Next Avengers: Heroes of TomorrowEdit

This is an animated Marvel Show that is about the new generation of heroes.


  • James Rogers: Son of Captain America and the Black Widow and leader of the teenage Avengers. Displays exceptional fighting abilities (most likely due to his father's genetic enhancements, although there's no explicit mention of it in the movie). Originally wields an energy-based replica of Captain America's shield, and then later regains his father's original shield after destroying the robotic copy of his father, after his shield device was destroyed by his mother's robotic version. Like Steve, James has great difficulty doing nothing and often blames himself for the trouble he and his surrogate family get into. It is unknown if he has his father's strength, but his reflexes are inhuman as is his agility. He is excellent in martial arts. He comments he sees Torrun as a sister, but also hints he has feelings for her beyond that.
  • Torrun: Daughter of Thor and Sif. She wields an Asgardian sword, is able to fly, she can also strike lightning, has exceptional durability (bullets bounce off her skin), enough strength to cut enemy robots in half and superhuman speed. Torunn tries to act as much like an Asgardian as she can, hoping it will make her father take her back to Asgard. In reality, she is very insecure of the fact that while her brothers are orphans whose parents died in battle, Thor merely abandoned her on Midgard. She has a crush on James Rogers, and has hinted that throughout the film. They grew up together, making them very good friends. Also, both has shown many romantic feelings to one another. She is arrogant, but becomes humble as the film goes on.
  • Azari: Son of Black Panther and Storm (not mentioned in the movie). Inherited his father's martial skills and agility as well as his mother's electric discharges. He is able to form his electricity into a panther-shaped force field. He is named after his paternal great grandfather. He is also a Tony's boy, often trying to get the others to respect Tony's wishes (unlike his father, who, in the comics, was known for disagreeing with Tony). In battle, Azari can channel his electric energy into his belt, turning it into a bo staff. Azari tries to act like the crown prince he is, but often has trouble due to his difficulty controlling the Black Panther Spirit. The fact Storm being his mother is not referred in the movie, most likely to avoid connection to the X-Men characters, although it is easy to guess for comic-fans.
  • Pym: Son of Giant Man and Wasp, and youngest and smartest of the five children. Inherited his mother's energy blasts. Has the ability to shrink, where he gains flight, and to grow, where he gains proportional super strength and he can still use his energy blasts but he can't blast it from a distance. His full name is Henry Pym, Jr. as revealed by Vision. Pym has inherited his parents' intellect as well as their powers and is the resident tech-head of the group, able to figure out controls and complex devices quite easily.
  • Francis Barton: Son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Displays exceptional accuracy with his longbow and carries a quiver with explosive arrows, among others. Much like their fathers in the comics, Francis and James argue with each other at first, but eventually become friends. He constantly flirts with Torunn. At first he seems cold and indifferent to his new friends, but as time passes, he shows himself to be just as much the jokester and flirt as Clint ever was.


  • Tony Stark / Iron Man: Following the Avengers defeat, Tony gathered their children and hid them away in the Arctic. He dons his Iron Man armor to save the children from Ultron, but it's destroyed during their battle.
  • The Vision: Survived by remaining intangible. He acted as Tony's eyes and ears for monitoring the world and keeping track of Ultron's progress in taking it over. The reason for his return was because Ultron had found a way to defeat his intangible state and wounded him severely. Tony didn't have time to repair his body and the kids end up carrying around his head instead.
  • Thor: After his father Odin died (presumably in battle), Thor left Earth to rule Asgard, leaving his daughter Torunn in the care of his comrades, The Avengers. Thor appears at the end of the film to rescue Torunn from dying in outer space by transporting her to the Bifrost Bridge. Thor expresses his pride in his daughter for having learned what it meant to be human, the very same lesson Odin strove to teach him, and offers Torunn the chance to return to Asgard and her family. He accepts Torunn's choice to remain on Midgard with her comrades and sends her home, now clad in a suit of Asgardian war armor. He leaves his daughter with the promise that when she does return to Asgard, he, and all her family, will be waiting to welcome her.
