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Shuriken School[edit | edit source]

Is an animated series now on Terrible Toons.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Eizan Kaburagi : is a 10 year old ninja student of shuriken. Eizan is intelligent, hardworking, and eager to learn. His dream since childhood is to become a ninja. It is hinted that he has a crush on Okuni and also has a rivalry with Naginata. His weapon is a green plastic ruler. He is also clumsy as shown in the episode "Phantom of the Kabuki".
  • Okuni Dohan : is a 10 year old ninja student of Shuriken and the only female member of the main group, also the most well-studied of them. She frequently cites examples from important lessons, and possesses great deductive skills and origami talent. She also has quite a short fuse, and has a crush on Eizan. There is a rivalry between Okuni and the Kimura Twins from Katana.
  • Jimmy B. : is an 11 year old ninja student of Shuriken Jimmy comes from a comfortable New York family, but spent his time with his rap gang, developing a real talent for break-dancing. His parents sent him to Tokirohama to stay with his aunt and uncle. Before coming to Shuriken, he went to Katana school, Shuriken's rivaling school but was expelled after a week. His weapon is a skateboard.
  • Nobunaga : Nobunaga comes from a long line of skilled sumo wrestlers, and dresses accordingly. He is fairly well-respected among his peers, and his size and strength make him a formidable opponent. He appears as a fat boy with a large belly spilling over his mawashi. His girth makes him slow, however. He was named after the Sengoku warlord, Oda Nobunaga.
  • Tetsuo : A bitter second-year student who looks down on all freshmen with disdain. He is a powerful and skilled ninja, but his anger keeps him from advancing further. This, combined with his great height, may mean that he has been held back for an unspecified amount of time. Constantly following him is his mindless lackey, Yota. He is named after Tetsuo Shima from Akira.
  • Yota Sugimura : Yota is Tetsuo's very short and ever-present lackey, following him about like a remora follows a shark. He has little personality of his own, often inheriting the personality of the person he is with. He is extremely clumsy, but (somewhat paradoxically) is good at sneaking.
  • Ami Saeki : Ami is a blonde girl who wears a sailor fuku-type uniform. She is very vain, constantly obsessing over her appearance. However, her pampered looks conceal a great aptitude for disguise and deception. She has a crush on Eizan which is implied in the episode, "Flip Flops of Fury". Daisuke seems to like her quite a lot; however, she does not return the feeling (though she did kiss him once in "Phantom of the Kabuki"). She was initially one of the students selected to go to the cheerleading school but she gave her ticket to Okuni. She bears resemblance to Minako Aino.
  • Marcos Gonzalez : A Latin-American student who came to Shuriken School to hide from a vicious group called the 3-Saints Gang from Mexico. It turned out that he ran to Shuriken because he saw them with their masks off. Thinking they were after him, he hid in Shuriken. It was proven in the episode "An XXL Lie" that they abandoned their masks to become Midwestern singers, making his whole escape pointless. He is very sly and mysterious, and he wears sunglasses in order to hide his face. He excels in covert strikes, and possesses all-around good skills in other fields as well.
  • Jacques Morimura : A rather confused young Frenchman who believes Shuriken School is a diving school, due to the similarities between the uniforms. He dresses in a black scuba suit, reminiscent of Jacques Custeau, whom he is named after. His specialty is underwater combat.
  • Choki : Choki is a Tibetan monk who possesses the powers of telepathy and psychokinesis. He spends most of his time asleep or meditating, and has a very easy-going personality. Most of the time, he prefers floating over walking.
  • Daisuke Togakame : An arrogant student who cares more about his hair than his studies, Daisuke is a known coward, and is quick to run from a fight. However, he is not completely useless; his nimble fingers make him a very good tailor. He likes a fellow student named Ami, constantly hitting on her and trying to randomly kiss her in almost every episode he appears in. In the episode "An XXL Lie" it is shown that he genuinely likes Ami. In the episode "Eizan's Shadow", Daisuke is seen not washing his hands after using the bathroom, suggesting poor hygiene habits.
  • Pork : Pork is, perhaps, the most mysterious of all the Shuriken School students. He appears to be an anthromorphic pig, and is apparently mute (except for a small grunt in "An XXL Lie"). He communicates via musical instruments, which he is proficient in using. He is also very good at detecting the purpose and personality of disguised and supernatural enemies such as in the episodes "Funny Chick" and "The Demon and Mrs. Clean" respectively, where he detects that the Chick has foul purposes and tries to get the group to stop it, and that the demon messing up the place is really a possessed Mrs. Clean; thus he is not afraid of it unlike the others, but rather enjoys the actions of the former. These actions imply that in place of speech, he has been gifted with clairvoyance. He is shown to have mind control powers in one episode. He seems to have an interest in art.
