Showdown.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Dylan: He is the most sensitive of the three guys. He seems to have a lot more street smarts and common sense than the others. He is the least person to be in a big showdown fight with someone out of the entire series. However, towards the last season, he becomes more important and even gets the ability to focus inner power and read minds. He is the best friend of Fin and has a crush on Kimberly and is the first to have a crush. His teammates however resented him for it. He however becomes Kimberly's boyfriend in the end.
  • Fin: He is the main protagonist and title character of the series. He is the red head and seems to have a big ego at times. That is what usually gets his butt kicked when he does get beat. He is the best friend of Dylan and is protective of his friends. He however, turned evil when Master Lee (Ryu's dad) fails to give him the Sash of 1000 Horses. In the end, Fin becomes leader (episode 51) and takes his responsibilities seriously almost never and treats it as a joke sometimes. However, he is the perfect leader and has all the qualities. He has a crush on Jenny but failed to win her heart the first time (episode 23). He however in season 3 later wins her over. He is the strongest of the boys and is tied with the leader of the Femme Fatals Girls, Zoey (who has a crush on him and kissed him before).
  • Mike: He is the tomboy and of African American accent. He seems to always know what to do at dire situations but is very troublesome along with the other boys. He seems to have two sisters and a brother. He also despises any girl from seasons 1-2. He too however has had a crush named Liz. However, it is unsure if they ever became a couple despite them going on a date before and kissing in the series finale.
  • Dante: He is the cocky one that always thinks before he acts. He is rebellious and is reckless (however not at the same extent to Fin is). He had a crush on one of the Femme Fatal Girls, Zoey and then Claire until he moves on to Rose and they become a couple.
  • Master Lee (Bill): He is the father of Dante in terms of Zodiac (but is not actually related). He seems to love the boys like his own sons. He is their master and gives them rankings and guidance. He however, refused to give Fin his sash which leads to his betrayel.

Supporting Characters[edit | edit source]

Femme Fatals[edit | edit source]

  • Zoey: She is the leader and posesses immense amount of physical strength and speed and is the femal counterpart of Fin. They both harbors crushes on one another (despite Fin liking Jenny as well). They have had some fights to which it either ends as a tie or somebody stops it. It is rare to when either Zoey or Fin ever win.
  • Susan: She is the brains of the group and seems to harbor a crush on Dylan in one episode. She seems to be second in command and usually has to put Kate in her place.
  • Kate: She is the overly happy and prettier than the others one. She seems to have the Xiaolin Boys fall for her except Mike who does not seem attracted and Fin who is smitten with somebody else. She then when on a hunt to why he does not like her (even as a friend). In the end he admits that she is so pretty that he is trying to hide it. He then gets kissed by her on the cheek.
  • Sally "Crunch": She is the younger sister and ice cream fazed girl of Fin. She has a deep crush on Dante and always tries to get his attention.

Villains[edit | edit source]

Organization of Hybrids[edit | edit source]

  • Magitus Choreherleans: They are the minions of the Sumo King. They are usually defeated by the heroes however there are times where they can beat them up.
  • Sumo King: He is the leader of the organization and the king of his own dojo called Master Slam Dojo. He was first appeared in the series premiere as the main antagonist and was defeated in battle by Fin.
  • Piratecog: He is a pirated computer that is enhanced is to not be taken lightly.
  • Snooks: He is the minion of him and is easily afraid of everything.
  • Zogpitz: He is the other minion of Piratecog and is easily angry at everything.
  • Tictoc: He is a bomb that is very powerful and with enough gas could blow up the entire planet.
  • Easter Egg: He is the easter egg bunny but is radioactive and posesses crazy strength. He has a fear of hugs.
  • Bugsy: He is the loyal servant of Cupadevil. Until season two.
  • Cupadevil: He is the villain that turns people in love and gets stronger and feeds off of that. He has been defeated by two of the heroes: Mike and Dylan.

Wins in Shogu Shogi[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

  • The Journey of a Thousand Miles
  • Rock For Brains!
  • Cocky Anger (2nd)
  • Love at First Fright
  • In The Hood
  • Battle Royale (Fin only)
  • Incomplete Imitations
  • The Crawling Flesh (Fin as Heylin)

Season 2[edit | edit source]

  • Fortress of Doom (Dante only)
  • Han Nebula
  • Dylan Downsized!
  • Enter the Bunny
  • Hear Some Cupid, See Some Cupid!
  • Depths of Beyond
  • Caged In
  • Below Zero
  • Screams of the Sirens
  • Lasso Revenge
  • The Grand King Amobsis Strikes Back
  • The Return of the Femme Fatals (Tie)
  • Evil See, Evil Do!
  • Carnage of Evil
  • The New Age
  • Dangerous Minds
  • Belly of the Beast

Season 3[edit | edit source]

  • In Justice with Peace!
  • No Fist, No Foot, No Hero (Tie)
  • Fin City
  • Hole in 1!
  • Con Artist
  • Final Destination Match
  • In The End: Part II

Season 4[edit | edit source]

  • Heat Dome
  • An Eye for An Eye
  • Nature vs. Nurutre
  • Western Drawl
  • Samurai Wars!
  • Villainous Four (2nd)
  • Oblivion
  • The Evil Beneath
  • The Year of The Blue Zebra
  • Age of the Aquarium
  • Body Clear (Mike Evil)
  • Calamity!
  • Doomsday
  • Apocalypse: Part II (2nd)

