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Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Shadow before when fighting Mecha Sonic

Super Mario Bros Z: Two World's Fate[]

This is a non-canon series that is based on Flash Animation internet sensation Alvin Earthworm. This show brings back Mario, Luigi, Shadow, and Yoshi to more adventures like a non-canon sequel to the show. As some of the old antagonist return, Bowser, Eggman, Mecha Mario, Basilisx, Koopa Bros. Axem Rangers, Mecha Sonic, Wario & Waluigi, and more. However, it mentions new villains like Ganondorf, Shadow Mario, and more.


Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Shadow and Yoshi live at Mario's house and look out the window to see Lightning and despair. Mario heroes then get shocked and transported yo New Yoshi's Island. Where Yoshi Chief explains it is the end of the world. Ganondorf then looks for the 7 Chaos Emeralds to give him unlimited power supply. Dragon balls are in as people will die.


There are 3 Sagas with each being:

Ganondorf Saga

Chaos Saga

Bowser & Eggman Saga


For each saga there are 15 episodes for it.

# Name Episode Picture Description Character Debuts
0 Intro [1] The introduction and opening theme song to the series.

Super Star Mario, Super Star Luigi, Super Dragon Yoshi, Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Metallix, Wart, Ninjis, Kammy, Koopalings,

1 Star Fox Returns [2] Mario and the heroes discover lighning and get transported to New Yoshi's Island. There they go to Toad Town to battle Star Fox and his troops. Ganondorf arrives. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Kamek, Princess Peach, Fox McCloud, Falco, Froggy, Donkey, Yoshi, Ganondorf
2 Warriors of another Realm [3] Mario continues his battle with Fox as, the others are defeated in battle. Fox then takes care of the heroes but Cape Mario. Cape Mario then uses his ultimate attack to win. Ganondorf finds two Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, Shadow, Cape Mario, Fire Mario, Metal Bowser
3 A New Threat [4] Star Fox tells their reasons of ambushing the heroes. Ganondorf continues his hunt finding three Chaos Emeralds. The heroes then go as Yoshi fights Ganondorf. Toadsworth
4 Here Come the Mecha Sonics [5] As Yoshi heals at Mario's House, the Gang continues the hunt, but is interrupted by the Mecha Sonic Bros, to where they fight. Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Dr. Eggman, Koopa Bros., Professor E. Gadd, Cape Luigi, Dr. Mario
5 Trouble's on new Yoshi's Island [6] The Gang travels to New Yoshi's Island for the stolen Emerald and another unexpected one, but both the Koopa Bros. and the Axem Rangers X interfere and return along with the Mecha Sonic Bros. Ganondorf found the fifth Chaos Emerald. Axem Rangers X, Yoshi Tribe, Yoshi Chief, Thunderfoot
6 Brawl at a Vanquished Island [7] The Mario Team, Koopa Bros. and Axem Rangers X and Mecha Sonic Bros. fight each other in a four-way battle. But Mecha Sonic arrives, kills off two of the teams, and the good guys escape with their lives and the four Chaos Emeralds. Semi-Super Mecha Sonic, Super Sonic (Starman), Shell Luigi, Star Mario
7 Secret of the Gemstones [8] The Gang searches for the fifth Emerald, and acquires one in the recreation of Mobius. Stuffwell joins the group to help them. With Ganondorf there as well, the stakes couldn't be higher. Morph


The Great Egg Fleet Offensive [9] Bowser attacks Peach and Toadsworth informs Mario. The heroes formulate a rescue plan to save her, but Shadow is fed up by Sonic's perceived lack of focus on the emerald hunt and ditches the team to collect them on his own. Rouge, E-123 Omega, Basilisx, Fire Sonic, Tanooki Luigi, Raccoon Mario, Hammer Mario


Trapped in Omega Doomship HQ [10]Added by Legend-tony980 Mario's down poisoned and defeated by Basilisx and the other three are solid petrified. Later, the heroes had a battle with Bowser's talented Children, the Koopalings. Shadow joins up and rescues the heroes from Basilisx. Basslebones
# Name Episode Picture Description Character Debuts
10 The Revenge of Basslebones [11] Basslebones returns for one final run against the heroes.

Super Mecha Mario

11 Enter Subcon [12] The heroes enters Subcon only to find Dr. Frankly and Goombella. Dr. Frankly, Goombella, King Wart, Ninjis
12 Perposterous Plight of King Wart [13] King Wart interacts in battle against the heroes to settle what happens to Subcon. None
13 New Age [14] King Wart has knocked out all the heroes but Luigi with the help of his Ninjis. None
14 Chaos Havoc [15] Ganondorf finds the three emeralds and finds the heroes. He obtains the 7 Chaos Emeralds and begins his havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom. Kolorado
15 Showdown for the Mushroom Kingdom [16] The heroes all finds the 7 Star Spirits and transforms and prepares to interact in their greatest battle yet. Super Cape Luigi, Super Star Mario, Super Fragon Yoshi, Super Sonic, Super Shadow