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Super Mario Bros. ZEdit

This is an animated television show that is about Mario with his adventures with Toad and some friends (Sonic the Hedgehog series).

Main CharactersEdit

  • SonMario
  • Toallin
  • Master Luioshi
  • Princess Pulma
  • Yenron
  • Gonick
  • Shegeta
  • Yails
  • Silunks
  • Kniccolo

Main AntagonistEdit

  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Goomboss
  • Goomba King
  • Red & Blue Goomba
  • King Boo
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Morton Koopa
  • Petey Pirahna
  • Swiggler
  • Koopa Troopa Army
  • Basilisx
  • Mecha Mario
  • Midbus
  • Blizzard Midbus
  • King Bo-omb
  • Dry Bowser

Episode ListEdit

Season 1: 2008-2009Edit

Series # Season # Title Air Date Prod. code
1 1 "Let The Games Begin / Night Of The Zombie Kat" October 25, 2008 101

Let The Games Begin: Coop discovers his life will never be the same again when his spoiled little sister, Millie, brings home an alien cat and Coop blew up his collar. Night Of The Zombie Kat: Coop watches a horror movie, then after, Kat uses flour to make his skin white and scare Coop.

2 2 "Trespassers Will Be Persecuted / Me-Oh-Me-Oh Meow" December 30, 2008 102

Trespassers Will Be Persecuted: Old Lady Munson lays down the law; Coop is not to set foot in her yard! But with the help of a giant water balloon sling, Kat makes sure that Coop crosses the line again and again and again. Me-Oh-Me-Oh Meow: Kat ends up with a conditioning collar to curb his demanding meows but turns the tables by attaching it to an unwitting Coop.

3 3 "Do Not Fort Sake Me / Cookie D'Uh" February 28, 2009 103

Do Not Fort Sake Me: Coop and Dennis build a tree fort, where Kat used it to power-up his collar because the tree's fort was very tall, so Kat's climbed it and starting communicating with other "Kats". Cookie D'Uh: Coop gets accused of stealing cookies.

4 4 "Nip/Duck / Search and De-Toy" March 7, 2009 104

Nip/Duck: Coop is determined to find out the truth about Kat when Kat's mysterious X-Rays are destroyed. Search and De-Toy: Coop comes up with a plan to rescue his dad's (possibly his) helicopter from Old Lady Munson.

5 5 "Flu the Coop / Class Act" March 14, 2009 105

Flu the Coop: Tensions mount when Coop is sick and Kat is none too pleased, and why shall you ask? Because germs irratate Kat's skin. Class Act: Coop finds some magic stuff in Dad's store and uses it to do a magic act to make Kat disappear forever.

6 6 "Hypno Kat / The Allergy" March 21, 2009 106

Hypno Kat: One of Kat's toys causes every cat in town to become hypnotized. The Allergy: Coop convinces Dad that he's allergic to Kat so Dad will get rid of the pesky feline for good. Kat turns the tables on Coop, convincing Dad that he's allergic to Coop as well!

7 7 "Just Me and Glue / You'll Be Show Sorry" March 28, 2009 107

Just Me and Glue: When Coop and Kat get glued hand to paw, they are forced to spend the day together. Kat turns out to be a big help in putting together Coop's new Mechanizor Warrior model robot until Coop realizes Kat has programmed it to destroy Coop, but Kat will also be destroyed You'll Be Show Sorry: When a contest for pets is announced in Bootsville, Coop subscribes Kat because the winner wins a trip around the world. However, Coop regrets this when he realizes he will be taking the trip with Kat if he wins.

8 8 "How the Test Was Won / I'm Okay, You're a Kat" April 4, 2009 108

How the Test Was Won: As Coop prepares for a big test, Kat comes up with multiple ways to distract him from studying, which in the end, Kat ironically helps Coop remember the things he should study thus having a B+ on the test. I'm Okay, You're a Kat: Coop discovers a self-help motivational tape in the House of Swap and turns his life around, until Kat uses the tape to remove Coop’s new-found power of perfect positivity. Now it's up to Coop to use the tapes to fight evil Kat with an even more evil Coop!

9 9 "Dial "B" For Babysitter / The Grass Is Always Meaner" April 11, 2009 110

Dial "B" For Babysitter: Coop has his work cut out for him when he's forced to babysit Kat, Old Lady Munson, and her dog Growler. The Grass Is Always Meaner: Coop comes up with a plan to make money for a Captain Blasteroid Helmet by cutting Old Lady Munson's lawn; Kat tries to stop Coop and Dennis by making the grass grow.

