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Sonic Anime[edit | edit source]

This is a show about Sonic the Hedgehog but the characters as humans.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Sonic "The" Hedgehog
  • Tails "Miles" Prower
  • Knuckles Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream
  • Shadow "The" Hedgehog
  • Rogue

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sonic's pov[edit | edit source]

  • Tails: The two are best friends and has been since the beginning of the show. The two watches out for each other and Sonic usually takes the role of bigger brother like when he helped Tails beat Shadow when he and Knuckles found out that Shadow and Rouge. They will always remain best friends and never seems to get in any sort of arguement.
  • Knuckles: He and Sonic are great friends however, they have battled multiple times (more than Sonic and Shadow). Their fights always ends in a tie or is interrupted. Despite their many fights, they remain as friends and do think of each other as friends however, Knuckles can be cold towards Sonic at times. Sonic knows that Knuckles likes Cream and teases him because of it.
  • Amy: She is in love with Sonic and appears to try and get him to love her back. She is fully aware that he does not love her but likes her, she sometimes even gets Cream and or Tails to help her on occasions. However, Sonic does display a certain degree of affection to her in episode 52, Awakening.
  • Cream: Sonic and Cream do not interact much however, they consider each other as good friends. Cream thinks of Sonic as a "true hero." Sonic has saved Cream before from villains like Chaos and Emerl however, Cream ended up saving everybody from Emerl. Sonic is aware of Knuckles' crush on Cream and takes a liking to tease him about it.
  • Shadow: The two have been arch-rivals since the beginning of the series. As Sonic seems to toy with Shadow and answer him with smart alec remarks, Shadow seems to take Sonic seriously is is an antagonist towards Sonic. The two have been in many heated battles with either of them winning in the end. However, it is revealed that Sonic has won more battles than Shadow winning 1 more than Shadow. Eventually by season three, their new friendship blooms as both gets stranded together alone with one another (due to Eggman).
  • Rouge: Sonic and Rouge hardly interact in general and one on one. Though throughout the first two seasons it is strongly hinted that they are indeed enemies, Sonic seems to have nothing against Rouge. However, he did cheat to help Tails win when he found out that Rouge was cheating for Shadow. In season four they get some interactions in due to Rouge wanting Sonic's help to get Knuckles to notice her.
  • Espio: They are not seen interacted most of the time and has their first conversation in season two. Espio considers Sonic as a rival but as an extremely close friend.
  • Vector: The two are seen to be rivals as Vector always assumes that Sonic is up to no good. However, when they face a common enemy, they are shown to be friends. It is officially stated that they hated each other up until the point of mid season four.
  • Silver: Silver made his debut in season two episode 26, Iblis Trigger. Sonic and Silver are shown to be enemies in season two and be in a heated rivalry. However, their rivalry calms down in season three and they are shown to be good friends.
  • Blaze: They are shown to be good friends as in Blaze's debut in episode 26, they somehow remember each other when they are 10. Blaze is shown to have almost sort of a crush on Sonic but is later revealed to be a deep admiration for him.
  • Sonia: Sonic's sister appears in the premiere of the fourth season and the two are shown to be really close. He is aware of her crush on Knuckles and sometimes tries to help her. Sonic has saved Sonia (along with Manic) many times and when Sonia and Manic were going back to "Sonic Underground" she kisses Knuckles on the cheek and Sonic teases him about it.
  • Manic: Sonic loves Manic as a brother and the two are shown to be very silly and playful together. When Manic was moving back with Sonia, Manic and Sonic both wished each other good luck.
  • Jet: They are shown to be great allies at times but are most known for their intense rivalry. Ever since Jet's debut in season two episode 35, No Jet Knows, the two has been friends and rivals.

