This series is about the adventures of Beast Boy and his time with his old team trying to stop the Brotherhood of Evil.

Primary Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Beast Boy
  • Mento
  • Elasti-Girl
  • Robot Man
  • Negative Man

Secondary Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Robin
  • Raven
  • Cyborg
  • Starfire
  • Terra

Villains[edit | edit source]

The Brotherhood of Evil[edit | edit source]

  • The Brain
  • Madame Rouge
  • Mallah
  • Atlas
  • Adonis
  • Gizmo
  • Mammoth
  • Stone (Recreation)
  • Brother Blood (Recreation)

League Benders[edit | edit source]

  • Invertido
  • Rubber-Girl
  • Bionic Man
  • Positive Man
  • Incognito

Other Villains[edit | edit source]

  • Morph
  • Raider
  • Scab Invaders
  • Brick
  • Bane
  • Wolverine
  • Aphrodite
  • Apollus

Season 1: 2003[edit | edit source]

Season one comprised 13 episodes, which aired over a period of two months between August 2003 and October 2003. The story arc episodes of the first season focus on Mento's obsession with stopping the Brotherhood of Evil and dealing with many other crime bosses.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
001 Divide and Conquer July 19, 2003 385-901 The Titans' attempt to stop Cinderblock from breaking into prison goes awry when Robin and Cyborg's team maneuver backfires and Cinderblock escapes with new villain, Plasmus. A fierce argument between Robin and Cyborg ensues, and Cyborg announces his decision to quit the team. Slade takes advantage of the split by sending Plasmus to eliminate the Titans.
002 Brothers July 26, 2003 385-902 Starfire's elder sister, Blackfire, unexpectedly pays Earth a visit, and she is everything Starfire is not. This makes Starfire feel left out of the team. She eventually decides to leave the Teen Titans. She is persuaded to return. Blackfire is hiding more than Starfire knows.
003 Shear Strength August 2, 2003 385-903 Three new graduates from the H.I.V.E. Academy, Gizmo, Jinx and Mammoth, are hired by Slade to ambush the Titans. The Titans try to stop them, but Robin is lost during the fight and Titans Tower is taken over by the H.I.V.E students. He returns near the end.
004 The Uncertainty Principle August 16, 2003 385-904 The two teenage brothers Thunder and Lightning roam the town looking for fun. Unfortunately, their idea of fun is wrecking everything in sight, regardless of those being injured in the process. Meanwhile, after a prank intended for Cyborg is accidentally pulled on Starfire, she calls Beast Boy a "Chlorbag valblernelk" and starts ignoring him.
005 Catalysts August 23, 2003 385-905 While playing in the park Cyborg suddenly shuts down. After rebooting he tells the other Titans that his batteries are dying. During a battle with Mumbo, Cyborg's emergency batteries die and he is lost. The Titans believe Mumbo has kidnapped him, but he has instead been found by a strange man called Fixit.
006 Starstruck August 30, 2003 385-906 During a battle with Dr. Light, Raven loses control of her powers, which makes the Titans worried. Later, Beast Boy and Cyborg sneak into Raven’s room and Beast Boy discovers a strange-looking mirror, which sucks him and Cyborg into an unknown place. They encounter Raven, but she was hiding more than they knew.
007 Renegade September 6, 2003 385-907 The Teen Titans receive a package from someone whose name was not written. The package contains puppet versions of them and they began playing it. At night, strange noises and Starfire & Raven wake up, but Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg attack them and Puppet King shows up. He takes the souls out of the them and traps them in the puppets, and possesses the boys by using his remote control. Starfire and Raven escape, only to get their bodies switched up. The two escape to the warehouse, and learn that Puppet King was trying to destroy the boy's souls, so they' ll be under his control forever, which is why he needs to possess them. The two defeat him and become great friends.
008 Group Therapy September 13, 2003 385-908 A mysterious new villain called Trident appears and starts stealing nuclear waste from ships. The Titans go to investigate and meet a new hero, Aqualad. This new hero causes Beast Boy to become very competitive.
009 Poltergeist September 20, 2003 385-909 A thief called Red X, who knows the Titans’ every weakness, shows up. Every time the Titans try to catch him, they are badly defeated. Meanwhile, Robin - who has been obsessed with capturing Slade - isolates himself more and more from the team.
010 The Invisible Hand September 27, 2003 385-910 The Titans wake to find themselves in the hands of Mad Mod who has decided that the Titans are misbehaving children who need to go back to school. He says he'll teach them a lesson they won't forget, a lesson which includes hypnosis, brainwashing, and dangerous school materials.
011 Intervention November 11, 2003 385-911 Cyborg has finally finished his 'baby', the T-Car. But after a battle with Overload his car disappears. It successively ends up in the hands of two bad guys called Cash and Sammy, and eventually Gizmo, then Overload, the last of which forces Cyborg to make a painful choice.
012 Reaction October 4, 2003 385-912 Slade threatens to use a Chronoton Detonator, a device which can destroy the entire city if triggered by freezing time forever. While Robin goes after Slade, he gets into a huge fight with Cinderblock, which leads him to Slade. Meanwhile the other Titans try to disarm the Detonator, which turns out to be a fake, instead being a decoy to lure the Titans into a trap.
013 Reaction, pt. II October 11, 2003 385-913 The Titans can’t find a trace of Robin and start getting worried. That is, until they catch him red handed robbing a facility as Slade’s apprentice. After being defeated by Robin, the Titans are sure he has become a criminal. Slade is threatening to destroy Robin's friends if Robin does not cooperate. At the end, half of Slade's mask is removed which allows the Titans and Robin an escape from his clutches.