  • Betty Ross: Daughter of General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross and love interest of Bruce Banner / The Hulk. She has remained alive by hiding with the human survivors of New York who Hawkeye and his son had gathered. She reveals where Bruce has been hiding all these years.
  • The Hulk: Bruce has remained alive under Ultron's rule by doing what he has done for many years: hiding in the desert. Unwilling to help defeat the Iron Avengers, it takes a barrage of blasts from the Iron Wasps to bring Bruce's monstrous alter-ego to the surface. Hulk proceeds to pound the Iron Avengers into scrap metal and is then attacked and seemingly defeated by Ultron. Pym's insults to the Hulk's pride allow him to summon the strength to tear Ultron in half. Once his place as the strongest one alive is firmly reestablished, Hulk gathers Betty in his arms and leaps off into the sunset, happy with the woman whom he loves at last.


  • Ultron: The main antagonist. Iron Man (not Henry Pym as in the mainstream series) created Ultron to be a force for peace, but its programming evolved, coming to think that the only way to truly bring order to Earth, was to control it. Then it attacked the Avengers, killing most of them (Captain America, Wasp, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Storm, Giant-Man, and Black Widow). Before they died, however, Iron Man gathered their children and took them to a safe place in the Arctic Circle. Later, when James accidentally activated the Iron Avengers, Ultron detected the energy source, found the Iron Avengers and took control of them. He later captured Iron Man and imprisoned him in the Citadel. The children rescued him and escaped with some help of Hawkeye's son, Francis, and the Scavengers, all that remains of humanity. In the desert, James turned on the ship that he, his friends, Iron Man and Betty escaped in to lure Ultron to the Hulk. The evil robot arrived and battled the Hulk, knocking him out. He then blasted at James with an energy blast which nearly killed the boy. The Hulk grabbed Ultron, beat him and ripped him in half. When Ultron started to rebuild himself, Torunn grabbed the two separated pieces and threw them into space where Ultron could not rebuild himself.
  • Iron Captain America: The leader of the Avengers and robotic father of James. He was the one who inspired the Avengers to join. Captain America was the first Avenger to fall. After his death, Ultron took his mask and damaged shield as trophies. Iron Captain America wields two shields as the movie progresses, the first of those probably containing vibranium and a very strong metal that would resist almost everything and it could slice through almost anything too. After the attack on the citadel, the first Iron Captain America shield is destroyed by acid, and in the final battle in the desert he wears the original Captain America shield instead. The Shield acted like a boomerang which allowed Captain America to throw it and it'll come back to him. With the strength, agility, stamina and courage of a high-peaked athlete, and the martial arts of an expert, he is a very valuable team member, probably the most dangerous. His robotic version was the only Iron Avenger to speak. After causing large rocks to fall on him, Iron Captain America dropped his shield which allowed James to take it (James's Shield device had been destroyed by Iron Widow). Iron Captain America was destroyed by James when the young Avenger threw his new shield at the robot, cutting it in two. Captain America's real name is Steve Rogers.
  • Iron Black Widow: James's robotic mother. She could fire lasers of electricity from the gauntlets on her wrists, she could shoot a zip-line that allowed her to swing around the sky-scrapers, she had a belt that contained small bombs, and her gloves and boots contained small suction cups that allowed her to crawl up walls like a black widow spider. She died facing Ultron. Her robotic version, Iron Widow, was the first Iron Avenger to be corrupted by Ultron. The Black Widow's outfit remains in Ultron's trophy room. Iron Widow has an extra pair of arms and can turn her hands into guns. She was destroyed by the Hulk. Black Widow's real name is Natalia Romanova Rogers.