Tails pov[edit | edit source]

  • Sonic: Sonic and Tails are best freinds and are shown to respect each other to no end. They have got each other's back no matter what and seems to never be angry at one another. They seem to have a lot more adventures together in season two. Tails seems heartbroken when he found out about Sonic still not being found.
  • Knuckles: Despite not wanting to be in Knuckles' shinanigans, they are considered to be great friends as Knuckles always looks out for Tails and seems to be mad or upset when Tails is hurt. Knuckles has saved Tails on some occasions like from the bullies in episode 2.
  • Amy: As Amy and Tails do not interact much, Tails sometimes is forced into helping her to earn Sonic's heart. It is officially stated that Tails sees Amy as a great friends and vice versa.
  • Cream: Tails and Cream are shown to be great friends as they share many weaknesses and has many things in common. They have had adventures alone starting in season one, episode 12 called Eggman's Return?! Tails has even saved Cream's life before.
  • Shadow: From seasons 1-2 Tails is shown to have an extreme dislike feeling towards Shadow due to antagonizing Sonic and having a few encounters with him himself. Despite all of that, Shadow has nothing against Tails as Tails sees Shadow as a creep.
  • Rouge: Throughout most of the show, Rouge has considered Tails a small rival of hers and hates him until season four. It is revealed that Rouge is jealous that Sonic and Tails has Knuckles while Shadow and Rouge no longer have Omega.
  • Charmy: Tails and Charmy are considerd rivals and and Tails is Charmy's biggest rival. Ever since Charmy's debut in episode 11, Here Comes Team Chaotix! Tails and Charmy has been friendly rivals.
  • Blaze: Blaze and Tails has a shaky relationship but are still friends. They have argued because of Sonic as they both admire Sonic.
  • Sonia: She has stated that she thinks that Tails is cute.

Knuckles pov[edit | edit source]

  • Sonic: He is shown to be great friends with Sonic but holds a grudge on him. The are in a heated rivalry that many times passes the intensity of Sonic's rivalry with Shadow. As Knuckles' strength rivals Sonic's speed, their fights are always climatic. However, their fights are always ending in a tie. Sonic is aware of Knuckles' crush on Cream and purposely teases him for his own amusement.
  • Tails: Despite their disagreements in many things, Tails sees Knuckles as a great friend and teammate of Team Sonic. Knuckles takes the role of older brother when it comes to him and Tails and always watches out for him.
  • Amy: Amy and Knuckles do not interact much but are indeed friends. Knuckles gets sick and annoyed of Amy's talking about Sonic and she usually gets annoyed of him when he exposes about it. However, they are still friends in it seems like their friendship heightens in season 3 when they both went together to rescue Sonic.
  • Cream: Cream and Knuckles bears a secret crush on each other that both do not has the courage to admit. However, they do shown their affections for each other like when Cream tries to talk to Knuckles or when Knuckles takes his sweet time when saving Cream. Knuckles has saved Cream countless times. In season 3, their relationship seems to be distant as due to Sonic's absence, they do not talk much and talk to their respective teammates (Tails & Amy). In season four, their relationship grows as that season focuses mainly on them. In episode 83, A Friendship in Time, Knuckles and Cream are trapped in a furnace room where the tempature is going to rise until the room explodes. While in there, they argue but eventually works together to escape. In episode 90, The Last Straw, Knuckles is kissed on the cheek by Cream. Later after Knuckles saves Cream and her mother and kisses her on the cheek and quickly leaves. In the series finale episode 93 A Sonic's Calling Knuckles saves Cream and faints. Later Mephilis is going to kill Knuckles, Cream protects him and states that she loves him too much to let him die. When Knuckles awakens and hits Mephilis so Sonic and Shadow could finish him, Cream thanked him. When the world was saved, Cream kisses Knuckles in the lips and when the heroes were all watcing the sunset, Knuckles and Cream were seen holding hands.
  • Shadow: The two are shown to be rivals ever since their first encounter in the second episode. Shadow and Knuckles seems to be even but in each of their fights, their is a winner. Shadow won their first two fights but Knuckles won the next 3. They are shown to hate each other until season 3 where they become friends.
  • Rouge: The two despised each other until season three. However, it was revealed that Rouge never really hated Knuckles but simply had a crush on him. She seems to always try to get him to notice her and tries to seduce him into kissing her. In episode 69, Troubling, Trembling, Terror! Rouge tricks Knuckles and then kisses him in the lips. In episode 81, Fissure she blindfolds him and kisses him in the lips but he did not know she kissed him. Due to Cream liking him as well the two hate each other very much.
  • Espio: The two are shown to be good friends but rivals as well. They even had an episode dedicated to themselves and Team Chaotix.
  • Vector: Knuckles and Vector are shown to be great friends and shares many interests. However, the two are indeed rivals but their friendship builds when Knuckles was spending the day with Team Chaotix.
  • Charmy: Knuckles and Charmy seems to get into arguements when he was with Team Chaotix however, they do consider each other as friends.
  • Silver: Silver and Knuckles are rivals and has fought each other twice (to which Knuckles won both). However, Silver is one of few people to actually challenge Knuckles to a fight.
  • Blaze: Blaze and Knuckles are shown to be fierce opponents up until an episode where they both had to work together when they were having a fight but captured by Eggman. From there on, they remain as rivals but are great friends.
  • Sonia: She is shown to like Knuckles and kissed him on the cheek when she and Manic were leaving.
  • Manic: Knuckles is very easily annoyed with Manic as Manic likes to play around with Knuckles' anger and use that to his advantage. Manic likes to fight Knuckles and they are rivals. However, in each of their fights, Knuckles is beaten up at first but then quickly wins the fight. When Manic was leaving, he admits that he thought of Knuckles as a friends.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