Season 2: 2004[edit | edit source]

Season two comprised thirteen episodes, over a period of seven months between January 2004 and August 2004. The story arc episodes of the second season focus on Elasti-Girl coping with the fact that she is having spooky nightmares due to the fact that the Brotherhood of Evil has infected her.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
014 Almost Perfect January 10, 2004 257-321 Starfire is trying to commemorate the Tamaranian holiday Blorthog, a festival of friendship, when Warp, a villain from the future, comes back in time to steal an antique. The Titans are defeated and Starfire is thrown through a time portal, resulting in her getting stuck 20 years in the future. There, she finds the city in disrepair and the Titans disbanded following her disappearance. Cyborg is linked to a recharger in the tower with no way to leave, Beast Boy is a sideshow attraction in a circus and an insane Raven has been admitted into an asylum. Robin is the only Titan still fighting crime, under the new identity of Nightwing. Starfire must find a way to bring the Titans back together to find Warp if she ever wants to return to her own time.
015 Shadows January 17, 2004 257-322 Being ignored by his busy teammates, Beast Boy feels lonely, so he wanders the town eventually turning into a green dog. To his surprise he crashes into another green dog that is being pursued by a flying saucer. The saucer picks Beast Boy up mistaking him for the real thing. Meanwhile, the other Titans have noticed Beast Boy has gone missing, and end up chasing the green alien dog, believing it's their teammate.
016 Framed January 24, 2004 257-323 The Titans spot a young blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl being chased by a giant scorpion-like creature and prepare to rescue her, only to see that the girl was merely luring the creature into a trap, where she subsequently crushes it with her tremendous earth-based abilities. She reveals her name to be Terra, and she has the geokinetic/terrakinetic ability and power to control and manipulate the earth and all of its various aspects and forms. However, she has a terrible dark secret, one that only Slade seems to know.
017 The Hunter January 31, 2004 257-324 When Cyborg beats a 100% robot named Atlas in an online video game, he challenges Cyborg to a real, physical fight, a fight Cyborg loses due to Atlas having lesser limits on his strength. Atlas then kidnaps Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy as his prize and challenges Cyborg to a rematch where his friends’ lives are at stake.
018 Grudge Match February 7, 2004 257-325 The Titans pick up a horror movie called Wicked Scary. After watching it, they are scared out of their wits, although Raven refuses to admit this to the others. However, in the middle of the night, strange things start to happen. Horrfying creatures roam the Tower and Raven's dark powers no longer work. It's a race against time to find the cause as each of the Titans are picked off one by one.
019 Infection February 14, 2004 257-326 The city is suddenly attacked by Killer Moth's army of mutated, gigantic moths, and they outnumber the Titans. In order to protect the city, Robin has no choice but to agree on Killer Moth's demand: to take his daughter, Kitten, to her Prom. However, this makes Starfire very jealous, and she goes to the prom to protect Robin from Kitten. Soon enough, a fight ensues.