Loses in Shogu Shogi[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

  • Cocky Anger (1st) [Dante]
  • Girlpower! [Fin]
  • Ring of the 4 Swordsman [Fin]
  • Battle Royale (Dante, Mike and Dylan) [Dante, Mike and Dylan]
  • The Crawling Flesh (Dante, Mike and Dylan) [Dante, Mike and Dylan]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

  • Fortress of Doom (Mike and Dylan) [Mike & Dylan]
  • Eyes on the Prize [Fin]
  • The Return of the Femme Fatals (Tie) [Fin & Zoey]
  • Next Genex [Mike]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

  • Couples of Glory [Dante]
  • Dream Eaters [Fin]
  • Swampfire [Mike]

Season 4[edit | edit source]

  • The Legend of Shoku [Fin]
  • Villainous Four (1st) [All]
  • Strategistical Recall! [Dylan]
  • Ghostown at Sundown [Mike]
  • Dragonstone! [Dante]
  • The Evil Unleashed! [Fin]
  • Apocalypse: Part II (1st) [All but Fin]

Episode List[edit | edit source]

Season 1: 2008[edit | edit source]

# Title Written by Directed by Original Air Date Code
01 "The Journey of a Thousand Miles" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons November 1, 2003 101
Over 1500 years ago Good and Evil were fighting each other until Good barely triumphs. Then, a new generation of fighters were created. However, the Sumo King was after the Earth Talisman. The four boys all together teams up and forms a squad to stop him as Fin and Sumo King are in a Shogu Shogi Battle. Fin wagered his Elemental Sword for Sumo King's Stone of the Ground.
02 "Rock For Brains!" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons November 8, 2003 102
Mike is kidnapped by Sumo King and soon he kidnaps his friends and master. Mike must then use the Stone of Ground to seek out the Notorious Buster. However, he is doubted by many when entering a Battle Royale of Shogu Shogi against Sumo King.
03 "Cocky Anger" Madellaine Paxson Steven Lyons November 15, 2003 103
Dante is loosing his anger when he discovers that he lost his Stone of Ground to Sumo King. Sumo King then goes for the Solar Jaira. However, the guys then goes out to find the same thing. They find it and Dante uses his Notorious Buster against one of Sumo King's minions, Gen-Shi Hammer.
04 "Girlpower!" Amy Wolfram Steven Lyons November 22, 2003 104
After Fin denies that Jenny cannot hang out with them so Sumo King puts a chip on her that gives her enhanced martial arts skills better than the boys. Fin loses a Mystical Doku to her the first time (trying to retrieve the Taichi Lotus) and she then gets tricked by Sumo King and must be challenged for her freedom.
05 "Love at First Fright" Rob Humphrey & John Behnke Tim Eldred November 29, 2003 105
Dylan loses the Sudoku Gloves when Cupadevil casts a spell on him and makes him fall in love with a girl named Kimberly. However, Cupadevil uses that to get stronger as Dylan's love spreads. Dylan however, finally learns of the trick but reveals he is really in love. Dylan then wagers his Gen-Shi Hammer against Cupadevil's Capricornus Inferno for the Danshi Jester.
06 "Beware of the Bunny" Ray DeLaurentis Dan Riba December 6, 2003 106
It becomes Easter and Dante expresses his hate towards the Easter Egg Bunny as he hates him. However, the bunny hears this and starts to ruin Dante's life. He finally decides to settle this at the top of the Bamboo Gate Entrance where they fight on Bamboos.
07 "Ring of the 4 Swordsman" Mark Palmer Steven Lyons January 17, 2004 107
Fin finds a ring and decides to show it off. He then discovers of its powers and uses that to get by everything until he is in Shogu Shogi against Sumo King for the Zashi Wing Nybio. They wagered the Danshi Jester for the other's Flash Hawk.
08 "Night of the Monstrous Behemoth" Brian Swenlin Tim Eldred January 24, 2004 108
Master Lee is curious when his monks brings a behemoth statue home. However, at night, the Behemoth comes to life and Master Lee becomes the only one left to stop it if he hopes to see another day.
09 "In The Hood" Steven Darancette Dan Riba February 7, 2004 109
The heroes travels to New York with Kimberly, Jenny and Rose. They search for the Rodai Tiger in the big city. However, Sumo King and his men all finds it and puts it into his facility. However, Mike and Fin both finds it and they are in a two on two Shogu Shogi against a minion and Sumo King. They wagered their Taichi Lotus for his Flash Hawk.
10 "Tic-Toc" Brandon Sawyer Steven Lyons February 14, 2004 110
When the monks are all studying for a martial arts exam, they find out that there are explosions happening around the city. They come face to face with a villain known as Tictoc. Dante then remembers of his house exploding and he decides to confront and stop tictoc are where he is.
11 "Battle Royale" Eddie Guzelian Tim Eldred May 1, 2004 111
All four of the boys comes face to face with Sumo King, Easter Egg, Tictoc and Cupadevil. They all except for Fin loses their Shogu Shogi and so Fin must go find the villains and stop them.
12 "Incomplete Imitations" Madellaine Paxson Dan Riba May 8, 2004 112
After failking at stopping the heroes, Sumo King creates three girls named Zoey, Susan and Kate. He calls them the Femme Fatals and orders them to go and exterminate the Xiaolin Boys. When fighting them, they are no match for the girls. In their second encounter, they face off in a four on four Shogu Shogi for the Photon Bruiser.
13 "The Crawling Flesh" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons May 15, 2004 113
Snooks and Zogpitz revives Piratecog and they begin a massive wave of terror. However, Piratecog convinces Fin to go Heylin when Master Lee does not recieve his Sash of 1000 Horses. The boys then sets out to save him as Dylan, Mike and Dante all face off against Fin in a 3-on-1 Shogu Shogi for the Guru Helmet.