Season 1: 2008–2009[edit | edit source]

# Title Written by Directed by Original Air Date Code
01 "Eggman's Revenge" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons November 1, 2003 101
Eggman is about to rule Mobius and is about to launch his Egg Fleet to bomb the area and recreate his own world. However, when everything looks bad, Sonic returns to help the others and stop Eggman. When they succeed, they all begin to go to school again.
02 "Sonic & Shadow" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons November 8, 2003 102
Knuckles convinces Tails to ditch school with him so they head to Tails' house to study. Meanwhile, Sonic is given a mission to bring Shadow back and get him to go to school. However, what Sonic does not know is that Knuckles and Tails are already fighting him until the two "Hedgehog's" first showdown begins.
03 "Mechanics Solitude" Madellaine Paxson Steven Lyons November 15, 2003 103
Everyone is building a robot and fighting in class. Rougue then cheats to help Shadow fight Tail and win. When it comes down to Tails and Shadow, Sonic and and Knuckles realizes thatg they cheated and Sonic helps Tails beat Shadow.
04 "''Prank Master!''''''" Amy Wolfram Steven Lyons November 22, 2003 104
Knuckles proclaims himself as the prankster king however, Sonic states otherwise. Then when Prank Week comes, both try to outwit each other as Tails is trying not to get pranked by everyone. In the end, Knuckles is claimed as Prankster King and he is rewarded by having to organize the paperwork for the principal.
05 "Land Shark" Rob Humphrey & John Behnke Tim Eldred November 29, 2003 105
When the Sonic gang is hit by a massive tornado due to a creature, they set out to solve and stop it. However, what they do not know is that the creature is too powerful for them so they must rely on Sonic and Shadow to stop it.
06 "Sonic vs. Knuckles" Ray DeLaurentis Dan Riba December 6, 2003 106
Knuckles is tired of Sonic's shenanigans getting him into trouble. He then challenged Sonic to a fight during free time. When the two fight, both struggles to finish it as their strength and speed keeps countering. Meanwhile, Tails gets traumatized at the sight of his two best friends being hurt.
07 "Amy Starstruck!" Mark Palmer Steven Lyons January 17, 2004 107
Amy keeps failing at getting Sonic to notice her so she tries to use a love potion. However, it ends up making her and Knuckles falling in love. Sonic, Tails and Cream then tries to change them back.
08 "The Nightmare" Brian Swenlin Tim Eldred January 24, 2004 108
Shadow and Rouge enters a club but getsare challenged by the crime boss there, Malipho. When he gives them a mission to end Sonic, they accepts and hunts Sonic down as Sonic is spending time with Amy because he lost to her in a bet.
09 "Sonic in the City" Steven Darancette Dan Riba February 7, 2004 109
Sonic decides to explore the city with Tails and Knuckles and so while they go, they do not know that an assasin is following them to kill them for money. When they comes face to face with the assasin they are then prepared to fight as it is revealed to be three asassins.
10 "Treasure Hunters" Brandon Sawyer Steven Lyons February 14, 2004 110
When Rouge decides to go retrieve the Master Emerald for her own greed, Knuckles goes to thwart her plans. When they fight over it, it breaks and Knuckles must find the Master Emerald all over again. Meanwhile, Amy and Cream both discuss who they like.
11 "Here Come Team Chaotix!" Eddie Guzelian Tim Eldred May 1, 2004 111
When the school seems to dull, a group of misfits appears and so they are Team Chaotix. They easily are seen rivaling Team Sonic for glory and thunder. The two teams then has a test of speed, strength and knowledge against one another to see who is the top team.
12 "Eggman's Return?!" Madellaine Paxson Dan Riba May 8, 2004 112
Tails and Cream are on their way to school until they think they spotted an Eggman robot. When they defeat it, Eggman's Egg Bison captures them and Sonic must go and save them when he realizes that Cream and Tails are never late.
13 "Race Against Time" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons May 15, 2004 113
After Sonic and Shadow gets into a heated arguement, they decide to have a race around the world to see who is the fastest in the world. However, they are forced to work together when Eggman begins to uses his Egg Carier to launch missiles at them.