  • Iron Black Panther: The Black Panther, T'Challa, was the king of Wakanda and the father of Azari, whom he had with Storm. T'Challa was able to leap at extreme heights, conduct martial arts and also become invisible in shadows with his yellow eyes glowing in the darkness. He had the strength and fierceness of a King with a suit that is covered in vibranium. He was the ruler of Wakanda, and no outsiders underestimated him for long. His suit contained claws on his hands and feet which were very sharp. He died while fighting Ultron. Iron Panther has the ability to transform into a robotic-panther. Iron Panther was destroyed when Azari blasted the robot with an electricity blast, saying "You're not the Black Panther! I am!". His torn mask remains in Ultron's trophy room.
  • Iron Giant-Man: The robotic father of Pym. Giant Man (aka Henry Pym) was killed during his fight with Ultron. His mask was kept by Ultron as a trophy. Giant Man (Ant Man/Yellow Jacket) was very strong, he was able to control ants with a mind control machine and had the ability grow to the size of a giant. As a giant, he could create shockwaves. Pym manages to fight the giant robot as a giant himself but has to retreat when Iron Giant Man released several Iron Wasps from his mouth. Iron Giant Man was destroyed when the Hulk tore off his head.
  • Iron Thor: Torunn's robotic father. He was able to fly at high speeds, he was resistant to almost any attack, he could lift heavy objects and manipulate the weather with his strong, gold hammer. He is one of the strongest of Asgard's Gods. Thor was entrusted by his father the Golden Hammer, who placed a spell on the hammer that allowed only people who were loyal and trustworthy to pick it up. While Thor and his father Odin could pick it up, Captain America and the Hulk (Because of his strength) were also known to be able to lift it. Iron Thor is the only Iron Avenger that matches a still-alive Avenger. Iron Thor attacked Torunn and caused her to lose her sword. The real Thor telepathically returned the sword to Torunn and she used it to battle the Iron Thor. The robot was destroyed when Torunn stabbed it in the stomach and ripped it in half.
  • Iron Hawkeye: The metal version of the younger Hawkeye's (Francis Barton) father. Hawkeye's real name was Clint Barton. Hawkeye had extreme luck ability, enhanced sight and accuracy that teams up with his archery skills very well. His arrows ranged from normal arrows, fire arrows, freezing arrows, zip-line arrows exploding arrows, boomerang arrows and even arrows which could release more arrows with great accuracy. Hawkeye was one of the few Avengers which survived the initial fight with Ultron, but was killed by Ultron just prior to the young Avengers entrance in Ultra City. The Iron Hawkeye's left hand is the bow and it fires energy-charged arrows. During the fight, The younger Hawkeye (Francis) destroyed Iron Hawkeye's bow, but the robot revealed to have a spare in his right hand, which Francis responds with "Aww! Come on!". Francis destroyed Iron Hawkeye by shooting explosive arrows in the robot's feet, back and face.
  • Iron Wasp: Robotic versions of Pym's mother. Wasp died after one of Ultron's laser blasts blazed her back and cut her wings. After that, she plummeted to her doom. Wasp was able to shrink to the size of a large wasp and could blast stinging beams which could punch a hole metal. She could also fly at speeds of 40 km. There are several Iron Wasps that were released from Iron Giant Man's mouth that started attacking Pym, and unlike the original Wasp, they are human size. He shrank and fired blasts from his hands at Bruce Banner, hoping to make him angry and bring the Hulk out. Pym failed, but the Iron Wasps blasted Banner until the Hulk came out and eliminated all the Iron Wasps. Wasp's real name was Janet Pym.
  • Ultra City Drones: Ultron's servants. One of them was able to injure Vision as he left the city. When the children arrived in Ultra City they destroyed some of the drones, although one was able to injure Torunn. They were last seen in Ultra City where one was trying, unsuccessfully, to pull Torunn's sword out of the ground. The sword was made of Asgardian material that only Asgardians could lift. Thor, telepathically, took the sword back to Torunn.


Season OneEdit

# Title Villain(s) Director Writer Airdate
001 "Legacy, pt. I" Man-Bat Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian September 6, 1992
The avengers are fighting Ultron and fights valiantly. Meanwhile, Tony recruits their children and takes them to a hidden facility where they will be safe.