Season 2: 2008–2009[edit | edit source]

# Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Code
14 "An Evil Doing" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Matt Danner September 11, 2004 201
Piratecog continues his evil reign however, Fin starts to realize what he is doing is wrong and goes back to the side of good. However, Piratecog and his virus minions are too much for the heroes and captures them.
15 "Fortress of Doom" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Jeff Allen September 18, 2004 202
The heroes are about to be eaten until Piratecog has a Shogu Shogi (wagering nothing against nothing for freedom (for themself)). Dante beats Piratecog in the Shogu Shogi after Mike and Dylan fails. However, Dante cannot open the box and so Fin does and saves everyone.
16 "Han Nebula" Amy Wolfram Mike Milo September 25, 2004 203
Sumo King steals both the Danshi Jester and the Taichi Lotus and puts them together to form the Han Nebula. However, ever since the events of last episode, all of the Mystical Doku's are scattered again. However, Mike and Dante both go on a quest to find it and Mike is in a Shogu Shogi wagering his Gen-Shi Hammer against Sumo King's Han Nebula for the Zambodia Falcon.
17 "Eyes on the Prize" Brian Swenlin Matt Danner October 2, 2004 204
Jenny and her group of girls all finds the Guru Helmit and uses it to manipulate and be able to get the heroes to do what they want. However, the heroes gets fed up with it and soon Fin is in a Shogu Shogi against Jenny. He wagers his Zambodia Falcon for her Solar Jaira.
18 "Grudge Match" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen October 9, 2004 205
The heroes trains until they keep finding flyers and advertisments at a new dojo. They then go and find the Femme Fatals there. The boys then challenges the girls Dante decides to be their representative to fight Susan in a "grudge match."
19 "Dylan Downzised!" Steve Cuden Mike Milo October 30, 2004 206
When Dylan goes out for some food for the others, Sumo King turns him into the size of a grain of rice. He then raids the Temple with his minions and prepares to take everything. Sumo King then takes everything except for the Notorious Buster to which tiny Dylan challenged him wagering his only Doku, Photon Bruiser against his Capricornus Inferno for the Danshi Jester and the Gen-Shi Hammer.
20 "Enter the Bunny" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Matt Danner November 6, 2004 207
Easter Egg comes back and traps the town in his eggs. The heroes then tries to stop him however he posesses the Rodai Tiger and the Notorious Buster. As they try to stop him, he captures Dante and then Mike. Dylan is then captured when Fin and Easter Egg are in a Shogu Shogi for the Zashi Wing Nybio. Fin wagered his Gen-Shi Hammer and Capricornus Inferno for Easter Egg's Rodai Tiger and Notorious Buster in a Shen-Yi-Bu-Dare.
21 "Realm Walkers" Marc Drotman & Eric Molina Jeff Allen November 13, 2004 208
The Four boys messes with the Capricornus Inferno and gets sent into an alternate reality to when they are evil. They then tries to find a way to escape with the help of good Sumo King and to stop their Anti-selves.
22 "Hear Some Cupid, See Some Cupid!" Ray DeLaurentis Mike Milo November 20, 2004 209
Cupadevil and his minions returns and they make Kate fall in love with Mike. Mike tries to snap her out of it but he then realizes that he is the only one left in the city not controlled. He is then challenged by Cupadevil for the Zambodia Falcon. Mike wagered his Rodai Tiger for Cupadevil's Sudoku Gloves.
23 "Love Birds" Mark Zaslove Matt Danner November 27, 2004 210
Fin and Jenny are partners at a party. Fin then finds himself in love. However, once they start to date, he gets more responsibilities and loses sight on his friend being captured by Tictoc. Fin then must choose his friends or girlfriend. He then goed for his friends and loses his girlfriend. Fin feels crushed and rescues his friends using the Cloak of Mystique.
24 "Depths of Beyond" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Jeff Allen December 11, 2004 211
Dante is conflicted when Master Lee goes missing (he accidentally got him missing). He and the others then goes to find him. However, Sumo King's minions are watching their every move and then robs them for all of their Doku. They are then left with the Sudoku Gloves as they are in a Shogu Shogi for Master Lee. Bugsy then wagers his Double Reversing Danshi.
25 "Caged In" Amy Wolfram Mike Milo February 5, 2005 212
Piratecog traps the heroes in their own Temple until they find the Doku. However, he is surprised when they only got 2. They tell him Sumo King stole them all but Mike becomes a smart alec and annoys Piratecog until he accidentally frees him. Mike then gets the Notorious Buster and wagers that against Piratecog's Taichi Lotus for the Sudoku Gloves and the Double Reversing Danshi.
26 "Below Zero" Steve Cuden Matt Danner February 12, 2005 213
Sally (Fin's younger sister) brings a Snowman (made of pure snow hardened with ice) to life and she accidentally sends it on a psychotic rampage seearching for the Tunneling Mirrors. However, the heroes beats them to it but the Icenowman controls Sally and she orders him to get the Doku. However, Fin wagered his Double Reversing Danshi for the Snowman's Solar Jaira.
27 "Scream of the Sirens" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen April 16, 2005 214