Season 2: 2009[edit | edit source]

# Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Code
14 "The Genex Tournament" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Matt Danner September 11, 2004 201
The gang all enters a tournament when Cream finds a robot named Emerl and befriends it. The first matches were Knuckles vs. Espio, Sonic vs. Vector and Amy vs. Tails. Knuckles, Sonic and Amy won their matches.
15 "The Robot known as Emerl" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Jeff Allen September 18, 2004 202
While their is a small intermission, Emerl is helping Cream until they both spotted Eggman. However, both of their matches starts against Shadow and Rouge as Shadow forfeits due to being bored and Rouge beat Cream.
16 "Eggman Hatches an idea!" Amy Wolfram Mike Milo September 25, 2004 203
During the next round, Sonic was facing Amy as Charmy did not want to compete. Amy was hesitant to fight Sonic but when Sonic spots Eggman, he forfeits to go thwart his plans. However, Eggman has already hacked into Emerl's control settings.
17 "Final Rounds" Brian Swenlin Matt Danner October 2, 2004 204
In the next two rounds, Knuckles was facing Rouge as Emerly was facing Amy. Amy lost quickly as she seemed to be no match for him. However, Knuckles was struggling with Rouge as she was seducing him and fighting him in the dark. However, managed to win. In the final round, it was Knuckles vs. Emerl.
18 "Bravest at Heart!" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen October 9, 2004 205
While Knuckles and Emerl are fighting, Sonic takes Tails with him to fend off against Eggman and his Eggbots. However, they are losing when they are outmatched. However, Sonic wins by demonstrating his Sonic Wind Lock. Meanwhile, Knuckles is tied with Emerly until he gets tired and Emerl and they congratulate each other until Emerl goes crazy and kicks Knuckles. The Sonic gang then meets up to put an end to him.
19 "The Hero Signs In" Steve Cuden Mike Milo October 30, 2004 206
As Emerl goes on a rampage, Knuckles and Sonic tries to calm him down but both gets splashed in the water where Sonic reacts for no reason. Then, Amy, Rouge, Shadow and Tails joins the fight as Cream tries to figure out why Emerl is acting weird. She then spots Eggman and stops him and tries to help Emerl.
20 "Haywire" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Matt Danner November 6, 2004 207
As the heroes are struggling, Team Chaotix comes to help the heroes as well but they are all proving their attacks to be fruitless. When there is no hope left and Sonic is about to be killed, Cream reasons with him but does not listen and so Cream defeats him and he explodes.
21 "Waves of Beyond" Marc Drotman & Eric Molina Jeff Allen November 13, 2004 208
Amy is challenged by a surfer in a surfing contest. However, she does not know how to surf and goes to asks the only person she could find that knows how to surf, Shadow. As Shadow teaches her how to surf, Tails and Knuckles teaches Sonic how to swim.
22 "Sonic See, Sonic Do!" Ray DeLaurentis Mike Milo November 20, 2004 209
Sonic is trying to break the press record for running around the Tumble Till Top in 10 seconds as the record to beat is 8 by Shadow. Shadow then tries to cause Sonic to fail so he will not break his record. Meanwhile, Vector and Espio tries to find Charmy when he goes missing.
23 "Mindshaft" Mark Zaslove Matt Danner November 27, 2004 210
Knuckles and Rouge are both tied together on top of the school after both tries to prank one another. They try to make their time together good. Meanwhile, Sonic and Vector has a fight when Vector suspects him of eating the last cream cake.
24 "Big Appears!" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Jeff Allen December 11, 2004 211
Amy and Cream gets excited when Big comes over for a visit. He is challenged by Knuckles and beats him because Amy and Cream helps him. Meanwhile, Eggman tries to capture Tails, Charmy and Cream to use their smartness for his project. In the end, the gang saves them and Knuckles challenges Big again and wins.
25 "The Evil Beneath" Amy Wolfram Mike Milo February 5, 2005 212
Shadow is transported into a Darkness Circle and must find his way back. Meanwhile, Espio and Sonic both duel each other while Espio is using his Invisible Technique.
26 "Iblis Trigger" Steve Cuden Matt Danner February 12, 2005 213
