Primary CharactersEdit

  • Chris McClean
  • Chef Hatchet

Band CharactersEdit

  • Trent
  • Duncan
  • Noah
  • Harold
  • Owen

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Justin
  • Alejandro
  • Lindsay
  • Heather
  • Gwen
  • Geoff


Season 1: 2010-2011Capcom vs. MarvelEditEdit

No. Total Title Original airdate
1 1 "Total Drama Band" September 17, 2005 (2005-09-17)
Duncan, Owen, Harold, Trent, and Noah all become a musical band after Chef Hatchet and Chris MeClean makes a deal with them.
2 2 "Sizing up Noah" September 24, 2005 (2005-09-24)
Noah becomes the band's packmule when tricking all of them into having a solo part in their new song.
3 3 "Home Sweet Dome" October 1, 2005 (2005-10-01)
The band gets their own crib but wants to redecorate it when it smells and looks like Chef Hatchet's dirty toenails. Meanwhile, Chris McClean throws a pool yat for the producers.
4 4 "I'm with Stupid" October 8, 2005 (2005-10-08)
Duncan has to tolerate a little kid when he forgets his memory after almost dying in the pool. Chef Hatchet tries to get rid of the band.
5 5 "Night All Out" October 15, 2005 (2005-10-15)
The band including Chris McClean and Chef Hatchet have a night in the woods when Owen makes a bet with an old geezer.
6 6 "Trent Quits" November 5, 2005 (2005-11-05)
Trent quits the band when he feels unappreciated. Harold and Owen then plan to get him back while Noah and Duncan have to stall Chef Hatchet.
7 7 "Harold Says what Harold do" November 12, 2005 (2005-11-12)
An intergalactic maniac seeks revenge on Dante for nearly killing him in the Abduct world. he then tries to shoot him but instead kidnaps all the heroes until Dante surrenders himself. He then when found by Dante challenges him to one last final duel. The stakes are up and this time, Winner takes all.
8 8 "Tough Guy in Metropolis" November 19, 2005 (2005-11-19)
A new villain named Juggernaut uses his ability to run uncontrollably to fight off against the heroes. Seeing to be no match for the Juggernaut, Hulk comes and fights him in a duel. After losing, Hulk tries to commit suicide. However, Spiderman changes his decision and Hulk fights Juggernaut one more time.
9 9 "Zangief the Almighty" December 17, 2005 (2005-12-17)
Ryu and Ken reminisce their past as they said that Zangief was to be a problem. They then hear that a giant man is terrorizing Metropolis. Viewtiful Joe and Iron Man both find Zangief. Both are tied to a railroad track to be killed. Ryu and Ken then decide to stop him. Once at the place, Zangief blackmails Ken and Ryu must save the day.
10 10 "Hypnos' Phantasm" February 11, 2006 (2006-02-11)
A mystery man sneaks into the heroes HQ and easily tricks most of them. However, Wolverine does not trust him and when he goes out for some food, the HQ is nearly at his hands. Wolverine then must save the heroes as Hypnos plans to put them in a sleep they will never wae up from.
11 11 "Group Therapy" February 18, 2006 (2006-02-18)
Electro, Shocker, Hypnos, Akuma, and Dr. Doom escapes prison to seek revenge on the heroes. Spiderman finds an Alien Symbiote suit and is in full black. Captain America, Spiderman, Dante, Wolverine, and Viewtiful Joe then all decide to defeat the Sinister Six. However during their first encounter, they are defeated when powers are against their odds. However they then think of a brilliant plan and fights the Sinister Six in the park, putting them in their place.
12 12 "Metropolis Part I" May 6, 2006 (2006-05-06)
M. Bison returns and is back for revenge. He then seeks out Ryu and Ken but cannot seem to find them. He then decides to kill the heroes. After presumably killing Viewtiful Joe, the heroes get paranoid and think that they already killed Bison. Bison returns and supposedly killed Wolverine, Captain America, and Ryu. Ken Masters, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Dante all then decide to stop Bison. However, when they beat Bison they find out that he was a fake (a decoy) and Spiderman disbands with his Symbiote as it is controlling him.
13 13 "Nature vs. Nurture Part II" May 13, 2006 (2006-05-13)
All the heroes are alright and Spiderman decides to check up on his aunt. He then gets attack by Venom who reveals himself to be Eddie Brock in disguise. Venom then said he hated Peter for how he treated the suit and how he left Eddie to go join the heroes. He then webs Spiderman and plans to kill his best friend, Captain America. However, Spiderman stops Venom but is that true for now.