A mermaid comes and flirts with the boys however, Fin does not trust her. She then tricks the other three into giving her the Solar Jaira, Notorious Buster and the Shard of Ice. Fin then decides to confront her however, she is after the Calypso Hypno to hypnotize anyone to do anything. However, Fin wagered his Sudoku Gloves & Tunneling Mirrors against her Solar Jaira and Shard of Ice for the Calypso Hypno.
28 "Lasso Revenge" Brian Swenlin Mike Milo February 26, 2005 215
Dante and the others are searching for the Saiberblade of Saiping and finds it. However, he loses it to Sumo King's minions when he thinks he can finish them alone. After the Horns of Despair has been unlocked, Dante decides to go redeem himself and fight against Sumo King. He wagered his Shard of Ice for Sumo King's Zambodia Falcon.
29 "The Grand King Amobsis Strikes Back" Adam I. Lapidus Matt Danner and Stephen Sandoval February 19, 2005 216
The heroes learn of an ancient Doku called the Grand King Amobsis. They all then goes after it except Dylan. Dylan tells Master Lee he is afraid. However, his friends needs his help as they cannot fight off Cupadevil alone. Dylan then challenges him to a Shogu Shogi wagering his Gen-Shi Hammer against his Danshi Jester for his friends and the Grand King Amobsis.
30 "The Return of the Femme Fatals" Eric Molina & Marc Drotman Jeff Allen April 23, 2005 217
The boys are out having lunch until they find the Femme Fatals eating right behind them. They then decides to have a rematch with them but the girls feel like they could defeat them. Fin then makes a bet with her and holds out his Shard of Ice for her to touch it. She does and he wagered his Double Reversing Danshi against her Zashi Wing Nybio.
31 "The Last Temptation of Dante" Art Everett Mike Milo April 23, 2005 218
When there is a cometh that is coming straight to take out the heroes, Dante goes to stop it however, he starts to lose all of the good in him and will turn permanently evil unless they can somehow reverse the cometh to go a different way.
32 "Evil See, Evil Do!" David Silverman & Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval April 30, 2005 219
Sumo King manages to steal the Gen-Shi Hammer, Taichi Lotus and the Capricornus Inferno and Sudoku Gloves from the heroes in order to put his master plans in order. He goes into the alternative reality and brings the Anti-Heroes back to the real world to defeat them. They are then in a 4-on-4 Shogu Shogi. The heroes wagered their Solar Jaira and Grand King Amobsis against their Capricornus Inferno and Sudoku Gloves for the Rodai Tiger.
33 "Carnage of Evil" Steve Cuden Jeff Allen April 30, 2005 220
From Xiaolin Showdown, Sumo King revives the Heylin Seed and turns everyone into plants. Only Mike and Fin stand left and they try to get the Capricornus Inferno to stop Sumo King from reviving it. However, Fin gets turned into a plant and Mike wagered his Shard Ice against his Notorious Buster.
34 "The New Age" Mark Zaslove Mike Milo May 7, 2005 221
The girls finds a Doku called the Sands of Infinity. They use it and creates a Darkhole that is sucking all of the life of the earth into it. Kimberly, Liz, Jenny and Rose all gets trapped into it. They then gets brainwashed and the dark power and the four of them challenged the four heroes in a Shogu Shogi. The heroes wagered their Rodai Tiger and Notorious Buster for their Sands of Infinity and Saiberblade of Saiping.
35 "Next Genex" Ray DeLaurentis Stephen Sandoval May 7, 2005 222
Master Lee levels all of the heroes to the Sash of 1100 Dragons. Mike then gets depressed when he thinks about what will happen when they go their separate ways. Tictoc then comes working with Easter Egg and they beat them all. The heroes then goes after the new Doku, Sparks of Dashi. Mike then gets into a Shogu Shogi against Tictoc. He wagered his Saiberblade of Saiping for his Flash Hawk.
36 "Dreamscape" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen May 14, 2005 223
Sumo King goes and finds the Magic Conch and uses that to look inside the heroes minds and dreams and exposes what their weaknesses are. The heroes then must venture in themselves with the help of the Guru Helmet to stop Sumo King and his terror.
37 "Dangerous Minds" Stephen Sustarsic Mike Milo May 14, 2005 224
The heroes are arguing with the girls of which is stronger out of Fin and Zoey. However, both groups falls into a giant ditch and is sucked inside near the center of the earth. However, the others gets captured by the creatures of the beneath (Giant Spider, Giant Beetle, Giant Snake). Zoey and Fin then must find the others (they argue and flirt). Once they find them, they also find the Magma Stone and is in a Shogu Shogi against the Giant Spider and Giant Beetle. They wagered their Notorious Buster and Guru Helmet against their Sudoku Gloves and Gen-Shi Hammer for the Doku and their friends.
38 "Wormhole" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Stephen Sandoval May 21, 2005 225
The heroes are training and they then go hunting for the missing Doku that they lost. They then finds a giant radioactive worm and they all battle it. Eventually Master Lee gets defeated too and the boys gets sucked up inside of it.
39 "Belly of the Beast" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Jeff Allen May 21, 2005 226
Inside the worm, they are in a parallel universe and they find their Anti-selves there. They then battle their anti selves but loses. They then are told that they will be trapped there forever. The heroes then makes a plan and challenges them to a Shogu Shogi. They wagered their Shard of Ice against their Zambodia Falcon.