002 "Legacy, pt. II" The Joker Kent Butterworth Eddie Gorodetsky November 13, 1992
When the avengers falls to Ultron's mighty power, he goes hunting for Tony and the children. As the children in their young ages cannot fight as they are too young, they must handle their own when Ultron finds their base.
003 "''''''Hide & Seek''''''" The Scarecrow Boyd Kirkland Henry T. Gilroy & Sean Catherine Derek September 15, 1992
When Azari and Pym are playing Hide & Seek, Pym accidentally gets lost in the forest and is in a hide & seek version of Kill or be Killed. Will Pym survive?
004 "Tension" The Joker Kevin Altieri Carl Swenson September 22, 1992
Tony selects James to go on a trip with him to the virtual world. When the two are trapped their with a virtual beast, the others must get them out.
005 "'''Unknown Forces'''" Poison Ivy Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini and Michael Reaves (Teleplay by Tom Ruegger) September 14, 1992
When Tony gives them update of a new hero, they go to Ultra City and are ambushed by robots. A group of people known as the Scavengers saves them, lead by Hawkeye. The Avengers then needs to gain his trust and get him on their team to prepare for Ultron's attack.
006 "Speed Rush" Sewer King Frank Paur Tom Ruegger (Teleplay by Jules Dennis & Richard Mueller) October 21, 1992
While back at the facility, Hawkeye is doing target practice. When Azari and Torunn challenges him to a race, he accepts. However, can he win when the other two are playing dirty?
007 "'''''Enclosure'''''" The Boss and his Gangsters Kevin Altieri Mitch Brian (Teleplay by Sean Catherine Derek & Laren Bright) September 18, 1992
The Avengers travels to a river line to fix the damn so the villagers may cross. However, Ultron attacks and causes Torunn to fail into the river, unconscience. Now with Torunn gone, does the Avengers stand a chance?
008 "Freak Wave" Boss Biggis Boyd Kirkland Jules Dennis, Richard Mueller & Sean Catherine Derek October 8, 1992
The Avengers travels out to sea to to get a Cryptic Generator from the bottom of the sea. However, a Kraken comes telling by the Freak Wave hitting. James must prove his worthiness and save his friends in time.
009 "Courage" The Joker Frank Paur Ted Pedersen & Steve Hayes September 16, 1992
Torunn is stressed when she does not know why her father has a abandoned her. When she goes out searching, she encounters a God named Cthulu. When he tricks her into believing this is Asgard, she is sucked into the Demon World known as Hell.
010 "Avengers" Rupert Thorne and Two-Face Kevin Altieri Alan Burnett (Teleplay by Randy Rogel) September 25, 1992
Tony looks over his history with the Avengers and believes the disaster to be his fault when creating Ultron. However, when Ultron's mind taps into his, he must replenish his mind and get him out of it, permanently.
011 "Battle Royale" Rupert Thorne and Two-Face Kevin Altieri Randy Rogel September 28, 1992
All of the Avengers are challenged by the Anti-Avengers with the people being Dames, Korunn, Bawkeye, Lizari & Ren Mymph Jr. When the Avengers fails the beat them, they are thrown out of their own base. James must lead his team to victory if he wants to rid of the Anti-Avengers.
012 "Blockade" Rupert Thorne and Arnold Stromwell Boyd Kirkland Tom Ruegger (Teleplay by Garin Wolf) September 10, 1992
When a storm hits, Azari decides to stop it. However, this storm may be more than even the "King of the Jungle" can handle.
013 "Vision" The Penguin Frank Paur Sam Graham & Chris Hubbell September 30, 1992
An ally comes in and demands to speak to Tony. When he does, Tony explains to them that that is Vision. When Ultron attacks, they must rely on Vision to get them out and get to a new hideout.
