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Sonic's Alternate Forms[edit | edit source]

Sonic brings his trademark Super Sonic transformation with him to Super Mario Bros. Z: Two World's Fate, although given the nature of Mario games it's possible that Sonic may gain some other forms as well. This is essential to both Luigi and Shadow. Also possibly Yoshi in the same regard.

Alternative Forms for Sonic in SMBZD: Two World's Fate[edit | edit source]

  • Hyper Sonic: This form is only seen rarely when Sonic uses even a single Chaos Emerald or the Master Emerald. Since Sonic lives in the Mushroom world, he can use other power sources to go into this. Sonic first displays this in episode 9 when fighting the Koopalings.
  • Super Sonic: This is Sonic's most signature form and is his most powerful form. He rarely uses this as he only uses this when absorbing the powers of the Seven Star Spirits. He uses this with the other heroes on Ganondorf when trying to stop him. This in many instances is more of a defense guard when thought upon. However this transformation is very powerful strength and speed wise. Super Sonic like the other final forms of the heroes is shown in the Intro and is technically his first appearance. However, Super Sonic can be formed by absorbing a Starman. This was the case in episode 6 when Super Sonic and Invincible Mario went to go stop Morph.
  • Fire Sonic: This transformation happens when Sonic uses the Fire Flower. He first is seen using this in episode 8 when fighting the Koopa Troopas. He was easily more powerful than Sonic standard form. Fire Sonic was somewhat a fusion of Hyper Sonic and Ultra Sonic. Sonic uses this countless times and throughout the second season, this transformation becomes his signature until becoming Super Sonic again. He uses this whenever it goes to drastic measures (in his opinion).
    Fire Sonic.png
  • Ultra Sonic: This form is created when Sonic either absorbs the Power Rings or a Super Emerald. He does not use this except once in the second season. In season three, this becomes his signature tranformation until reuniting with Super Sonic's powers. He leaves trails of stars behind him and an atom cloud is formed around him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sonic can transform like Mario & Luigi can
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