020 Rogue February 21, 2004 257-327 Starfire wakes up one day to discover a huge lump on her forehead. Terrified, she consults Raven, who dismisses it as a zit. Starfire is relieved, until more changes start to happen to her body, including tusks on her neck, long, dirty nails, and scale-like skin. Believing she is turning into a monster and that her friends would no longer accept her, she leaves after a battle with Plasmus, who now spits acid, and takes refuge deep into space - not knowing that her transformation attracts more trouble than she would expect, so Robin goes to look for her.Note: As a result of the transformation, Starfire develops the newfound power and ability to generate thick bright green-colored beams from her eyes.
021 Identity Crisis February 28, 2004 257-328 Terra reappears, claiming that she has now managed to completely control her powers. Triumphantly, she demonstrates her new and impressive control of her powers, asking if she is allowed to join their team. However, Raven feels there is something wrong with Terra and is a bit jealous that Terra can control her powers in so little time, while Raven needs to meditate every day to keep control. This fact creates a tension between them; until the girls join forces to stop Slade.
022 Battle Royale March 6, 2004 257-329 During a fierce card game in the Tower, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are zapped to another dimension, along with Speedy, Hot Spot, Gizmo, Aqualad, and Wildebeest. Here they meet the Master of Games, who announces that they are invited to a battle tournament to decide who is the greatest warrior of all time. Cyborg however soon starts to suspect the tournament of being more than what the Master of Games tells them.
023 Destiny Bonds July 31, 2004 257-330 Terra has now been accepted as the sixth Teen Titan and has gained her team's trust. Everything seems perfect, she is doing brilliantly in defeating villains, has a real home, and also enjoys a blossoming romance with Beast Boy. However, as Beast Boy and Terra are out to a night date, the Tower is all of a sudden assaulted by a massive army of Slade's robots.
024 Truth August 7, 2004 257-331 During a chase of the villain Johnny Rancid on the R-cycle, Robin breaks his arm, the R-cycle is wrecked and Rancid gets away. Robin is blaming himself for Rancid's escape when suddenly an inter-dimensional version of himself called "Nosyarg Kcid" (Dick Grayson spelled backwards) (aka Larry) bursts out from his skull.
025 Time After Time August 14, 2004 257-332 The Titans are enjoying a ride in the T-car when they are suddenly attacked by none other than Terra, who has now become Slade's new apprentice. Now much stronger and more powerful than ever before, Terra frees Overload, Cinderblock, and Plasmus from jail and attaches transmiters onto them, enabling Slade to control them. All three are ordered to attack different parts of the city, drawing the Titans out of hiding.
026 Time After Time, pt. II August 21, 2004 257-333 The Titans are believed to be dead and Terra has brought an entire city to its knees. She and Slade control the city, until they realize the quintet was never dead and then Terra has a change of heart about Slade. Meanwhile, Beast Boy nurses a deep obsession with taking Terra down. It is now a final fight, Teen Titans vs Slade, Ternion (a creature literally made up of Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Overload), Terra, and an army of Slade's robots.

The final battle ensures, with Terra inadvertently triggering a massive volcano with her geokinetic/terrakinetic abilities. To save the city, its citizens and the Titans from total annihilation, Terra makes the ultimate sacrifice by becoming one with her self-created volcano and turning into a solid stone statue.