  • Principal of Shuriken : Also called "Principal-sama", the principal is always worried about the school's funding and is also money-obsessed to the point that in the episode "Eizan's Shadow", he actually asked Kazumi's parents to put the withdrawn check on the phone so he could talk to it. However, he does have exceedingly good ninjitsu skills that made him the principal. He usually has a positive thinking in many situation. He has an allergy to animals.
  • Vladimir Keitawa : One of the three teachers at Shuriken School. He has a really long middle name. He comes from Russia, has great physical strength and has a weakness for attractive women. Vlad once pretended to be a foreign exchange student named "Ed" in the episode "Vlad's Past", as it is revealed that although he teaches at Shuriken School, he is not a certified teacher because—due to his extreme phobia of tests—he did not pass the stealth and evasion course. Eizan and the gang disguise him as an exchange student and help him hide from the inspector, who is after Vlad to expose him. After conquering his fear and fooling Kubo and the inspector, it is proven that he has passed the course, making him a certified Ninja Teacher.
  • Kubo Utamaro : One of the three teachers at Shuriken School. Kubo teaches boring theory lessons and has a crush on Kita. He also dreams of being principal one day.
  • Kita Shunai : One of the three teachers at Shuriken School. She has master skills with ninja weapons and she used to be a teacher at Katana School. She has a pretty bad temper. She is also the only female teacher of Shuriken School.
  • Zumichito : Shuriken School's groundskeeper. He used to be a student there; thus he knows all of the secrets of the school, and knows a lot of stories about it as well.
  • Mrs. Clean : Her real name is Michiyo, Mrs. Clean is the Shuriken School's cleaning lady. She has spent her whole life around Shuriken School and knows some ninja moves as well. She takes great pride in her work, and if her cleaning is disrupted, she transforms into a terrifying demon.

[edit] Katana School[edit | edit source]

  • Naginata: is an 11 year old student of Shuriken's rivaling school, Katana. he is selfish , evil , and a twisted loner , who masters the art of trickery like no other , only using his ninjitsu for the cause of others' misfortune. He and his group sucks up to Katana's principal and usually cheats in battles where he's losing. He is also the only one of his gang that is not afraid of the principal. He has an intense rivalry with Eizan, having lost against him in the episode, "The Winning Ninja".
  • Bruce Chang: is a 10 year old ninja student of katana and is One of Naginata's loyal followers, Bruce likes getting into fights . He has a bad temper and also a loud mouth, which coincidentally, gets the group into trouble. He has a rivalry with Jimmy B. He is a brave fighter but is very reckless, usually jumping into a battle without a 2nd thought. He sleeps with a teddy bear.
  • The Kimura Twins: are 10 year old ninja students of katana and are followers of Naginata, they are sneaky and will usually gather information for Naginata. They act tough when they are together but when apart, they weaken. They are also dependent on each other. They are sexists as well, which makes them hate Okuni the most.
  • Doku: Another one of Naginata's followers, Doku is big and easily outwitted. His mother still brings him lunch everyday.
  • Principal of Katana: Everyone seems to fear this man. He owns a cute ninja chick that he always keeps by his side, and his face is always covered by an ominous shadow. Naginata and his group suck up to him to earn his favor, and he clearly despises Shuriken and its students. His hairstyle is similar to that of Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken fighting games.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1: 2010-2011[edit | edit source]

No. Total Title Original airdate
1 1 "The Top Ninja" September 17, 2005 (2005-09-17)
All the students welcomes the new student, Eizan. He is assigned to Jimmy B.'s dorm and the two get along. Okuni then comes and throws him a party. The principal of shuriken then comes and takes him to the classroom. The teacher then said he will put Eizan to the test by fighting him. Eizan beat him in three seconds. He then brought Nogunaga to fight Eizan. The two are tied until Nobunaga uses his weight to his advantage. Eizan gets pummeled until he remebers to use somebody's strengths against them. He then reverses Nobunaga's belly bumper and punches him up and then slams him down with his green ruler. They all congratulate him and he goes to his dorm.
