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Combo Rangers[]

This is a remake anime/animated series of the original one where there are some changes but not too many.

Primary Characters[]

Fox (Red Ranger)[]

Fox is of 15 years of age and is the leader of the Combo Rangers. He is not very bold and does not think. He is very irrational and impulsive. However, he excels at fighting and has superhuman strength and is the strongest of the group. His best friend is Kenji who at first was a rival to him. He is the boyfriend of Tati and is also rivals with Hothead.

Kiko (Green Ranger)[]

He is the only one not caring for relationships. He is of 14 years of age and he is very cheerful and optimistic. He holds the power called Ultramano from an alien race. He still has that it and it changes from time to time.

Kenji (Blue Ranger)[]

He is of 15 years of age and is the best friend and main rival of Fox. They originally disliked one another. He is quite shy at times but can be nice and considerate or brutal and cruel at times. He is very wealthy and possesses a crush on Tati, despite his best friend being in a relationship with her. He is usually alone and began to open up to people when Fox opened up to him as a friend.

Sara (Rainbow Ranger)[]

She is the new member starting from season 3. She is shown to be pinkish purple skinned and is 15 years of age. She seems to have a crush on Fox and Kiko from time to time. She values Lisa very much but despised Tati at first.

Tatiana (Pink Ranger)[]

She is of 14 years of age and is a great friend of Lisa's. She is also the girlfriend of Fox and gets extremely jealous when any other girl flirts with him, mainly Maya. She despised Sara at first until they eventually became friends.

Lisa (Yellow Ranger)[]

She is intelligent and is slightly shy. She is a great friend to Tati. She is dating Luke and loves him dearly. She is not typically a fighter like Fox or Kenji is. However, she can outsmart just about anybody and takes great joy in outsmarting Fox and other enemies.

Luke (White Ranger)[]

Luke can regenerate his body and can heal anybody instantly. He also has telepathy and is in a relationship with Lisa. He becomes the Dark Combo Ranger when he is brainwashed by Zero.

Season 1: 2004-2005[]

Tournament Saga[]

# Title First Airdate Production code Rating
1 "Pilot" 09/18/2004 101 -
2 "Depths of Fear" 09/25/2004 102 TV-Y7FV

It is the first day of highschool sophmore year in Learning for Rangers. Each person is assigned a class and are working with their friends and enemies. Fox is placed in the same class as Kiko. When the two are given a real story about a mystery in the school of the cave behemoth that has the missing wire to work the machines, the two adventurers travels down their only to find what they expected to be nothing like this.

3 "Planetoid Q" 10/02/2004 103 TV-Y7FV

Kiko is stressed when reliving the source of his powers. He then looks back at how he obtained the Ultamano. However, the sky gets dark and a new breed of aliens are here to steal that power. With the whole school in a bundle and twist, Fox distracts the aliens so Kiko can remember how to activate it and save the school.

4 "The Phantom Menace " 10/09/2004 104 TV-Y7FV

It is the Fall and so it is getting chilly. However, there is an evil shadowy spirit lurking about in the school. The homeroom teacher announces that there will be an exam at the end of the Fall. Fox is then in a state of shock as he will fail. Kiko thne tries to prepare himself. When they are going to their dorm room, they are stopped by a phantom like figure. When following it, it leads the two to a strange place. However, Fox falls into the portal and must get back before sunrise is up.

5 "The Sun Riders" 10/16/2004 105 TV-Y7FV

Following from the previous episode, Fox is still trapped. However, Kiko uses his Ultamano to open the portal. They then head to class however, the sun's reflection fuses with the portal and creates an army of sun fighters that's degrees is a million times hotter than the students'. When they search for Fox & Kiko, they melt everything in their path. Can they defeat an army that they can't touch?

6 "Secret of the Fire Soul" 10/23/2004 106 TV-Y7FV

The tournament is to begin in a bit with a selected amount of students taking it. Fox and Kiko talks about it and meets a person named Kenji. Kenji is just as excited as them and decides to enter. Fox and Kiko then meets up with Lisa and Tati. They all heads to the Tournament Dome to where the tournament will be held. When Fox and Kiko are training, Fox discovers interesting things about his powers.

7 "Preliminary Peril" 10/30/2004 107 TV-Y7FV

With the preliminaries starting, the proctor guarantees Hothead, Magnum & Coldstone into the final rounds. Meanwhile, Tati and Lisa watches Fox face Mirrormove in his preliminary. Fox is unable to stop Mirrormove's attacks but finally catches him off guard and is what he needed for a win. Kiko then faces Hood and seems to be even with him. However, Kiko is losing as Hood has been stealing his energy using his device. Kiko then angry, unleashes his potential and wins the match. The two and the girls goes for a break. When they get back, they discover that Kenji has made it to the final rounds.

8 "Battle Royale" 10/31/2004 108 TV-Y7FV

Fox is mocked and taunted by Kenji to give up and they argue for a bit. They then leave as they head downstairs from the Dome to where the final rounds wil be held. When down there, the girls wishes them good luck and Kiko faces against Magnum. When Magnum had lava and sticky ooze, Kiko could not counter it. Fox and the others were in shock. Kiko struggled however, pulled threw when unleashing his Magnitude Crater: Earth Power. This sends Magnum in a spur and Kiko wins the fight by a landslide. Kiko is congratulated however, Kenji ,mocks him and says that he can still defeat him. Kenji is then called for his fight against Coldstone. Coldstone could not hit or even touch Kenji even once. Kenji then uses his First Strike and nearly defeats him.