Season 3: 2004–2005[edit | edit source]

Season three comprised 13 episodes, aired over a period of five months between August 2004 and January 2005. The story arc episodes of the third season focus on Robot Man handling his responsibilities being almost all robot and handling his own functions and limitations.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
027 Sacrifice August 28, 2004 257-481 The H.I.V.E. Academy has resumed lessons, and Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth are causing trouble in the town, serving under the Academy's new headmaster. Robin suspects this new headmaster is planning something and assigns Cyborg to go undercover as a H.I.V.E. student. Unfortunately, all of Cyborg's technology and data now are within reach of the headmaster, the Titans' new nemesis: Brother Blood.
028 Vengeful X September 4, 2004 257-482 The Titans attempt to stop a robbery only to find the one causing it is none other than Red X. It is revealed that the Red X suit that Robin designed has been stolen by someone new. However, Robin thinks he is to blame for creating Red X in the first place and is determined to catch him, while he ponders on how clear the line between good and evil really is.
029 Earthbound September 11, 2004 257-483 Starfire reveals that she is actually the princess of her home world, Tamaran. Starfire has been called home by 'The Grand Ruler of Tamaran', only to discover that the new Grand Ruler is actually Starfire's evil older sister, Blackfire, who orders that either Starfire marry a hideous alien or else his army will destroy Tamaran. Robin is upset by the fact that Starfire is prepared to marry someone who she has never met. Robin tries to get Starfire to run away with him, so he climbs Starfire's balcony and tries to talk her out of the marriage to no avail.The other four Titans soon discover that everything about the war is all a lie made up by Blackfire, so that she can get rid of her younger sister once and for all and rule all of Tamaran with an iron fist with a mystical dark red-colored diamond-shaped jewel called the Jewel of Charta. At the wedding, Starfire and Blackfire battle for the rightful rulership of Tamaran. The battle ends in Starfire destroying the Jewel of Charta and banishing Blackfire from Tamaran. She then abdicates the throne to her nanny, Galfore, and returns home to Earth with her friends.
030 Abduction September 18, 2004 257-484 Beast Boy wants to play a video game, and tries to do so on the computers in Titan Tower, with little success. He unwittingly attempts to use Cyborg's System Recharger and accidentally downloads a virus onto it, which transfers to Cyborg. The virus causes him to run haywire all over the city, eating everything in sight. The Titans have no choice but to seek help from Gizmo before Cyborg spreads the highly aggressive virus into other important electronic devices in the city.
031 Deep Freeze October 2, 2004 257-485 Ever since Slade disappeared, Robin has been questioning whether or not Slade is really gone. However, when Cinderblock breaks out of jail, Robin begins seeing Slade again. However, the problem is that he is the only one who can, and the other four Titans worry for Robin's sanity when Robin is gravely injured during a battle by whom he claims was Slade. Raven telepathically enters Robin's mind in order to help him understand that Slade is truly gone, until she is able to see him too through Robin's own eyes.
