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Sonic The Hedgehog[]

Sonic is an anthromopodic Hedgehog that is the main character of the Sonic franchise.

In SMBZD: Two World's Fate, Sonic is a main character of the show and battles in the fight against Star Fox. He also take action with the heroes and recovering the Chaos Emeralds. He came before with Shadow to save Mushroom Kingdom


Sonic's Character Appearances
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Episode 9

Techniques & Abilities:[]

Sonic like other main characters can also transform numerously with the help of a power soure/boost. His moves are solely based off of DBZ as well as Street fighter with him using stuff like the Shoriyuken and the Hurricane Kick. His forms consist of mainly Super Sonic, Fire Sonic and more. See Sonic-Transformations for more deteails.


  • Sonic is the youngest of the group besides Yoshi
  • Sonic is the fastes of the heroes
  • Sonic is the brains of the group (possibly)