014 "How Long is Forever?" Mr. Freeze and Ferris Boyle Bruce W. Timm Paul Dini September 7, 1992
When a villain named Timer comes, he steals from the HQ and punches a hole into time. When he forces Torunn into it, she must find her way back to her own time in the past.
015 "''Apprentice, pt. I''" Catwoman and Red Claw Kevin Altieri Sean Catherine Derek & Laren Bright (Teleplay by Jules Dennis & Richard Mueller) September 5, 1992
James goes out searching in the real world but Ultron finds and brainwashes him. When James fights off the Avengers one by one, it just leaves Tony to be destroyed.
016 "'''Apprentice, pt. II'''" Red Claw Dick Sebast Sean Catherine Derek & Laren Bright (Teleplay by Jules Dennis & Richard Mueller) September 12, 1992
The Avengers must think of a plan under Hawkeye's approval. When they strike James in his nerve center, he goes back to normal and pretends to be brainwashed in order to defeat Ultron. However, Ultron got more than enough information than he needed.
017 "Lightningstorm" Ventrix Dan Riba Martin Pasko February 24, 1993
Azari's instincts shows and he is forced to unleash a magnificent power that will destroy the world. The Avnegers must stop this before he starts an apocalypse.
018 "Framed" The Mad Bomber Boyd Kirkland D. O'Flaherty & Tom Ruegger (Teleplay by Garin Wolf & Tom Ruegger) November 4, 1992
Pym and Torunn goes hunting for fish but when they discover that a crime has started outside of their HQ, they are to blame by Mr. Bon Victor D.O.O.M. The Avengers must then prove their innocence or they will be executed.
019 "'''Grudge Match'''" Nostromos Frank Paur Dennis Marks (Teleplay by Sean Catherine Derek) October 6, 1992
When James and Hawkeye's rivalry keeps rising, they decide to settle it with a fight. When Hawkeye wins, he takes over as leader and leads the Avengers into a trap. To where Tony and Vision needs to save them. The two then has another fight to where... James wins.
020 "Bounty Hunters" Roland Daggett Dick Sebast Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves (Teleplay by Marv Wolfman) September 8, 1992
Azari is the prime target for a bunch of bounty hunters that are hunting for food for the winter. When he is captured by the World's Best Hunter, Kalvin "Kraven" the Hunter, the Avengers must get him back.
021 "Identity Crisis" Clayface and Roland Daggett Kevin Altieri Marv Wolfman & Michael Reaves (Teleplay by Michael Reaves) September 9, 1992
A villain called the Facechanger comes to the HQ and during a battle with him, Torunn is swaped bodies with him. When Torunn is thought the enemy, she must get to her own body before Facechanger discovers the weaknesses of the Avengers.
022 "Shear Strength" The Joker and Harley Quinn Boyd Kirkland Paul Dini September 11, 1992
Hawkeye tests Pym's physical strength and notices that it is not up to par with the others. He then decides to train Pym to become stronger as well as faster. When the Annual Traning Exams comes, Pym puts what he learned from Hawkeye to the test.
023 "''Destructive Testing''" Killer Croc Frank Paur Michael Reaves October 5, 1992
Kalvin returns and this time hunts to kill Azari, Hawkeye and James after witnessing their strengths. When he tracks them down with other hunters, the three must unite to stop him and rescue the others.
024 "The Deep Freeze" The Scarecrow Dick Sebast Samuel Warren Joseph September 29, 1992
When traveling to the snow to find the evidence that Vision was talking about, Ultron had already mutated a snowman into a Yeti. When the Yeti causes James and Torunn to fall off of a cliff, they must struggle with one another to surivive and safe their friends from the clutches of the Yeti.
025 "Aftershock, pt. I" Clock King Kevin Altieri David Wise September 21, 1992
Ultron prepares the day he comes back. When he uses the Avengers weaknesses against them, they fall to his mighty power. Tony and Vision then goes searching for them.