Season 3: 2009[edit | edit source]

# Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Code
40 "Roses of Gardens" Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval September 17, 2005 301
When the boys are training, Dante begins to fall in love with Rose after losing interest in the Femme Fatal girl, Susan. He and Rose hangs out until she leaves town for a while. When she returns, he tries to get her everything until she wonders why does he think they were dating.
41 "In Justice with Peace!" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen September 24, 2005 302
The heroes are fighting Piratecog until he runs away. Meanwhile, Sumo King sends his minions after the Doku called the Mosaic Tablet and he then uses it to cast upon stone zombies to do hisw bidding and rule the world. The heroes are then going after the Crystal Diamonds. However, Sumo King is also there to get it and is in a Shogu Shogi against Fin for it. He wagered his Double Reversing Danshi for his Mosaic Tablet.
42 "No Fist, No Foot, No Hero" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen October 1, 2005 303
The heroes are all encountered by the Femme Fatals when they challenge them to a ski-off. The boys however manage to win. The girls then gets jealous and makes a bet with the boys that if they lose then they Fin must go on a date with Zoey and if the boys win then the Femme Fatals has to admit they are better and cator to their every wim. The boys wagered their Sudoku Gloves and Crystal Diamonds against their Shard of Ice and Flash Hawk.
43 "Fin City" Mark Zaslove Jeff Allen October 8, 2005 304
When Fin gets upset about his family embarrassing him everywhere, he uses a machine that makes clones of himself. He is then confronted by one clone that thinks he is him and wants his life. He then steals the Monarch Wings and Zambodia Falcon and fuses them to make the Longi Falcon. He then goes after the Eagle of Paradise and is in a Shogu Shogi against Fin. Fin wagered his Shard of Ice and Magma Stone for his Eagle Paradise.
44 "Hole in 1!" Marc Drotman & Eric Molina Stephen Sandoval November 5, 2005 305
Tictoc and Sumo King tricks the heroes into going small and plays them like they are golf. However, what the villains does not know is that the heroes posess the Longi Falcon and Eagle of Paradise. The two villains are then upset when they are outmatched. They then use their Zashi wing Nybio but are in a Shogu Shogi as they then wager their Danshi Jester for their Longi Falcon.
45 "Couples of Glory" Steve Cuden Jeff Allen November 12, 2005 306
When love is in the air, the girls and the heroes all starts to date until they all become a couple (except for Mike and Liz who are still debatable). However, Bugsy takes over this and steals some of their Doku. He then uses the Golden Lightningrod to stun people (electrocute) and control them. Dante is then in a Shogu Shogi against him. He wagered his Notorious Buster against Bugsy's Golden Lightningrod.
46 "The Return of the Anti Warriors" Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval November 19, 2005 307
After being stuck in an alternative dimension with the mermaid, the five escapes. However, in the meantime the heroes loses a Shogu Shogi to Sumo King. They then lose the Gen-Shi Hammer. The Anti-Heroes then comes with the mermaid and plans to capture the world in the Dark Hole Dimension when they steal the Sands of Infinity from the heroes.
47 "Dream Eaters" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen November 26, 2005 308
Piratecog is back and is ready to make the heroes taste defeat. However, he also steals some of the heroes Doku and goes after the Taichi Lotus. The heroes then goes to thwart their plans. The Femme Fatals comes along the ride to watch. Fin is then in a Shogu Shogi against Piratecog wagering his Longi Falcon and Eagle of Paradise against his Kusuzu Boomerang for the Taichi Lotus.
48 "Con Artist" Eric Shaw Stephen Sandoval February 11, 2006 309
With most of their Doku gone, the heroes are training harder and harder for when they are chosen for leader. The four boys then meets this man named Davis Conroy and he posesses the Sweet Con Camel. He then tricks them into getting the Flash Hawk and Shard of Ice. He then finds the Magma Stone and wagers for it. Dylan then wagers his Sudoku Gloves for Davis' Flash Hawk.
49 "Swampfire" Steve Cuden Jeff Allen February 18, 2006 310
Cupadevil comes back and his minions are both defeating the heroes. Cupadevil then gets the Magma Stone, Flash Hawk and Notorious Buster. Mike then gets mad and charges for it. However, the heroes finds the stolen Doku at the top of a mountain. Cupadevil and him then enter a Shogu Shogi for the stolen Doku. Mike wagered his Double Reversing Danshi for Cupadevil's Magma Stone.
50 "Final Destination Match" David Silverman Stephen Sandoval February 25, 2006 311
The girls are all having fun with their boyfriends until a mysterious evil Spirit called Reverso overshadows a host who is Dylan. The others are then trying to stop Reverso form obtaining the Blade of Saiping. The guys then leaves their girlfriends (and gives them a kiss) as they go to find the Blade of Saiping which is near the Ocean. Fin finds it but is in a Shogu Shogi against Reverso. Reverso wagered his Bird of Paradise against Fin's Magic Conch Shell.
51 "In The End: Part I" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen May 6, 2006 312
Master Lee explains that the heroes journeys are about to get challenging when he tells them all to go on a Quest to change something they wish they could change. However, the heroes finds out that the wolrd is in a riphole where two dimensions are going to collide. Meanwhile, Jenny leaves the country and Fin bids farewell to her forever. Fin decides to go on a quest to stop the Evil Serpent Beast from creating the Evil Spirit known as Darkness. However, he brings Zoey, Kate and Susan along with him.
52 "In The End: Part II" Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval May 13, 2006 313