2 2 "Secrets of the Golden Socks" September 24, 2005 (2005-09-24)
Mushi is training against Garven until they are interrupted by a loud speaker. The person was tall, with a black cape, black pants, and green and black striped shirt. She then says that she is the ruler of the world and that if anyone dares to defy her will be killed. Mushi then runs out and expresses dialogue to her. The two look like they are to fight until Garven stops him and Lord Maho the leaves laughing at Mushi. Meanwhile, Mushi goes to the forest for target practice and he spots another kid and they introduce themselves. Tommy then says that he does not believe Mushi and the two prepare to fight. Mushi and Tommy are exactly the same until Tommy gets the upperhand. Mushi is then being beaten until he reverses his attack and soon before both were going to be killed, Garven stops them both. Tommy and Mushi then goes to Mushi's house and they become good friends already. Tommy then tells about his other two friends and the two venture to Tommy's house, on the otherside of town.
3 3 "History of Vlad" October 1, 2005 (2005-10-01)
Tommy and Mushi stops a thief and then is almost at Tommy's house. Meanwhile, Lord Maho spreads terror at Ginger Village. Garven goes to the secret meeting and discusses on how to stop the chosen ones. Tommy and Mushi then spot an antrhomopodic tiger named Timbre. Timbre defeats Mushi. Tommy then fights Timbre but to no prevail. Cosco & Rhonda then comes out and fights Timbre, beating him with their teamwork. Rhonda then introduces herself to Mushi but Cosco does not trust Mushi. He then fights Mushi but Mushi defeats him fairly wuickly with ease. Cosco then is forced to become friends with Mushi. The three are then informed about villainess, Lord Maho. He then says that he is looking for a teacher to teach them all in the art of an animal. Lord Maho then returns to Mugo Village and goes to the Lake. The heroes then go there and challenges Lord Maho. She then hardly tries and is already defeating them. Mushi and Tommy then get ready and uses their Penchenzo, Myazaka Blitz. She then deflects that and the heroes are then defeated. She then goes into town to cause mayhem but encounters Garvin. They end in a draw Garvin gets kicked to a pole. She then flees promising to destroy this place and hunt the heroes down. They then find the Turtle Hermit and he trains them under his wing.
4 4 "Lost Ninja" October 8, 2005 (2005-10-08)
The heroes go into the Village to get some food and they see a buildboard that says, The Martial Arts World Tournament. They all then decides to join it however, Timbre returns to join it as well. Mushi mentions about an old friend named Doken. In the preliminaries, Mushi faces Thiefo, Cosco faced Rhonda. Tommy faced Locus, Rhonda faced Cosco and Timbre faced Gando. When Rhonda and Cosco was fighting, they insulted each other and easily got on the other's nerves. Rhonda, Mushi, Tommy, and Timbre all then go to the Semi-Final Round. The next match was Mushi vs. Rhonda & Tommy vs. Timbre. Timbre beats up Tommy but Tommy then tricks Timbre. Timbre then almost pushes Tommy out the ring until Tommy reverses it. Mushi and Rhonda are tied but Rhonda gets the upperhand when using her Scipher powers. Mushi is about to lose until he uses his Penchenzo Ha! Rhonda and Mushi then battle it out again and Rhonda falls out the wing after being kicked by Mushi. Mushi and Tommy then goes to the final round to brawl. The Turtle Hermit then shows up and is prepared to cheer them on. He then senses a disturbance and watches the beginning of the fight.
5 5 "Royale Games" October 15, 2005 (2005-10-15)
Garven then comes and watches the final match and cheers for both of them. Cosco cheers for Tommy and Rhonda cheers for Mushi because Cosco is picking favorites. Mushi and Tommy are tied and none seems to be letting down even a bit. Mushi then kicks Tommy and Tommy punches Mushi. Both almost falls out but get up. Mushi is then tricked and kicked to the ground. He then gets up and gets kicked down again. He then gets up and tricks Tommy and uses a series of kicks on him. He then punches Tommy and Tommy lands on the walls. Tommy then uses his Myazaka and Mushi uses his Penchenzo Ha! The two then are almost out of chi and the two then punch one another up and they both go smacking down. The battle ends in a draw and the prize is split. Garven then congratulates them but Timbre then defeats the heroes. Garven then complains that that was unfair because thye were exahusted. He then fights Garven and nearly defeats him. All the heroes (including Garven) then does a combo on him and Garven punches him to the mountains. The Tutrtle Hermit is then on the mountains and ounches Timbre to Ginger Village.