Season 2: 2010-2011Capcom vs. MarvelEditEdit

No. Total Title Original airdate
1 14 "War Machine X" September 17, 2005 (2005-09-17)
As the heroes meet with Iron Man for a meeting. Iron man reveals that his wold friend War Machine is here to stay. However, a mind control chip made by Bison jumps on him and controls him. Bison then controls him promising to kill the heroes. Iron Man goes on an adventure with Viewtiful Joe, Wolverine and Dante to stop War Machine from his havoc and psychotic rampage.
2 15 "Impersonation" September 24, 2005 (2005-09-24)
A mysterious man named Morph comes to get revenge on Wolverine for abandoning him. However, the heroes including Hulk, Deadpool, and Nightcrawler all comes to celebrate Wolverine's birthday. Morph hen plans to ruin his birthday as an extra surprise gift. Wolverine must battle his best friend from the past and change his ways.
3 16 "Partners in Crime" October 1, 2005 (2005-10-01)
As lightning hits Metropolis, Viewtiful Joe and Dan are assigned to capturing a rare orb that can be used to destroy Metropolis. As they find the orb, Alastor & Jet Black come to kill them both. As they are defeated, the duo takes the Orb of Mischeif and goes to the city's power core. The heroes then go to stop Alastor and Jet Black. However, the duo turns the heroes into hybrids except for Viewtiful Joe who must stop his greatest enemies from taking over Metropolis and save his friends.
4 17 "Bison Returns" October 8, 2005 (2005-10-08)
After an earthquake happens, the Big Man is killed and M. Bison takes over, defeating him. He then sends E. Honda and Zangief to fend off against the heroes. The heroes find them and decides to fight them off. After beating them, M. Bison sends Guile and Balrog to kill them. Ken and Captain America then handles the two with their teamwork. Bison's plan comes into order as he sends both Hypnos and the Chameleon to the stand. Ryu kills Chameleon with a Hadoken. While Spiderman and Wolverine takes care of the other one. The heroes then meets up with Bison in his factory. They all then engage in battle with Bison. As both are tied, Bison orders Juggernaut to kill them. Dante defeats Juggernaut with his double Kotana sword. Bison then defeats the heroes and plants a bomb in his factory. The heroes escape with their lives and journeys to find Bison.
5 18 "Two Akuma's" October 15, 2005 (2005-10-15)
Ryu and Iron Man talk about helping the team more and decides to catch a bad guy. Then see two people stealing a sacred jewel. They then find the two culprits and they are both Akuma. Akuma reveals the other to be his twin brother, Shin Akuma. They both then overpower the two with their amulets. Ken Masters then goes to fight the Akuma's but gets defeated as well. Wolverine then takes Spiderman, Captain America, Dante to fight them off. After nearly losing, Spiderman takes the amulets and they kill Shin Akuma. Akuma then blasts all the heroes and runs away. After, he is stopped by Iron Man who punches him and saves Metropolis.
6 19 "The Green in Goblin" November 5, 2005 (2005-11-05)
The citizens of Metropolis are trapped in a force field by Green Goblin that all mutants can't get to. However, Green Goblin gave himself access and the heroes must obey and follow his commands or he'll kill the civilians. The heroes were tight on the ropes and some citizens almost died. Deadpool and Rose comes and supports them. Saving Spiderman and Ryu. The four then fights Green Goblin and beats him. Goblin then reveals to be a fake as well and the real one appears. However, Wolverine and Captain America stop him just as he was going to blow up Metropolis.
7 20 "Gear Mechanism" November 12, 2005 (2005-11-12)
An old friend of Xavier's comes and uses all the magnetism and metal to create a flying fortress. Dante, and Viewtiful Joe decide to hunt other casual villains to pass the time. ryu, Ken Masters, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spiderman all join to defeat him. Wolverine and Magneto duels as Magneto proves to be Wolverine's match. Spiderman and Ryu are easily defeated as well. Ken and Captain America are defeated and Dante and Viewtiful Joe comes to square off against Magneto. As the heroes are about to lose, War Machine and Gouken goes to fight Magneto and disbands his powers using the Millenum Tablat. However they fail and hold his spirit in a Amulet that is now Wolverine's.
8 21 "Identity Crisis" November 19, 2005 (2005-11-19)
As Spiderman goes out for a night, Venom tells the whole city his identity. Spiderman continues to deny the whole truth and try not to say anything. Venom then goes on a hunt and fights him. Spiderman with nobody to turn to is about to have his mask stripped. Iron Man and Ken Masters goes to his aid and saves him just in time. However, the fight between Venom and Spiderman is not over as they have one last duel to settle it all.
9 22 "Opposing one's Odds" December 17, 2005 (2005-12-17)