As the world is crumbling apart, Fin finally finds where Destiny has lead him and he challenges the Serpent Beast fused with Darkness to make Despair on a 4-on-1 Shogu Shogi wagering his Blade of Saiping for his Bottle of Truth & Despair. However, once getting back to his own dimension, the heroes and the Femme Fatals must stop the worlds from colliding. Fin becomes leader (Shoku Warrior). To conclude the third season, the heroes all prepares to fight their worst villains as they prepare for a clashing fight. NOTE: This was originally supposed to be the Series Finale until the show got the Green Light to renew for a fourth season.

Season 4: 2009-2010[edit | edit source]

# Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Code
53 "Final Showdown" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Matt Danner September 11, 2004 201
As becoming the Shoku Warrior and the leader, Fin as leader leads his team to victory as they are all facing their greatest villains. Eventually they defeat them all and all of the Doku's are spread out again. However, the heroes remains with the Blade of Saiping. The heroes then trains as Fin comes to train with his responsibility as leader.
54 "Heat Dome" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Jeff Allen September 18, 2004 202
When Fin fools around with his power as Shoku Warrior, he must rise up to the top and stop the evil forcfes that come their way. The heroes finds the Heat Dome and tries it out. However, it burns down half of their Temple. They then go after the Metallic Tail that Sumo King and Piratecog are after. Fin is then in a Shogi-Trio wagering his Heat Dome against Sumo King's Flash Hawk and Piratecog's Eagle of Paradise for the Metallic Tail.
55 "An Eye for An Eye" Amy Wolfram Mike Milo September 25, 2004 203
While the heroes are all sleeping, Dante accidentally creates a portal where an evil Barbarian named Hans is unleashed and captures the Silver Crescent and Notorious Buster. When the heroes are all defeated by this force when Sumo King takes over it, Dante challenges him to a Shogu Shogi when trying to get the Wushan Flute. Dante wagered his Blade of Saiping and Flash Hawk for Hans' Silver Crescent and Notorious Buster.
56 "Nature vs. Nurture" Brian Swenlin Matt Danner October 2, 2004 204
Master Lee trains with the heroes until they go after the Sprout of Tsunami. However, Cupadevil comes and prepares to cast a spell that will make the heroes in love forever. However, Mike is not affected when using the Bird of Paradise they found. He then is in a Shogu Shogi against Cupadevil and wagers his Silver Crescent against his Gen-Shi Hammer for the Sprout of Tsunami.
57 "Destiny Bonds" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen October 9, 2004 205
Sumo King finds a bunch of liquid and uses his machines from the organization and revives the Anti-Heroes. He then works with them and gives them the Magic Conch Shell just in case. The heroes then encounters their Anti-selves but loses when they uses the Magic Conch Shell to examine what they are going to do next. However, the heroes then finds some Dragon Scales and Fin works on his Draco Kinesis on them and they get defeated. Master Lee then gives them all the final belt, Master Sash.
58 "Western Drawl" Steve Cuden Mike Milo October 30, 2004 206
Sumo King is heading to the West to find the Boots of Hanabi. However, the heroes are already there finding it. Sumo King then hires a killer named Handsome Joe to collect the Doku. However, the heroes plans on fighting him. The heroes gets defeated and he goes for the prize. However, Fin manages to escape and goes straight for the Doku. He is then in a Shogu Shogi against Handsome. Fin wagered his Dragon Scales & Sprout of Tsunami against his Longi Falcon and Cranium Arms.
59 "Samurai Wars!" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Matt Danner November 6, 2004 207
Dylan is obsessed with the new game Samurai Wars. However, Sumo King sabotaged the game and sucks them and Easter Egg in it. As they all work together to get to the final stage and leave. Easter Egg doublecrosses them and Dylan is in a Shogu Shogi wagering his Metallic Tail for Easter Egg's Guru Helmet for a fight to get out of the game.
60 "The Legend of Shoku" Marc Drotman & Eric Molina Jeff Allen November 13, 2004 208
After losing a Shogu Shogi to Sumo King, Fin decides to run away and train to become better. However, his friends and girl (friends) finds it hard to survive without him. Sumo King and his minions then plans terror across the city as they use the Holy Feet to move at the speed of light and fight at intense strength. Even the Femme Fatals are worried until all of the people in the Temple gets captured. When Fin returns, he finds a note and goes to the Old Junkyard. There he fights Sumo King and barely beats him.
61 "Villainous Four" Ray DeLaurentis Mike Milo November 20, 2004 209
After realizing that they cannot beat the heroes alone, Sumo King, Cupadevil, Piratecog and Easter Egg all joins forces to stop them. The four of them gets into a 4-on-4 Shogu Shogi but loses when they are beaten by them because they do not expect their combination attacks. Master Lee then trains them for the Villainous Four again and enter another Shogu Shogi Showdown to settle it all.
62 "Love Potion" Mark Zaslove Matt Danner November 27, 2004 210