6 6 "Shadow Ninja" November 5, 2005 (2005-11-05)
Garven and Mushi are training in the forest and then Tommy arrives and Garven goes to the secret meeting. At the meeting, Garvin is talked about turning evil and having to kill his brother before Lord Maho takes over and slaughters him herself and defeats all the chosen ones. Garven refuses but then they then say with Mushi alive, he opposes as a threat and one of Lord Maho's prime targets. Garven then gets convinced and when he sees his brother and Cosco out in the plains h then goes to them. They both then question Garvin and Garvin says he is going to kill his brother. He then punches the two to a rock. The two get up and prepare to fight him. The two then engages in battle against Garven but are losing. Garven then nearly snaps Cosco's neck and thrashes his brother. Cosco then elbows him out of anger and Tommy and Rhonda show up from in the Village and think Cosco and Mushi are sparing with Garven. Garven then kicks Cosco to a rock and smashes his knee hard on Mushi's stomach. Tommy then stops him and Garven leaves saying that that was a warning. Mushi reveals that he and Cosco are bleeding severely. The heroes then think why Garven would try to kill his own brother. Garven went to the meeting and they said to exterminate all the chosen ones.
7 7 "Eizan vs. Naginata" November 12, 2005 (2005-11-12)
Garven is at the plains where Tommy and Mushi fight him. Cosco and Rhonda then have the first aid and went to watch. The two seems to be at a huge disadvantage against Garven. Garven then uses his scouter for the first time and reveals they have no chance at beating him. He then defeats Mushi. He then does a series of punches on Tommy and defeats him. However, ends up getting hit by it. Cosco then falls through a hole and falls on top of Rhonda hard. He then thinks they are all dead. Garven leaves but the heroes then awaken and Timbre comes. Rhonda then defeats him and the heroes go to Tommy's house. They think of a plan and once it hit nighttime, all the heroes decided to fight Garven. They all then fight but are still losing. He then defeats them one by one starting with Cosco. He then goes to Rhonda, followed by Tommy. He and Mushi then have a long battle but ultimately Mushi loses when Garven uses his Scouter and then his Mujami Raika Canon. He then goes to the secret meeting and says he has killed them.
8 8 "Sacred Ninjutsu" November 19, 2005 (2005-11-19)
All the heroes awaken and appears to be in the forest. Tommy then drags them all to a river where they all get water in them. Cosco then gets bit by a squirrel. Rhonda helps him and he is hurt. Garven then fights Timbre as practice but their fight is interrupted by Lord Maho who fights them both. They then work on the same side for once but they fall ther her hand. Garven gets back up and injures her. She then uses her Photon Ray to send them both flying in opposite directions far. Garven then lands in the forest where the heroes are. He wakes up and challenges the heroes. Lord Maho then takes people captive. She then goes to her Domain/Fortress for some experimenting. Mushi and Rhonda are fighting him to no prevail. Tommy and Cosco then fight him and still lose. Garven then decides to settle the score and leaves and promises to return later. Mushi and the others then train and go back to town. They then go to the mountains to train and see Timbre. They all then train by beating on Timbre. However, Lord Maho comes and fights them all. Lord Maho then uses her Zyawaka and defeats Cosco. Rhonda have a one on one and Rhonda gets defeated by her Emperor Style. Tommy and Mushi then fights her but she beats them both and as they all watch her leave, they decide they need to get stronger.
9 9 "Mr. Demon & Super Clean" December 17, 2005 (2005-12-17)
The heroes decides to head to Sole Town to get stronger. However, Turtle Hermit meets them and decides to venture with them for a change. They all then arrive at Sole Town and finds out that today is the day fo Serpent (meaning that all heroes powers are distinct from them. They all then encounter Timbre and he defeats all of them except the Turtle Hermit. Turtle Hermit then uses a series of attacks and defeats him. Garven meanwhile discover this and uses this as a way to get stronger to prepare himself to kill them for good. Turtle Hermit and the other then go by a lake and trains. However, they meet a group called the Hazardous Four and easily becomes enemies with them. At Ginger Village, Lord Maho invades it and destroys some of the land as payback from another time 30 Years ago. Garven then asks the meeting if he should really do this and says he does not want to kill them. The meeting leader then attempts to kill Garven and Garven continues to train. Turtle Hermit then decides to train them in the art of Turtle Style. Cosco makes jokes and he is the last one to learn the style. In the end of the day, they all practice their techniques using Turtle style.