032 Shock Therapy October 9, 2004 257-486 Raven is isolating herself from the other Titans, feeling that no one understands her and that they only regard her as being "creepy". One day, she discovers the ancient soul and spirit of a teenaged wizard named Malchior, who is trapped within one of her magic mystical books. He appears to understand her and encourages her to not feel down about being different, making her happier and more cheerful. Raven falls in love with him and she decides to break the exceptionally strong and powerful curse which binds him to the book. However, Malchior is not everything he appears to be.
033 Driven to Motives October 16, 2004 257-487 It's the Fourth of July and everyone is celebrating, until Mad Mod crashes the party and uses his hypno-screens to hypnotize everyone into serving him as "King Moddy the First" and transforms the city's infrastructure into strange copies of British buildings, claiming that the United States now belong with Britain again. When the Titans go after him, he steals Robin's youth with his cane, turning the leader of the Teen Titans into a gray-haired and weak old man.
034 Gears in Motion October 23, 2004 257-488 Aqualad appears at the Tower, complaining about the 'trash' in his sea from Brother Blood's new H.I.V.E. Academy. Blood is intending to use a new weapon based on Cyborg's blueprints. In an effort to stop his plans, Cyborg falls in with Bumblebee, another student from H.I.V.E. Academy.
035 The Evil Within October 30, 2004 257-489 During the Titans fight with a new villain named Adonis at a lab, Beast Boy gets covered in mysterious chemicals, which has drastic side effects on him, causing the Titans to become worried. He starts to act strange and temperamental. When the Titans tell him to leave because of his bad attitude, he gets angry and, against his will, transforms into a new much stronger and more powerful werewolf-like animal form and apparently kidnaps and injures Raven. But there is more to this incident than the Titans would have suspected.
036 Rematch November 6, 2004 257-490 After defeating Johnny Rancid, the Titans return to the Tower only to find it half destroyed. It turns out Beast Boy has taken one of Killer Moth's silkworms as a pet and has named him 'Silkie'. To stop Silkie from being discovered, Beast Boy gives Silkie to Starfire who feeds him with alien food from her home planet Tamaran, causing him to grow dramatically in size.
037 Megadoom January 8, 2005 257-491 When trying to stop The Amazing Mumbo, the Titans are sucked into his hat and Raven is separated from the rest of the group. However, when they find her, they discover that Raven has been transformed into a rabbit. Soon after, Mumbo changes the rest of the Titans into animals: Robin, a monkey; Starfire, a tiger; Cyborg, a bear wearing an endless number of tutus; and Beast Boy, a lamp (retaining his ability to shapeshift, but now restricted to objects only). The Titans must think of a way to defeat Mumbo, otherwise they will disappear forever after Mumbo's grand finale.
038 Bionic Brawl January 15, 2005 257-492 A new branch of the Titans is founded. Bearing the name Titans East, it consists of Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and the super fast, Guatemalan twins Más y Menos. Cyborg goes to assist in building the Titans East Tower when Brother Blood suddenly shows up.
039 Bionic Brawl, pt. II January 22, 2005 257-493 To Cyborg's shock, the Titans East reveal that they are under Brother Blood's mind control. Brother Blood then himself reappears with some shocking changes: he is now half robot, having used Cyborg's technology on himself. Cyborg barely manages to escape, and he calls the other four Teen Titans for help.