026 "''Aftershock, pt. II''" Roland Daggett Boyd Kirkland Gerry Conway, from the comic-book story by Dennis O'Neil September 17, 1992
When the two finds all of the Avengers, they prepare their last and final attack into motion. They cause and volcanic eruption and manages to defeat and make Ultron disappear, for good.

Season 2Edit

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Original air date
1 27 "Screams of the Siren" Thomas Carr Monroe Manning September 18, 1953
When the Avengers goes out to sea to search for the Golden Seal Statue, they find a mermaid. The boys are infatuated with her, making Torunn jealous. Torunn must discover the true identity of the mermaid and defeat her. Note: Torunn gets a new outfit in this episode.
2 28 "'''Almost Perfect'''" Thomas Carr David Chantler September 25, 1953
When the two goes over their limits, they are forced to stay in the Box as they are a major threat to the other Avengers. In there, they must work together when they realize nobody is perfect and must save the Avengers from Brock Crogan.
3 29 "''Cold Armor''" Thomas Carr Roy Hamilton October 3, 1953
When James' shield generator breaks, he must make a new one and resigns as leader. As the heroes goes to Ultra City to stop the robots from destroying the Scavengers, they are being dominated. Can James make the right decision or will he let his comrades fall?
4 30 "Final Curtain" Thomas Carr David Chantler October 10, 1953
The Avengers are still at Ultra City and when they find a hidden area, Hawkeye decides to explore it. However, venturing in new places may not be as fun as it seems.
5 31 "The Last Temptation of James Rogers" George Blair David Chantler October 17, 1953
The Avengers goes to the canyons and finds Betty Ross and Bruce Banner. When James and Tony tries to get Banner to help, they unleash the Hulk. Can they calm him down or will the whole canyons be destroyed?
6 32 "''Target Acquired''" George Blair Jackson Gillis October 24, 1953
Azari is targeted by Hunter Ross and he decides to keep him as a trophy. However, he captures his friends instead and threatens Azari as a trade for him for all of his friends. When Azari challenges him to a hunting fight, he must win for his friends' lives are at stake.
7 33 "The Willow Seed" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis October 31, 1953
Pym finds a seed and plants it. However, it grows to be the Demon Seed that can steal sombody's soul until it is destroyed. When it starts taking the souls of his fellow comrades, it just leaves him and James. When James is even taken, Pym must rise up and save everyone.
8 34 "Haunted" George Blair Jackson Gillis November 7, 1953
James is haunted when he sees Ultron "back." The others thinks he is crazy so Vision taps into his mind and finds Ultron. Tony then thinks James had what he had. He then helps James when James goes to replenish his mind.
9 35 "Birds of Prey" Thomas Carr David Chantler November 14, 1953
Hawkeye is challenged by Robinhood in a arrow shooting contest. When he is beginning to lose, James figures out that he was cheating. Hawkeye then decides to play by Robinhood's rules.
10 36 "Dreamscape" George Blair Jackson Gillis November 21, 1953
When the Avengers are all sleeping, Tony and Vision enters their minds to find Ultron. When the Avengers are brung into their dreams, they discover that James was right when Ultron has returned. The Avengers and Tony and Vision must destroy Ultron within in their dreams.
11 37 "Dangerous Minds" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis November 28, 1953
The Avengers plunges 300,000,000 feet underground. However, they find that mutated giant creepy crawlers are going to take over the earth. When the Avengers are captured, Pym and Torunn escapes and must stop them.
12 38 "Armagheddon, pt. I" George Blair Roy Hamilton December 5, 1953
Azari accidentally causes the world to be extinguished from exsistence when he unleashes a barrage full of attacks from the Cryptic Generator on Max Voltage. Ultron uses this to his advantage to foil the Avengers plans to save the world.
13 39 "Armagheddon, pt. II" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis December 12, 1953
When they all reach the Sky Sanctuary, they discover that Ultron is ready to kill Tony at anytime. With Azari going to stop the Armagheddon, James goes down to save the HQ and Tony.