When Kate is suddenly attracted all of the boys in town except for Fin, she goes on a hunt to find him and ask him why he hates her. She gets help from Zoey and Susan. However, the other heroes does not plan on ratting his friend out until they are beaten utterly. Fin finally says that she is too pretty that he hides it. She then kisses him on the cheek.
63 "Martian Crater" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Jeff Allen December 11, 2004 211
While Dante and Cupadevil are in a Shogu Shogi for the Feather of the Green Condor, Cupadevil tricks him and beats Dante. Dante upset decides to use the Planetary Crater to create people that he can beat. However, things go too far when the aliens gets a mind of their own and slaves the human race and captures his friends. Now Dante must learn from his mistakes and stop these new foes.
64 "Strategistical Recall!" Amy Wolfram Mike Milo February 5, 2005 212
When Sumo King finds the Grand King Amobsis and uses it with the Zashi Wing Nybio, he becomes unstoppable. However, the heroes decides not to give up without a fight but Dylan accidentally touches the Grand King Amobsis and wagers his Sudoku Gloves for his Zashi Wing Nybio. However, Dylan utterly loses the Shogu Shogi and Sumo King goes on to destroying the heroes.
65 "Subside" Steve Cuden Matt Danner February 12, 2005 213
Sumo King finds Sally and uses her to his advantage. The heroes then goes to find the secrets to beating somebody with the two most powerful Doku's. Master Lee then tells them that only combing the Secret Rings and the Treasure Map of Fury can they beat Sumo King. The heroes then finds them Fin challenges him to a duel for the Doku's and his sister.
66 "Oblivion" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen April 16, 2005 214
Mike is testing out an experiment that he did not know that the Piratecog created and he sends them all into Oblivion. Mike loses trust in his teammates and prepares to redeem himself by finding the Badge of Millennium. However, he is challenged by Piratecog in a Shogu Shogi and wagers his Blade of Saiping and Sprout of Tsunami against his Danshi Jester and Longi Falcon.
67 "Ghostown at Sundown" Brian Swenlin Mike Milo February 26, 2005 215
When the heroes are confronted by Sumo King and asked for help, they help him retrieve the Orb of Knowledge from the Oracle. They accept and heads out to the West again with Sumo King. As they find the Oracle the first time, they all fail except for Mike who the Oracle says he will lose a painful loss. Mike fights her but easily loses. They then devises a plan however, Oracle also finds the Statue of Fear and creates a Ghost Empire. Mike then goes for the Doku and is starts a Shogu Shogi. Mike in the end loses again. But Fin steals the Orb of Knowledge.
68 "Dragonstone!" Adam I. Lapidus Matt Danner and Stephen Sandoval February 19, 2005 216
Sally keeps trying to win Dante over but fails. She then gets mad and finds a stone. She then summons it and a giant Mystical stone Dragon goes searching for Dante in order to defeat and eliminate him. The dragon then comes to the temple and fends off everyone but Dante. He then steals the Orb of Knowledge and goes for the Dragon Scales. However, Dante challenged him to a Shogu Shogi for it and wagered his Wushan Flute for his Orb of Knowledge. Dante loses but Sally seals the dragon back in the Dragonstone.
69 "The Evil Beneath" Eric Molina & Marc Drotman Jeff Allen April 23, 2005 217
The heroes trains against each other as Dante uses the Metallic Arms against Mike's Blade of Saiping. Fin used the Sprous of Tsunami against Dylan's Gen-Shi Hammer. However, Dylan feels like he cannot beat annyone and a little kid named Billy comes and tricks Dylan using the Calypso Hypno and he captures his friends. However, Mike manages to use the Bird of Paradise and snaps Dylan out of it. He then reveals he has been betrayed and stops Billy from stealing their Doku by wagering his Bird of Paradise against Billy's Notorious Buster.
70 "Blind Date" Art Everett Mike Milo April 23, 2005 218
When Zoey finds out her soulmate is Fin, she starts to deny it but then quickly falls in love with him. She then tries to get his attention the entire time. Meanwhile, the others are dealing with their girlfriends. However, Zoey tricks Fin into going on a date with her. She then tries to give him clues that she wants to kiss him but he never gets it. She then struggles to kiss him until she finally does and they both start a relationship that scares everybody.
71 "The Year of The Blue Zebra" David Silverman & Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval April 30, 2005 219
After Cupadevil and and Piratecog forms an alliance, they decide to obtain the Doku called the Siege of Stampeede. However, the Blue Zebras comes and raids them for that Doku. They then goes after the Tusks of Lotus to become ultimate. However, the heroes notice of this and tries to stop them. However, this results in a 2-on-2 Shogu Shogi with Dante and FIn wagering their Sudoku Gloves and Silver Crescent for their Siege of Stampeede and Solar Jaira.
72 "Age of the Aquarium" Steve Cuden Jeff Allen April 30, 2005 220
Sumo King comes up with an idea to trap the Temple underwater. His plan is successful and traps the Femme Fatals and the heroes. Master Lee then warns them of the Vortex Twister that can reverse all of what happened. As Fin is about to get it, Sumo King arrives just in time to challenge him to a Shugo Shogi. Fin wagered his Orb of Knowledge against his Sparks of Dashi.