10 10 "Old School Mystery" February 11, 2006 (2006-02-11)
It is nightime and the heroes train against the Turtle Hermit with their Turtle Style Attacks. However, he easily defeats them except Mushi. Mushi continues top fight and lose. Tommy then joins and they both do not give up as they are being defeated. Tommy then gets hit to Cosco and Mushi gets tired and gets hit to Cosco as well. Rhonda then cooks the food along with Cosco and everyone eats up. The next day after the Serpen Day passed, a Serpent statue falls on Cosco and the team thinks it is sacred and holds on to it. The Turtle Hermit then keeps hold of it. Lord Maho then goes to Sole Town and scatters flares and blows up some of the twon. The heroes then go to town only to be a few moments too late. Lord Maho then leaves laughing at the heroes. Garven then comes and blasts them all to Lake. The Turtle Hermit, Cosco, and Rhonda all then watch as Tommy and Mushi prepare to fight him. They start off tied but he then gets the lead of the fight and for the rest of the fight beats them up. He then punches and kicks them down. They then call for a timeout and declares they get only 3 minutes.
11 11 "Cherry-Blossom Cake" February 18, 2006 (2006-02-18)
The 3 minutes are up and Garven smashes Mushi. He then thrashes Tommy. Tommy then kicks him and Mushi pounds him down. Garven then powers up and the other two powers up and they all go at it. However, Garven takes over the fight again and hardly trying. They both are then bleeding like crazy and soon, Garven then is pounding his foot on Mushi. Tommy then shoves Garven and just barely saves Mushi. Tommy then is about to get hit until Mushi takes the series of hits. Tommy then uses his roundhouse kick and misses. He then is getting hit by a series of hits. Mushi then uses the Turtle Style and uses the Shell Shrouder. Garven then flies to the rock and crashes. The two then start to beat Garven when using their Turtle Style attacks. Garven then uses his Mujami Raika Canon. The two heroes are then almost dead until they combine their blasts to maximum and defeats Garven's Mujami Raika Canon. Garven then tells the heroes that he really did not want to kill them but he had to try or they would face a much worse fate. He then wishes them luck and passes away.The heroes then head to Mushi's house and Mushi is in a state of depression.
12 12 "Lotus of Labyrinth" May 6, 2006 (2006-05-06)
Cosco shows up at Mushi's house and takes Mushi to the river where he and the otehr heroes are learning more moves of the Turtle Style. However, midway through their training, a guy named Bugtow shows up and demands their eternal loyalty. The heroes refuse and he defeats them. The Turtle Hermit then watches him and awakens the heroes. Bugtow then causes havoc around Mugo Village. Mushi enraged goes along with an enraged Tommy. Cosco and Rhonda then follow behind them. Tommy and Mushi then fights Bugtow and beats him up. He then uses his Synapsis and defeats them. He then defeats Rhonda and Cosco is left to fight. Cosco then battles him at the coliseum and is getting thrashed. The other heroes then go to watch him Cosco finally defeats him using his Swan Kick. However, Bugtow gets back up and nearly kills Cosco. Cosco then resorted to using the Turtle Style: Swan Fly Kick. Cosco then blasts him using the Raigerball. Bugtow is defeated and swears revenge on Cosco. Cosco then gets a celebration for beating an enemy alone.
13 13 "No Photo" May 13, 2006 (2006-05-13)
Lord Maho is at her Fortress and decides to get a henchman. She then recruits Doso. Doso then goes and plots to kill the heroes. The heroes travel to the desert and looks for a scroll to answer what does the Serpent statue do. However, Doso stops them and decides to fight them. He easily defeats Cosco who tries to punch him. Mushi and him then go at it until Mushi steps back and Rhonda comes in. Rhonda then does a series of slaps on him and then kicks him to the sand. He then gets up and defeats Rhonda. Tommy is then fighting him until he gets tricked and then posioned. Cosco decides to watch over Tommy. Mushi then fights Doso but loses. Doso then captures Rhonda & Mushi. Cosco finds an antidote and uses it and Tommy feels better. They both then go to save the others. Mushi then breaks him and Rhonda out. The four heroes then fight Doso as Doso has the scroll to the Serpent statue. He then defeats Tommy because he is still too weak to fight. He then takes out Rhonda and Cosco, leaving just Mushi to fight him. Mushi then uses his sword to fight him, while Lord Maho is absorbing some of the power of the Serpen statue. She then says that Doso's work is done and then after being beaten, he leaves. The heroes then gets the scroll and heads back to Mugo Village. Lord Maho then gets green lightning around her as she takes half the power of the Serpent statue. She then blows up and entire city with putting her palms up and flashing them at the area.
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