14 40 "Urban Jungle" Thomas Carr Peter Dixon December 19, 1953
Hunter Ross finds James and Torunn having a picnic until he blasts them and they are lost in the woods with him getting ready to use his Photon Cruiser to make them statues. Can the other Avengers save them in time?
15 41 "'''Eye for an Eye'''" Thomas Carr David Chantler December 26, 1953
James and Hawkeye's rivalry reaches its Peak and they put it before their friends, they are banished from the HQ. They must work as a team when a Barbarian named Hans appears from a portal to the present and tries to conquer the land.
16 42 "Vex Avengers, pt. I" George Blair David Chantler January 2, 1954
The Avengers are playing with one another until the Anti-Avengers upgraded has returned. The Avengers are captured by them and so Tony and Vision must stop them.
17 43 "Vex Avengers, pt. II" George Blair David Chantler January 9, 1954
While Tony and Vision rescues them, they have their own plan to rid of them... Lava.
18 44 "''Dark Harvest''" George Blair David Chantler January 16, 1954
When Ultron returns to attack, the HQ prepares and James is put in the Chemical Recooperator as his body levels is rising too quickly. When the Avengers cannot defeat Ultron, James unleashes his body levels to 300 as the Dark Harvest makes the Avengers weak.
19 45 "''The New Order''" George Blair Roy Hamilton January 23, 1954
Tony finds a way to rebuild the old. However, the Iron Avengers are unleashed and so he must find a way to stop them as they could destroy the Avengers.
20 46 "Overdrive" George Blair Royal K. Cole January 30, 1954
When Pym causes Vision to go haywire, he gets fixed but is fully boosted and is always serious. The Avengers then tries to change him back to his original way.
21 47 "The Uniques" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis February 6, 1954
Hawkeye and Torunn goes on a quest to find the Guardian's Falcon. However, they are attacked by Hunter Ross and Kalvin. Can the duo defeat them and get what they are looking for?
22 48 "Pinpoint" Thomas Carr David Chantler February 13, 1954
The Avengers heads to the top of Mt. Muraiya. However, they find that a spooky old Hermit Master is selfish and will not give them what they need. He says they need control and Pym tries to reason with him. However, Pym is last to go as everyone thinks he has the least control.
23 49 "''Time After Time, pt. I''" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis February 20, 1954
The heroes wonders what would happen to them if they got to meet their younger selves. They go in and discovers that the world is perfect, until Ultron rises.
24 50 "Time After Time, pt. II" Thomas Carr Roy Hamilton February 27, 1954
Ultron reveals he followed them into the time portal Vision created and united with his Future self in a last ditch effort to destroy the Avengers in a colossal battle to the end.
25 51 "'''Save the World, pt. I'''" Thomas Carr David Chantler March 6, 1954
A new evil call Dark Tridon comes and claims his thrown as the ruler of the Universe. When the Avengers cannot defeat him, James decides to head to Hell to stop him from there.
26 52 "Save the World, pt. II" Thomas Carr Jackson Gillis March 13, 1954
When everyone faces off against each of the villains, James is aided by Ultron who too wants their common enemy distinguished. When they go different paths, James is left to destroy his Heart Membrane, the Abominal Dark Passage. The world is saved and James is crowned official leader. Note: Torunn kisses James in the lips.


  • It is revealed that James is the protagonist of the show. He is also the leader and chosen one that will kill Ultron later on.
  • Torrun and James becomes boyfriend and girlfriend in Episode 52 (the season 4 ending). They remain as a couple for the rest of the season and kisses a few times after that.
  • James becomes evil in season four when he is fed up by everyone that he goes back to his cranky ways.
  • Hawkeye has a crush on Torrun and Torrun has hinted that she has many deep feelings for her, however, she remains with James for the rest of the show.
  • Hawkeye makes his debut in Episode 9.
  • In Episode 39, Season 3, it was revealed that he was leader after saving his friends. They all then admitted they looked up to him. However, in other episodes before this, the heroes thought it would be Hawkeye that would be leader despite James' good leader skills.