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The Revenge of Basslebones[edit | edit source]

The heroes all arrives at Mario's house and Professor E. Gadd explains to them that he would like to reward them with some new power-ups that has never been seen. Shadow explains that he has all the power-ups he needs with "his" Chaos Emerald. Sonic then mocks him and Shadow gets annoyed. Mario and Luigi both use one and they transform into Cape Mario and Racoon Luigi. Sonic then goes and uses the Fire Flower to transform into Fire Sonic. Yoshi then uses one and transforms into Hammer Yoshi. Everyone gets surprised by it and Shadow goes Hyper Shadow using his Chaos Emerald. However, the heroes do not know that Wario and Waluigi are following them. However, Waluigi blows thier cover and the two zoom back to Donut Plains where Wario has to rescue Waluigi from a Pirahna Flower. The heroes then heads out to find the last missing Chaos Emeralds until they are attacked by Mecha Mario. Hyper Shadow then beats it up and threatens to destroy it. He then tries to kick it but it blocks and punches him to a tree. Mecha Mario then transforms into Super Mecha Mario. Super Mecha Mario then beats the heroes up and nearly kills them. Hammer Yoshi then fights him and does well and then does the Egg Roll and hits him to Racoon Luigi who spin kicks him to Fire Sonic. Fire Sonic then blasts him to Hyper Shadow who uses his Chaos Control and Cape Mario repeatidly beats on Super Mecha Mario. The robot then uses its super powers and knocks Mario out. Fire Sonic and Racoon Luigi then both double team it then transforms into Ultimate Mecha Mario and pounds down on both of them. Ultimate Shadow saves them but gets pummeled and Racoon Luigi punches Ultimate Mecha Mario when Ultimate Mecha Mario punches him, knocking Luigi out too. Hammer Yoshi is then left and he battles valiantly until he is defeated and Ultimate Mecha Mario drags the heroes back to the Omega Doompship to where Bowser talks to them about handing over the Emeralds. Ultimate Shadow then defeats the Koopatrol army but as Bowser is walking in, Basslebones comes in and defeats him. He then promises to kill all the heroes. He then fights them and one by one, they are all getting defeated. Hammer Yoshi however quickly fights him takes him down from behind. Basslebones however, quickly gets up and pounds on Hammer Yoshi and tries to melt him until Cape Mario saves him and kicks him into the lava permanently. The heroes then causes the Omega Doomship to explode and escapes with their lives

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