When Silver and Blaze appears at the school looking for Sonic, they hunt him down as Tails and Knuckles tries their best to stall until Sonic gets better after a serious fight with one of Eggman's top notch machines. When finding Sonic's house, Sonic heals just in time to fight Silver.
27 "Call of the Siren" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen April 16, 2005 214
When Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Espio, Charmy and Vector all falls for a mystery mermaid girl at the beach, Amy gets jealous. She, Cream and Rouge then works together to stop the mermaid from stealing their ability to survive on land and send her back where she came from.
28 "Shadowalkers Passing" Brian Swenlin Mike Milo February 26, 2005 215
Shadow and Silver are both stuck together when Shadow is on a secret mission by Rouge to collect the Shard Emerald. However, they soon fight when they want it for themselves. They both then must work together to stop a giant mummy that is trying to kill them.
29 "The Master Emerald Strikes Back" Adam I. Lapidus Matt Danner and Stephen Sandoval February 19, 2005 216
When Knuckles annoys everyone, they all begins to ignore him and when they are encountered by their look alikes created by Eggman. When Knuckles is feeling bad about his actions he must choose to save his friends or leave them to die. He eventually decides to help him and they apologize.
30 "Amy Rose on the Loose" Eric Molina & Marc Drotman Jeff Allen April 23, 2005 217
Amy is caught on by the police when she accidentally causes a fire hazard outside of the school. The police then tries to catch her as Silver is helping her hide as she promised him to "get revenge" on Sonic.
31 "The Last Temptation of Knuckles" Art Everett Mike Milo April 23, 2005 218
When Knuckles goes into a crazed state that he warned everyone about, he begins to cause havoc around the school. Meanwhile, Sonic and Cream are both chosen to be soul partners to protect each other for the day.
32 "A Ninja's Perspective" David Silverman & Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval April 30, 2005 219
Espio is question about his ninja techniques when Silver beats him. Vector and Charmy both then trains him to become better so that he can pass his "Ninja" test. Meanwhile. Tails is trying to create the ultimate ninja robot.
33 "The Demon Within" Steve Cuden Jeff Allen April 30, 2005 220
Eggman creates Metal Sonic that plots to kill Sonic. However, when his plan seems to backfire, he tries to make the perfect Sonic. Eventually he does but Metal Sonic turns on him and works for himself to win. Sonic then must stop his metallic counterpart.
34 "The New Age" Mark Zaslove Mike Milo May 7, 2005 221
Cream is sent to the Arctics with Knuckles when they are both ambushed by Eggman. They then tries to find their way back
35 "No Jet Knows" Ray DeLaurentis Stephen Sandoval May 7, 2005 222
When Sonic is testing out the Tornado, he runs into a bird named Jet. The two then race in flight to Sonic's school to where Tails is the finish line.
36 "Dreamscape" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen May 14, 2005 223
When Shadow is feeling woozy and is conflicted with his past within his mind, Sonic enters it to help Shadow fend off against the darkness because of the loss of Maria. Meanwhile, Rouge tries to get Knuckles to notice her.
37 "Dangerous Minds" Stephen Sustarsic Mike Milo May 14, 2005 224
When the Sonic gang including Blaze and Silver all finds a Chaos Emerald, they try to take it but Eggman wins it from Sonic and so they all are struggling to stop the invasion of the spiders. However, the spiders plans on wrecking Mobius and enslaving the human race.
38 "Standing Sonic" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Stephen Sandoval May 21, 2005 225
When Eggman opens up a riphole, he and Sonic falls into it once being encountered. Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream all then decides to go and save him. Inside the other realm, Sonic and Eggman works together to fend off against Pure Evil Sonic.
39 "Dark Realm" Stephen Sustarsic & David Silverman Jeff Allen May 21, 2005 226
When reaching the next realm, the heroes fights their alternative selves and barely beats them. When finding Sonic and Eggman, they are all encountered by somebody that appears to be Shadow but is not. When it all seems hopeless to return home, Shadow, Rouge, Silver and Blaze comes to the heroes and Eggman's rescue.