Season 4: 2005[edit | edit source]

Season four comprised 13 episodes, aired over a period of six months between January 2005 and July 2005. The story arc episodes of the fourth season focus on Negative Man realizing that his fate is sealed due to his cursed bandages and he has a limit on earth left.

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
040 Back to the Future January 17, 2005 257-494 Control Freak escapes from jail, and manages to enter the world of television. The Titans give chase, but Control Freak's excessive knowledge of TV causes great hardship. The better chance of the Titans is trusted in Beast Boy and his extensive knowledge, being on par with Control Freak's, in TV.
041 Urban Jungle February 12, 2005 257-495 Cyborg is accidentally thrown five thousand years into the past, and by coincidence comes to the aid of a young woman named Sarasim, whose tribe is under attack by a horde of gruesome creatures. However, the battle wears out his batteries, and there is no place for him to recharge.
042 Beauty Marked February 5, 2005 257-496 Slade makes an appearance to the Titans. While they scramble to discover how he survived Terra's volcanic attack, he targets Raven for unknown reasons. Raven's unique abilities and powers then activate in an unusual manner in order to protect her friends: she temporarily stops time. But Slade isn't affected and a fight ensues between Raven, Robin and Slade. Robin learns that Raven holds a dark past underneath her birthday, and is determined to keep her safe from harm.
043 Eye for an Eye January 29, 2005 257-497 After losing a fight of martial arts with the villain Katarou, Robin travels to Asia to find a powerful master of martial arts, known as True Master, to train him. In the meantime, the other Titans try to fill in the gap left by Robin in a rather unusual fashion.
044 Love Blind February 19, 2005 257-498 Amidst a series of UFO raids on farms (with the targets being cows, to everyone's mystification), Beast Boy wants a moped but has no money to get one of his own. Robin won't buy him one and Cyborg won't build one, so the only way for him to get one is to get a job at Mega Meaty Meat, a restaurant which sells nothing but meat. Beast Boy manages to overcome his distaste for meat in order to get the job, but his workplace proves to be more than just a restaurant.
045 Faith May 9, 2005 257-499 Val-Yor, an alien from another planet enlists the help of the Titans to fight an enemy of vicious-fighting machines called the Crixies. Val-Yor is strong, courageous and brave and the Titans immediately take to him. However, he displays a noticeable hatred for Starfire and the rest of her Tamaranian kind.
046 The Legend June 4, 2005 257-500 Raven has been hiding a dark secret. As the Titans attempt to discover why Slade is after her, Raven finds herself unable to escape the prophecy of her birth, one which states she is destined to start an Apocalypse.
047 Enclosure June 11, 2005 257-501 When being attacked by an alien in outer space, the Titans inadvertently split the T-Ship apart. Stranded and separated on several different areas of an alien planet, the Titans must now find each other again. In addition, Robin and Starfire have to come to terms with their strong romantic affection for each other; Beast Boy displays a bad hand in technological skills, even with simplified instructions from Cyborg; and Raven encounters a band of diminutive but cordial aliens.
048 Shattered June 18, 2005 257-502 Cyborg installs a new computer chip into his circuits, greatly increasing his speed and efficiency. But when a multiplying metahuman, Billy Numerous, appears on the scene, Cyborg may give up a lot to try and catch him.
049 In The End June 25, 2005 257-503 Using an enchanted pie accidentally brought back to the Tower by Cyborg, Mother Mae-Eye manages to induce mind-control over all the Titans, mentally regressing them into obedient, sweet "children" who regard her as their mother. When Starfire is accidentally knocked out of the villain's mind-control during a mission against the H.I.V.E. Five, she realizes the truth behind Mother and attempts to bring her fellow Titans' minds back to maturity.
050 Origins, Part I July 2, 2005 257-504 Raven discovers that this is the day she has feared her whole life -- the day she will end the world. She attempts to make the Titan's final day perfect. She makes them breakfast, they fight Plasmus, and she takes them on a walk. But when Slade comes to reclaim her, they aren't going to give her up without a fight.
051 Origins, Part. II July 9, 2005 257-505 Raven and the Earth have been destroyed. Now the four remaining Titans plus an embittered Slade must stop Trigon and his minions. Their only defense is the Ring of Azar, which is given to them by Slade for protection. While Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy fight Trigon, Robin ends up working with Slade to find Raven.
052 Origins, Part. III July 16, 2005 257-506 Slade reveals to Robin that his humanity (human form) was taken away when Trigon brought him back to life. Meanwhile,Robin rescues a younger five-year-old version of Raven, who has been stripped of both her powers and her memories. Meanwhile, the other Titans are fighting for their lives against evil dopplegangers of themselves. The originals find that they are not successful trying to fight dark and evil doppelgangers of themselves, so Starfire suggests that they switch. After which, they face their very strongest and most powerful enemy yet: Trigon the Terrible.To defeat her evil demonic father once and for all, Raven takes on her full-grown pure White Raven form with waist-length violet-colored hair and returns the whole world to normal with the dazzling power and light of the White Raven.

Season 5: 2005–2006[edit | edit source]

Season five comprised of thirteen episodes, aired over a period of four months between September 2005 and January 2006. These episodes were released on The Complete Fifth Season DVD on July 22, 2008. The main focus of this season was about Beast Boy and his destiny to either save or destroy the Doom Patrol (eithering using help from the Titans or joining the Brotherhood of Evil).