10 10 "One Big, Happy Family / Happy Campers" April 18, 2009 111

One Big, Happy Family: The only way to convince Dad that Coop's not the one causing all the destruction is for Coop to never leave his father's sight. But this puts Dad and Millie right in the line of fire. Coop's got to keep on his toes if he wants his family to survive. Happy Campers: Dad competes with Dennis' father as to who's the best camper during a family weekend in the woods. Coop and Dennis use their knowledge of the forest to lead Kat into escalating confrontations with nature.

11 11 "U.F. Float / Play N'Ice" April 25, 2009 112

U.F. Float: Bootsville's annual parade has a Spaced Out theme this year and Dad wants to advertise the House of Swap with a flying saucer float. When Kat augments the float to use as an actual space ship, he and Coop battle for control, taking a destructive low-level flight through the city streets. Play N'Ice: Dad builds an ice palace and rink in the back yard, right over the entrance to Kat's secret kitty food bunker. Can Coop and Dennis take the heat, defending the palace against Kat's icy offensive?

12 12 "House of Scream / Planter's Warp" May 2, 2009 113

House of Scream: Kat takes advantage of Dad turning the House of Swap into a horror fun house by going for real blood. Trouble is, as a guide Coop has no choice but to walk into each and every trap in Kat's ghoulish gauntlet. Planter's Warp: Coop brings home a carrot suspended in a glass of water for a science project and Kat subjects it and all the vegetation in the house to super-fertilizer, turning them into an army of killer plants.

13 13 "Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb / Pet Peeved" May 9, 2009 114

Curse of Tutankitty's Tomb: Egyptian artefacts at the museum turn out to be high-tech relics from Kat's world. Can Coop evade his school group and a very nosy security guard long enough to keep Kat from opening a Sarcophagus portal to another world? Pet Peeved: When Millie finds a new school friend exactly like her, she starts to ignore Kat. Coop tricks Kat into running away but Kat discovers the "real world" is a much harder place to be in than he thought. When Millie finally goes looking for Kat, Coop does everything he can to sabotage her efforts.

14 14 "Don't Give Me No Static / Storm Drained" May 16, 2009 115

Don't Give Me No Static: Desperate for a completed science project, Coop borrows one of Kat's weird machines without knowing what it does, and things backfire in a big way. The Static Generator attracts just about everything in the school, assuring Coop's science reputation. Until Kat arrives to reclaim his property. Storm Drained: Bootsville hasn't won their annual baseball grudge match with Timber Lake in over forty years, and Coop is determined to change the town's losing ways. It's too bad Kat has discovered his latest invention can control the weather.

15 15 "Fishy Frisky Business / Teed Off" May 30, 2009 116

Fishy Frisky Business: On a family shopping trip, Kat gets Coop banned from the grocery store. So how can Coop stop Kat from heisting a ton of Frisky Fishy Bits from what he thinks is the source of Earth’s delicious cat food supply, Colossal Coupon Mart?. Teed Off: Coop's and Dennis' fathers encourage them to revive a neighborhood tradition, the 'round the block golf challenge. Coop is determined to win but since his makeshift golf ball is hiding a miniature power source, Kat is determined to stop him.

16 16 "Something Fishy In Owl Lake / Dire Education" June 6, 2009 118

Something Fishy In Owl Lake: The Burtonburgers face friends, neighbors, and each other in a local Fishing Derby. When Coop mistakes Kat's transceiver for a fishing lure, Kat is forced to do some deepwater fishing of his own. Dire Education: Dad comes to school to shadow the kids on Parents' Day. After Millie puts him though a demeaning Show and Tell display, Kat escapes and takes out his frustration on Coop. But this time Kat's on Coop's turf.

17 17 "Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat / Tom-Kat Foolery" June 13, 2009 119

Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat: When Kat and Millie embarrass Coop in front of the school by flipping him, he turns to Dennis for martial arts lessons. Can their made-up Kid Fu stand up to Kat's extreme karate skills?. Tom-Kat Foolery: Coop's April fool's day jokes have the entire town not believing a word he says, so how can Coop stop what seems to be a Kat led UFO invasion when even Dennis assumes it to be Coop's biggest joke yet?

