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Garett & Kitty


Garett & KittyEdit

This is an animated television show that resembles CatDog.

Episode ListEdit

Season 1: 2003–2004Edit

# Title Written by Directed by Original Air Date Code
01 "Doggy on the Run/Catfish" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons November 1, 2003 101
Over 1500 years ago, the forces of good and evil fought over ownership of the mystical Shen Gong Wu. The battle ended when the evil Heylin witch Wuya was trapped inside a puzzle box. In the present day Jack Spicer receives this box as a present from his parents who are on a trip to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Omi at the Xiaolin Temple in China must deal with the new recruits Kimiko Tohomiko, Clay Bailey, and Raimundo Pedrosa. When the first Shen Gong Wu reveals itself, the Xiaolin and Heylin forces first meet, leading up to the first Xiaolin Showdown.
02 "Like Me & My Fur/In The Litterbox" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons November 8, 2003 102
Clay gets mocked because of his slow and steady style, but on a trip to the French countryside to retrieve the Fist of Tebigong, the team comes across the magic of Le Mime who has joined Jack Spicer. His magical actions leave Omi, Kimiko and Raimound trapped in an invisible box, leaving Clay on his own when it comes to his first-ever Xiaolin Showdown against Jack Spicer.
03 "Runaway Poundog/Eyes on the Sheppard" Madellaine Paxson Steven Lyons November 15, 2003 103
After losing a Xiaolin Showdown to Jack Spicer, Kimiko's short temper is brought to the attention of the other Chosen Ones. When she finds a new Shen Gong Wu, the Tangle Web Comb, that requires total focus from its user, she must learn to control her temper to use it in a Xiaolin Showdown, or risk losing more Shen Gong Wu again.
04 "Open Wide/Love Net" Amy Wolfram Steven Lyons November 22, 2003 104
Jack and Wuya meet the cat-themed villainess Katnappe, and she joins them in their quest for the Shen Gong Wu. When she wins the Golden Tiger Claws in a Xiaolin Showdown against the monks, she steals them from the Heylin and goes on a crime spree. Omi and the others must think of a way to stop someone who can go wherever she wants, whenever she wants.
05 "Roughousing Only/Fitnesses Club" Rob Humphrey & John Behnke Tim Eldred November 29, 2003 105
While searching for the Sword of the Storm, Raimundo finds it, but then loses it to Jack and Wuya's latest accomplice, the excessively fat, yet agile ninja Tubbimura because of Raimundo's lack of knowledge of the Shen Gong Wu. He becomes overly studious to outsmart Tubbimura in their next encounter, in which he invokes the Shen Yi Bu Dare, a type of Xiaolin Showdown where two Shen Gong Wu are wagered on each side.
06 "Access Denied/Wanted" Ray DeLaurentis Dan Riba December 6, 2003 106
Jack kidnaps Kimiko and sends in his Chameleon-Bot in her place to steal the Shen Gong Wu right under the Xiaolin Warriors' noses. Omi, however, almost immediately senses that something's wrong with Kimiko, and it is not long until the Xiaolin Warriors discover the truth.
07 "Kung Fu Garett/Kitty Tall One" Mark Palmer Steven Lyons January 17, 2004 107
Omi tries to learn how to multitask just when the Xiaolin Warriors find the Ring of the Nine Dragons, a Shen Gong Wu that allows its user to divide himself into a maximum of 9 separate people. When Omi uses it against Master Fung's warning, he is divided into three and then five separate people, each with a different portion of his personality, and a portion of his strength and intelligence. Now he must defeat Jack as a fraction of himself when they both find the Falcon's Eye.
08 "Weredog/Biscuits for Brains" Brian Swenlin Tim Eldred January 24, 2004 108
The Xiaolin Monks and Jack Spicer find a strange black dragon Shen Gong Wu in an active volcano. When the Xiaolin win it in a Xiaolin Showdown, they bring it back to the temple, not knowing what it is. When Kimiko removes a layer of soot, it is revealed that it is the Sapphire Dragon, a Shen Gong Wu that turns everything and everyone into sapphire statues which it can control. When it is accidentally activated, it starts taking the Xiaolin Warriors and elder monks out one by one, it's up to Dojo to save the day.
09 "My Homey Omi" Steven Darancette Dan Riba February 7, 2004 109
The monks head to New York City to find the Serpent's Tail, a living Shen Gong Wu that is forever on the move in the tunnels underneath the city. When Omi gets lost in the big city, he meets up with a streetwise kid named Jermaine. When the two new friends find the Serpent's Tail and Jack Spicer, he challenges Omi to a Xiaolin Showdown. Omi and Jermaine have to team up to take down Spicer and his giant robot in a two-on-two Shen Yi Bu Dare game of basketball.
10 "Big as Texas" Brandon Sawyer Steven Lyons February 14, 2004 110
Clay's father visits the Xiaolin Temple and decides Clay can no longer be a Xiaolin Monk because of his actions in losing the Orb of Tornami. When Dojo realizes that Clay's father had the Star Hanabi all along, the team are off to Texas to make sure that the Star Hanabi does not fall in the wrong hands. When the Star Hanabi activates, Clay must prove himself to his father while competing with Jack Spicer in a Xiaolin Showdown.
11 "Royal Rumble" Eddie Guzelian Tim Eldred May 1, 2004 111
The Xiaolin Warriors are having trouble working as a team when four Shen Gong Wu activate at the same time. At the same time, Wuya sends Jack Spicer, Tubbimura, Katnappe, and the Chameleon-Bot to find the same Shen Gong Wu. When the Xiaolin split up, they are nearly all captured. It is up to Omi to save his friends, even if he may be trapped by the Heylin forces in the process.
12 "Mala Mala Jong" Madellaine Paxson Dan Riba May 8, 2004 112
Jack and Wuya recover the Heart of Jong and Wuya creates the unstoppable warrior Mala Mala Jong to wreak havoc on the world. When he is sent to the Xiaolin Temple, the Xiaolin Warriors are sent away to protect the Shen Gong Wu. When Raimundo disobeys Master Fung's orders, Wuya finds the location of the Shen Gong Wu, and nothing will be able to stop Mala Mala Jong.
13 "In the Flesh" Bill Motz & Bob Roth Steven Lyons May 15, 2004 113
When Raimundo does not get promoted to Xiaolin Apprentice level because of his disobedience, Wuya persuades him over to the Heylin side. When the Reversing Mirror reveals itself, Raimundo betrays his friends upon winning the Mirror and joins the Heylin side. He then steals the Serpent's Tail from the Xiaolin Temple. With this Shen Gong Wu and the Reversing Mirror, Wuya can be restored to full power. The other Xiaolin Warriors must stop Wuya and Raimundo before Wuya can be returned to her physical body.