Season 3: 2005–2006[edit | edit source]

# Title Written by Directed by Original airdate Code
40 "Finding Omi" Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval September 17, 2005 301
With Omi still on Chase's side, the others try to figure out how to rescue him without surrendering. Dojo senses a strange presence at the temple. The translucent character that emerges out of the Ying-Yang world is the Chi Creature. They trap the monster in the Sphere of Yun. When Chase, Wuya, and Omi arrive at the temple, Chase releases the Creature with the Serpent's Tail. He tells it to go after Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay. It drains the chi out of them, leaving Jack and Dojo to get them back. Jack Spicer uses the Ying Yo-Yo, and lures the Creature back into the Ying-Yang World. He also picked up the monks' chi and gets his evil chi back. Dojo takes the chi and the Ying Yo-Yo and traps Jack Spicer in the Sphere of Yun. After recovering the monks, they challenge Chase to a Xiaolin Showdown. It is a soccer game with no Shen Gong Wu involved. They win the game to gain Omi's freedom.
41 "Bird of Paradise" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen September 24, 2005 302
The monks are now Wudai warriors, and they are going on their first Wudai quest. They receive an omen from a singing old lady that the Bird of Paradise is coming. Their quest is to find the Bird of Paradise. Using a mystical leaf and using no Shen Gong Wu, they must search for the bird in Chase Young's domain, the Land of Nowhere. Using their new Wudai powers, they overcome obstacles that Chase Young has put in their way. When the warriors find the bird, they meet with Chase and have a battle. At the end of the battle, Jack appears to take the bird, but it turns out that the bird was really the singing old lady. She then tells them their greatest qualities--courage, loyalty, strength, and kindness.
42 "The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen October 1, 2005 303
A new Shen Gong Wu, the Moby Morpher, has been revealed. Kimiko manages to get it, but it is soon stolen by the Ying-Ying Bird. The bird takes it to Hannibal Roy Bean, the villain responsible for turning Chase Young evil and who Chase trapped in the Ying-Yang World almost immediately after being turned evil. Hannibal Bean then tricks Omi by disguising himself as Jack into freeing him from the Ying-Yang World, and now Bean plans to unleash a new type of evil on the world.
43 "Omi Town" Mark Zaslove Jeff Allen October 8, 2005 304
It is Chinese New Year, and everyone except Omi receives gifts from their families. In an effort to cheer him up, Master Fung suggests Omi go on a quest to find where he belongs. The Warriors travel to a town where everyone looks exactly like the young monk. There, Omi finally finds his 'parents', though they are not exactly what he expected. Much to his fellow Warriors' dismay, Omi decides to stay with them on their run-down farm. Now with one less warrior at the Xiaolin Temple, Wuya, Hannibal Bean and Jack plot to break into the Temple to steal Shen Gong Wu … however, they do not know that they are being closely watched.
44 "Treasure of the Blind Swordsman" Marc Drotman & Eric Molina Stephen Sandoval November 5, 2005 305
Master Fung sends the Warriors on a quest to find the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman. While on their quest, the Warriors will locate their new Wudai Weapons, each chosen for a particular monk. However, Wuya and Jack are hot on their trail, and Hannibal Bean's secretly plotting something of his own.
45 "Oil in the Family" Steve Cuden Jeff Allen November 12, 2005 306