18 18 "In Dog We Trust / Catch My Drift" June 20, 2009 120

In Dog We Trust: Seeing how freaked out Kat gets by a huge stray dog, Coop adopts it as his pet and bodyguard, but the dog is a lot more responsibility then he thought, especially after Coop's plan backfires, as Kat retrains it to destroy the house. Catch My Drift: Kat tries overcomes his fear of snow to make sure Coop gets a chilly reception in the deadly Demolition Run tobogganing challenge; Old Lady Munson is determined to get Dad to do all her winter chores.

19 19 "Suddenly Last Slammer / The Kitty Vanishes" June 27, 2009 121

Suddenly Last Slammer: The police and Old Lady Munson catch Coop and his friends waking the neighborhood, but each of them tell very different stories about what they think happened. The Kitty Vanishes: Kat struggles to perfect a teleporter to transfer Fishy Frisky Bits, roses, yarn, toy mouse, some tea leaves, and chocolate across space to his girlfriend. But when he learns he can teleport himself, no house on the block is safe from the cat food burglar.

20 20 "Capture the Kat / Outer Space Case" July 11, 2009 122

Capture the Kat: Kat wants a day off, but Coop and the gang play capture the flag right through to his secret forest oasis. Can they survive a forest filled with Kat traps? Outer Space Case: When Old Lady Munson shows an unusual interest in Coop and Dennis' favorite show, they become equally obsessed with finding out why she likes it but then Kat gets involved.

21 21 "Buzz Off! / Fat Kat" July 18, 2009 123

Buzz Off!: It's time for the annual Bootsville Day festival celebrating the town's founding, but when Kat's alien blood causes mutations in some hungry mosquitoes, Coop finds himself in a real Battle of the Bugs! Fat Kat: Coop is thrilled that Kat is too overweight to attack him, so when Dad and Millie enforce a strict regime of dieting and exercise, Coop must find a way to keep Kat fat.

22 22 "Kat Whisperer / Bend It Like Burtonburger" July 25, 2009 124

Kat Whisperer: After Coop uses cat whispering to make Kat into his new best friend, (although Mr. Kat was obviously pretending) he becomes a pal to all animals, but when Coop invites his menagerie of buddies home, both Kat and Dad discover just how wild the animal kingdom can get. Bend It Like Burtonburger: Coop and Dennis join the school soccer team but Coop would rather show off then use teamwork, Coop discovers he can't handle everything alone when he runs afoul of Kat's killer robot worker drones, but will Dennis forgive, forget, and help his friend fight?

23 23 "Stall That Jazz / Under Destruction" July 31, 2009 125

Stall That Jazz: When Kat's listening transmitter becomes lodged in his ear, his hearing becomes super sensitive, now Coop's going to use every noise in the house to torture his enemy, but the ultimate weapon is Millie's voice! Under Destruction: After Kat's latest tantrum almost destroys the house, Dad starts his own extreme renovation, but when Kat adds a few additions of his own, how far will Coop go to get his own game room?

24 24 "Beware The Were-Coop / Trick or Threat" October 10, 2009 109

Beware The Were-Coop: After Kat scratches Coop under a full moon of Halloween, Dennis believes that Coop is turning into a were-cat. Trick or Threat: On Halloween, Coop and Dennis plan on trick or treating... Much to Kat's liking, as he tries to communicate with his home planet which is Kat Nebula.

25 25 "Hack Kattack / It's a Rocket, Man" October 17, 2009 126

Hack Kattack: Kat's attempts to hack into Earth computers are given a leg up by Dennis' new universal remote control and satellite dish. Kat throws every remote controlled device on the block at Coop and Dennis as they try to sabotage his neighborhood satellite network. It's a Rocket, Man: Coop joins the Bootsville Rocket Club and with a little secret help from Kat, he's soon the star member, but when Coop learns Kat is going to use his rocket to destroy a satellite, the only way Coop can stop him is to destroy his own record breaking flight.

26 26 "Kid vs. Kat vs. Christmas Parts 1 & 2 - (Season 1 Finale)" November 30, 2009 117
Kid vs. Kat vs. Christmas: Coop's hopes of a normal Christmas are shattered by the fact that Kat is constantly getting him in trouble; it is revealed that Kat really misses his family back at his home planet. Coop and Millie's grandparents are expected to visit for the Christmas, but many troubles cause them to be late.



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