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Shadow's Alternate Forms[edit | edit source]

Shadow, like Sonic and Yoshi, has a small handful of alternate forms available to him in Super Mario Bros. Z: Two World's Fate. Mario and Luigi have also numerous experiences with transformations.

Alternative Forms used in SMBZD: Two World's Fate[edit | edit source]

  • Super Shadow: This is Shadow's signature form throughout the series as he is extremely powerful and fast in this form. This is his primary transformation. Shadow like the other characters are given the ability to fly. Shadow can transform once using the Seven Star Spirits. To many characters, Super Shadow is invulnerable and his attacks and speed are doubled by 100 times Shadow's normal strength and speed. Also, This is most likely Shadow's most powerful transformation as he has many other forms but this seems to stand out from others. He first uses this against Ganondorf but it is seen in the intro.
  • Hyper Shadow: This is when Shadow absorbs the power of the Starman. Shadow has done this many times in the second and third seasons. His power and speed is tripled (though nothing compared to Super Shadow). Hyper Shadow is capable of using attacks that only the Chaos Emerald could have. Also this is boosts with the fact that he holds a Key Element.
  • Ultimate Shadow: This form is only seen a few times in the series as Shadow does not particularly uses this form. However, this form is much more powerful than the Hyper Shadow form. It is can even rival that of Fire Sonic, Fire Mario, and Fire Luigi. Ultimate Shadow is like 50x Kaioken and is the same color and type of power as Kaioken. He even has an attack referenced to the Kaioken attack.
  • Ultra Shadow: This is only seen twice. Once in Subcon and another time is in the second saga. Shadow has upgraded powers and all the attributes are basically the same as when Sonic transforms into this.
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