A new Shen Gong Wu is revealed, the Rio Reverso. A Wu that can change any object into its original form. Jack goes after it and with some help from Wuya Jack receives the Rio Reverso. Jack plots a plan to make an army of baby Dinosaurs made from oil. Wuya steals Jacks Rio Reverso and his idea of an army of Dinosaurs and she ends up creating an adult T-Rex.
46 "The Return of Master Monk Guan" Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval November 19, 2005 307
In preparation for going up against Hannibal Bean, Master Fung sends the Warriors and Dojo to a new temple, which turns out to be run by Master Monk Guan. Due to the arduous training and hostility with Guan, Raimundo quits and seemingly joins Hannibal Bean.
47 "Dream Stalker" Brandon Sawyer Jeff Allen November 26, 2005 308
With the Shadow of Fear and Sapphire Dragon, Hannibal Bean enters Raimundo's mind to bring out his worst fear and use it against the monks. While they are busy fighting his fear, Bean puts his plan into motion to try and slowly break down Raimundo.
48 "Chucky Choo" Eric Shaw Stephen Sandoval February 11, 2006 309
After learning a con dragon named Chucky Choo sold fake Shen Gong Wu to them, Wuya, Jack, and Cyclops vow revenge on him.
49 "Wu Got the Power" Steve Cuden Jeff Allen February 18, 2006 310
Hannibal Bean gets into Omi's head while he is sleeping and tells Omi that he should take all the Wudai Warriors elemental Shen Gong Wu and master the power of the elements to become the Xiaolin Leader.
50 "Hannibal's Revenge" David Silverman Stephen Sandoval February 25, 2006 311
Kimiko uses her PDA, the Mind Reader Conch, Changing Chopsticks and the Eye of Dashi to connect herself to a satellite so that she can read the world's thoughts. Hannibal Bean spies on her and acquires secret information about Chase's weakness by the Heylin Eclipse. Wuya teams up with Hannibal in an effort to destroy Chase and steal all the Shen Gong Wu.
51 "Time After Time: Part I" Stephen Sustarsic Jeff Allen May 6, 2006 312
Master Fung tells the monks that the leader will be revealed after they do their last quest. Omi decides to go back in time and stop Chase from entering the Heylin side. Realizing that he needs the Sands of Time, Omi freezes himself for 80 years in order to talk to his old self but he realizes that Jack Spicer has conquered the world in his absence.
52 "Time After Time: Part II" Stephen Sustarsic Stephen Sandoval May 13, 2006 313

Omi successfully switches Chase Young's evil Lao-Mang-Long soup with pea soup which stops him from turning evil. However, in exchange, the future has changed for the worse. Instead of turning Chase Young evil, Hannibal turns Master Monk Guan evil, Omi's friends have been reduced to farmers, Master Fung is trapped in the Ying-Yang world and Jack turns good yet again. The Sands of Time was destroyed with the Kuzusu Atom by Hannibal Bean which makes it impossible for Omi to go back and undo all of Bean's actions. After acquiring the soup Omi hid in the past, they are captured by Hannibal and his crew. Chase then sacrifices his good side to free the Warriors. After the Warriors get to the Heylin seed's vault, Hannibal and his crew start a Xiaolin Showdown. The Warriors defeat Hannibal, Wuya, Chase Young, and Master Monk Guan in a 4-way tag team Xiaolin Showdown. In the end, Raimundo becomes leader of the Xiaolin Dragons, and Omi comes to accept this. All the villains gather together for a final Xiaolin versus Heylin Cosmic Clash Showdown. NOTE: Chase in Heylin form was seen after the Xiaolin's victory, smiling, which probably meant that he wanted them to win.

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