Omi is one of the four chosen ones and is the Dragon of Water. He is the protagonist throughout all eight seasons and the movie.


Omi is the main character and has been training at the Xiaolin Temple his whole life since the age of two. He is an infant boy and is the most skilled of the Xiaolin Dragons He has fought many great dangers and has a huge ego. However, despite that he is very kind and is extremely loyal to his word.

Primary Shen Gong Wu usedEdit

Omi has had the most Xiaolin Showdowns out of every character in the show.

Season oneEdit

  • Mantis Flipcoin
  • Orb of Tornami
  • Shroud of Shadows
  • Golden Tiger Claws
  • Tongue of Saiping
  • Two Ton Tunic
Voiced by Emblem64
Affiliation Xiaolin
Signature Shen Gong Wu Orb of Tornami & Notorious Buster
Element Water
Wudai Weapon Shimo Staff
Signature move Tsunami Strike and Tornado Strike