Thor a god comes and tells the news that a new Sinister Six appeared and that Gen was recently killed. They show a video of the fight. The new Sinister Six was Morph, Zangief, E. Honda, Hypnos, Alastor and Jet Black are the new recruits. They all then go to fight the heroes. They then take over the heroes HQ while some of them are on vacation. Captain America, Spiderman, Viewtiful Joe, Dante, Ryu, and Wolverine all fight to take them out again. However, Bison, and Dr. Doom make a plan to have the Ultimate Weapon to take out the heroes permenantly. Zangief and E. Honda both fought together and Spiderman with luck on his side managed to beat them. Viewtiful Joe and Dante took Jet Black and Alastor and beat them using the power of the Amulet Wolverine gave to Dante to hold. Ryu then under a spell of Hypnos manages to beat him in his sleep remembering the Shoriyuken attack. Captain America risking his life against Morph. He then beats Morph when tricking him that it was Wolverine.
10 23 "A time to Lick" February 11, 2006 (2006-02-11)
A shady man steals money and Nightcrawler stops him. He then gets mutated by an experiment with many different hybrids and animals. He is then known by the name the Licker. Licker then goes and robs banks and plots to rob the National Metropolis Bank. However, Iron Man and Dante both go stop him and he is back in jail. Once after, he tricks the warden into escaping and runs off. Licker then fights with Nightcrawler and remembers him. Spiderman, Wolverine, Ken Masters, and Captain America then goes to fighting Licker. After beating Licker, his mutation develops and tells the heroes that his mutation has been developing the whole time. He then beats up the the heroes until Nightcrawler and Viewtiful Joe thrash him combining their strength with one of Iron Man's devices. Iron Man comes and takes Licker to jail. Licker then vows to retun and Green Goblin comes and Wolverine slices him and he flies off.
11 24 "Fight Fire with Fire" February 18, 2006 (2006-02-18)
M. Bison and Dr. Doom are creating the monster and puts Solar Power into it making it its signature power source for energy. They also give the creation Lunar Power too; To steal power at any given time. Meanwhile, all the heroes decide to go on break but Ken. They all then quickly put Hypnos, Licker, Electro, Shocker, and other back in jail before leaving. Ken then is on a quest and finds Akuma. Rose and War Machine are watching the HQ with Deadpool and Hulk. The two then fight as Ken takes over the fight. Akuma quickly alters the fight's location and thrashes Ken. Akuma later reaches the top of the mountain and awaits Ken's return. Ken goes through a bunch of training and finally goes to fight Akuma. Akuma then reveals to have gotten Shin Akuma back by using the Heath Comet to get his soul from the Amulet and replace it with another one in time. Akuma and Shin Akuma then both fight Ken and easily takes over the fight. Ken struggling thinks of a plan and has only one shot. He injures himself and fires his Super Hadoken and kills Shin Akuma. Akuma then takes care of Ken and then Gouken fights Akuma. Both Ken and Gouken then fight as one and defeat Akuma. They then send Akuma to the Heath Comet. The heroes return and thank the secondary heroes.
12 25 "Terrors of Galactus, Part I" May 6, 2006 (2006-05-06)
As the heroes puts all the villains in jail another time and then has some fun, Dr. Doom comes and defeats them all. They all then go to fight him and still gets defeated. They then follow him into the sewers and then back out to the surface world. They all then fight him near the water where they are ambushed by M. Bison who fends all of them off and then reveals Galactus. Dr. Doom follows Galactus with Bison trailing behind. The heroes try to fight Galactus but he uses his Lunar Crescent and the heroes are presumably dead in a giant ditch where Galactus rules.
13 26 "M. Bison's Master Plan, Part II" May 13, 2006 (2006-05-13)
As the heroes gets up, they realize that this is Bison's plan and then see Bison turning on Dr. Doom as Galactus quickly shatters Dr. Doom and then pulverizes him into dust. They all then attack Bison and beat nearly beat him before he fires his Omega Buster and defeats him. Bison continues his World Conquest as Galactus destroys the city. He then enslaves the humans as the heroes then notice a comet. Ken then reveals that the Heath Comet has came and that Akuma is back. Akuma then fights off against the heroes and they lost. He then gets up and ambushes Bison. Both then fight one another and are equaled The fight ends with Akuma winning but dying because of what Bison's ability is when defeated single-handedly. The heroes then combine their strengths to delay the moon and sun from meeting. However Galactus still gathered energy from it and now plans to kill them. However all fo them work together and kills Galactus. The heroes then battles Bison one more time to a duel to settle it all. In the end the heroes are victorious and Bison leaves plotting revenge saying that his masterplan came into action and then escaped to the Heath Comet where he went to outerspace. The heroes are then praised by the citizens and the secondary heroes. They all then wonder what could Bison mean and Bison gathers the energy and spirit power from the Heath comet. He then decides to get even with the Universe's greatest heroes.