73 "Body Clear" Mark Zaslove Mike Milo May 7, 2005 221
While everyone is just hanging out, Fin and Zoey both make out as a sign of that they completely trust each other. However, Master Lee tells him that love is a powerful ally and foe and that could be the fall of him. However, Mike then defies that but gets a spell casted on him by Cupadevil. Mike then hates everyone and everything and uses that to take over the world with Cupadevil. Mike then turns on him and challenged him to a Shogu Shogi when the Mantis Talisman is unlocked. Mike wagered the Double Reversing Danshi for Cupadevil's Magma Stone. Mike wins and Dante uses the Calypso Hypno to change him back to normal.
74 "Calamity!" Ray DeLaurentis Stephen Sandoval May 7, 2005 222
After obtaining the Golden Lightningrod from Bugsy, the heroes are once again at peace. However, the Anti-Heroes returns one last time to stop the heroes. When Zoey comes over to visit, the heroes are beaten and the Anti-Heroes kidnaps Zoey and steals the Blade of Saiping. The heroes are then at the jungle and finds Zoey but are challenged by the Anti-Heroes in a 4-on-4 Showdown Shogu Shogi. They go into space with astronaut gear and plays Space Volleball. The heroes wagered their Golden Lightningrod for their Statue of Fear.
75 "Doomsday" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen May 14, 2005 223
Sumo King hires Easter Egg to steal the Doku from the heroes. He is almost successful until Dylan challenges him but loses the fight. The others then gets utterly defeated. Dylan upset then stays in his room. The other heroes then tries to cheer him up and when Easter Egg returns, Dylan shows his macho side and wagered his Sprout of Tsunami for all of the stolen Doku against Easter Egg's Heat Dome.
76 "The Evil Unleashed!" Stephen Sustarsic Mike Milo May 14, 2005 224
When Sumo King and Piratecog along with the other main villains unleashes Despair from the present, he goes on a reign of terror and to defeat the heroes. Master Lee is aware of the crisis as well as the Femme Fatals and Fin. Master Lee then transforms the girls into Martial Artist in order to help the heroes as well. Despair then finds the Bottle of Truth & Despair. However, Fin stops him from using it by challenging him to a Shogu Shogi wagering his Solar Jaira for his Shard of Ice. However, Despair cheats and is about to send the heroes to the Demon Underworld but Fin instead loses the Shogi on purpose in order to save his friends.
77 "Apocalpyse: Part I" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Stephen Sandoval May 21, 2005 225
While Fin was sent to the Demon Underworld, the others decides to thwart Despair's plans and stop him from enslaving the earth and swalling the earth into a Dark Hole. As Despair is making his plans, he doublcrosses the main villains and the antagonists work with the heroes to stop him and save Fin from the Demon Underworld. Meanwhile, Fin is fighting off the many warriors in the Demon Underworld until he finds Hercules and works with him to stop Hades. After beating him, Hercules tells the secret to beating Despair (Bottle of Truth & Despair). On the surface world Despair is challenged to another Shogu Shogi and wagered the Shard of Ice and Bottle of Truth & Despair for their Magma Stone and Metallic Tail. NOTE: This episode was 1 Hour.
78 "Apocalypse: Part II" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Jeff Allen May 21, 2005 226
While Fin is on his way back from the Demon Underworld using the Longi Falcon, his friends and enemies has lost the Shogu Shogi to Despair. As Despair is about to rid of them, Fin comes and combines the Capricornus Inferno with the Guru Helmet to make Time Gear. He then challenges Despair on a 4-on-1 Shogu Shogi wagering their Time Gear, Orb of Knowledge, Golden Lightningrod and Heat Dome to fight him. As the heroes are losing, fin eventually tricks Despair using the Silver Crescent and Sprout of Tsunami to get the Bottle of Truth and Despair. He then fuses that with the Statue of Fear to create Shadow of Darkness and destroys Despair with that. All of the Doku then gets scattered all over again. Everyone including the villains cheer and they all say they are friends until the next day where they go back to hating each other and fighting for world domination and saving the world. Jenny then comes back to visit and she and Zoey knows about both relationship and they both kiss Fin. The show then ends with the heroes jumping up in the front middle with the Femme Fatals, the girls and the main villains behind them smiling and with Fin saying Until another day. NOTE: This episode was 1 Hour.

# Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Code
79 "When Worlds Collide" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Matt Danner September 11, 2004 201
As everything is restored, Sumo King returns to get the the Metallic Tail but is in a Shogu Shogi against Fin. Fin wagered his Orb of Knowledge against his Magic Conch Shell. However, soon after the world starts to crumble and will be recreated into just a passing of two worlds. The Heroes then must team up with Sumo King, Good Sumo King and the Anti-Heroes to save the Universe and fix the world. NOTE: This is a special 1 Hour & a Half Special that is the technical last episode. This is the series finale.
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