No Title Original airdate Production code Overview
053 Home, pt. I September 25, 2005 507 The Doom Patrol, Beast Boy's former team mates, have been captured and Beast Boy and the Titans have to find them. Later, they discover that the Doom Patrol have been taken captive by their worst enemies, the Brotherhood of Evil.
054 Home, pt. II October 1, 2005 508 The Doom Patrol are now saved. Beast Boy rejoins the team, and they are prepared to stop the Brotherhood of Evil once and for all; but the Brotherhood also makes preparations for destroying the Titans and their allies... General Immortus and Madame Rouge also strain the Doom Patrol's hopes of victory.
055 D-Stabilized October 8, 2005 509 The Brotherhood of Evil is targeting young superheroes across the globe. Meanwhile, Madame Rouge is after an honorary Titan, Hot Spot.Absent: Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven
056 Dark Harvest October 15, 2005 510 While the Teen Titans are fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Titans East come to Jump City to watch over, but they have some trouble getting accepted as 'real' Titans. In addition, Control Freak has escaped prison and is ready to face off against the Teen Titans - but not against the Titans East.Absent: Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy
057 Armagheddon October 28, 2005 511 On a mission in Russia, Starfire gets lost in a snowstorm and befriends a hero called Red Star. But Red Star harbours a dark secret.
058 Kindred Spirits November 5, 2005 512 The Teen Titans face off against a new and improved Dr. Light at a polar ice cap, and they discover two new heroes, Kole and Gnarrk. However, it turns out that Dr. Light plans to use Kole's crystal-generating abilities for his purposes.
059 Rage November 11, 2005 513 While the other Titans are fighting with the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven has to babysit three child-like heroes called Melvin, Timmy, and Teether, who are just starting to develop their special abilities. However, Monsieur Mallah is after the three young heroes.Absent: Starfire, Cyborg
060 Speedrush December 3, 2005 514 The Titans East is called back to Steel City and the HIVE Five takes advantage of their absence to steal and rob unhindered. But a new hero called Kid Flash suddenly appears and hampers them at several occasions, though at the same time he approaches Jinx. When she discovers he is wanted by Madame Rouge, Jinx finds herself in a difficult situation, as she is no longer sure if she wants to join the Brotherhood of Evil, or join Kid Flash and change to the side of good. It is also shown in this episode that Kid Flash and Jinx may have affections for each other, a stand out being Kid Flash sending Jinx roses.In the comics "Teen Titans Go!" about half way through the comic series, Jinx is shown as an Honorary Titan, and with Kid Flash. Kid Flash and Jinx kiss later in the comics. Absent: All
061 Masters of All Time December 10, 2005 515 Ding Dong Daddy steals a briefcase from Robin, containing his most prized possession. The only way for him to get it back is to beat Ding Dong Daddy in a race. It is never revealed what the briefcase contained.
062 Lighthouse December 17, 2005 516 The origin of the Teen Titans in this Titans universe (as opposed to various comic versions) is explained, revealing that everything started when a female alien (Starfire) escapes its imprisonment and crashes on Earth.

Note: Starfire kisses Robin to learn his English language, which is the first time this ability is seen.

063 Trigger January 7, 2006 517 After months of fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Teen Titans come back to Jump City. However, they must recruit some young heroes before the Brotherhood of Evil attacks them. The final battle has started.
064 Doom Offensive January 14, 2006 518 Beast Boy, Pantha, Mas, Herald, and Jericho are the only Titans that have escaped the Brotherhood of Evil's plan. Now they must save the other Titans before it is too late. Kid Flash and Jinx join in to help in this final battle to defeat The Brain, Mallah, Immortus, Rouge among other villans like Mad Mod, Plasmus, Killer Moth, Cinderblock, and Overload.
065 Perfect Day January 16, 2006 519 As the Titans return home, they fight a monster with the power to turn into any substance it touches. Meanwhile, Beast Boy finds a girl with the uncanny appearance of Terra and, after seeing her statue is missing, believes she has returned. However, this "Terra" knows nothing of the past and does not have any geokinetic/terrakinetic abilities and powers. Beast Boy attempts to try everything he can to get Terra to come back to him, even if it means fighting Slade and leaving the Titans.
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