9 "Salvage" 11/06/2004 109 TV-Y7FV

Coldstone then unleashes his Manipulation Technique. However, it proves ineffective to Kenji and he goes in for a deathstrike. His attack almost kills Coldstone but he is alive. Everyone then takes a short break and Fox and the others talks about Kenji and his fighting styles. When the final rounds resumes, Fox is put up against Hothead for the title of being in the semi-finals.

10 "The Fox in the Belfry" 11/20/2004 110 TV-Y7FV

Hothead reminds the school of the failures of the school and how it was all caused by Fox and his friends. With Kiko, Lisa and Tati getting mad, Fox remains his cool and states that that was the past and reveals that Hothead cannot beat him like their very first encounter. When they fight, Hothead is easily taking over the fight like he did when they were younger. With Fox getting the snot beated out of him, he finally decides to go serious and unleashes his Fire Soul on Hothead. Hothead surprised attacks him but cannot even cause a scratch on his body. Fox knees him and he flies out of the ring. The proctor then announces that they will guess a number to see who automatically goes to the finals. Kiko wins but gives it to Fox because he wants to test his abilities against Kenji.

11 "New World" 12/4/2004 111 TV-Y7FV

With the world of the tournament building up in tension, the three remaining fighters are causing tension of their own as Kenji is telling Kiko that he made a mistake trying to fight him. In addition, he hits on Tati. When both Kenji and Fox angers one another, they are about to fight until the proctor stops them. Kiko and Kenji then has their fight. However, Kiko cannot lay a finger on Kenji. When everything becomes suspicious, Kenji reveals that he was never using his eyes to see.

12 "The Last Gap" 12/11/2004 112 TV-Y7FV

As Kiko and Kenji continues their fight, Kenji keeps dodging his attacks. However, he displays a move known as False Swipe and nearly paralizes Kiko. Kiko then fight him but is unable to go at his best. Kenji then disables his right arm. Kiko then struggles the most now. However, he tricks Kenji and gives him three hard punches to the face and the stomach. He then uses his Earth Power technique. However, that did only normal damage on him and he finishes him off with his Mandarin Bow. Fox and the others goes to Kiko's aid and they send him to the school hospital. Fox is angered now and the two rivals argue. The final match is then about to begin.

13 "Eternal Rivals" 12/18/2004 113 TV-Y7FV

When the final fight starts, the two are more or less equaled. They both know quite well that Fox excels in endurance and stamina and Kenji excels in agility and speed. That however reaches a climax to where Kenji fails using his False Swipe and Fox uses a new attack on him called Counter. With the fight still going, Tati and Lisa are rooting for Fox all the way.

14 "Bonds of Friendship" 02/06/2005 114 TV-Y7FV

The fight rages on as both are displaying different moves on one another: Kenji: Blue Thunder, Extremespeed Fox: Crimson Fire & Combustion. When the two are drop dead tired, Kenji pushes himself over the limits and starts pounding Fox in bad. With Fox losing the battle, Kiko comes in watching. He cheers Fox on along with Tati and Lisa. However, he is still losing. When Fox gets up again, Kenji successfully does his false swipe move on him but did not paralize him or kill him. Kenji was thne going in to kil him but he uses his Fire Soul. Fox then pushes Kenji away and uses his Red Mystic Ball. When Kenji still fights on but cannot do much, Fox plans to end it by going out with a bang! Fox uses his Dynamic Exterior combo and then tops that with his most powerful move, Incinerate. With the two brutally injured, they continue to fight to the end where Fox pushes slightly harder than Kenji and wins the fight. Kenji explains how he was alone most of his life which made him shy and he never opened to anyone. However, instead of still being mad at him, Fox helps Kenji up and they shake on it, making them official friends.

Season 2: 2005[]

Power of Ultamano Saga[]

# Episode Airdate Production Code Rating
15 "World of Giants" 02/12/2005 201 TV-Y7FV

When Sprx says that Tolomac 3 is just another piece of rock floating in space, he couldn't be more wrong. It turns out that there's an entire kingdom of giants living there, and they've mistaken the Super Robot for one of their own. Sprx decides to take advantage of the situation and pose as a knight, but the Robot is losing power, and unless the team can find the nearby energy source, they'll be stuck there for good! But there's one who doesn't want them to leave - he wants to get rid of this "square-headed knight" himself... But don't forget the new "GirlFriend" Sprx gets while he's there.

16 "The Lords of Soturix 7" 02/19/2005 202 TV-Y7FV

Responding to a distress call, the Super Robot crash lands on Soturix 7. To make things worse, an energy field around the planet has shorted out the robot, Chiro's powers, AND the minds of the rest of the Monkey Team! Now Chiro must brave Skurgg's sadistic games, survive the desert, and reclaim his friends... and his only hope is to connect with the Power Primate on an entirely new level.

17 "In the Grip of Evil" 02/25/2005 203 TV-Y7FV

It all started with the nightmares. But nobody could've predicted how much more they would soon become. The team is whisked away to a strange dream world where all their hopes, fears, and memories are seemingly reality - including Skeleton King. The monkeys are about to discover something they thought they'd all forgotten. But memories can never completely fade...

18 "Versus Chiro" 03/05/2005 204 TV-Y7FV

It was just an ordinary day of training - until Chiro's head blew off! It turns out to be a Formless clone, and the monkeys are on a wild chase around the city to find the real one. Meanwhile, the real Chiro is held hostage at Mandarin's fortress. It won't be easy to escape - there are deformed clones at every corner!

19 "Shadow Over Shuggazoom" 03/12/2005 205 TV Y7FV

Skeleton King plants an eye monster in the waters of Shuggazoom. The monster grows, then attacks all the citizens. When someone look into its gigantic eye, they become mind-controlled zombies. It also controls Sparx, Gibson, Nova and Otto! Only Chiro, Antauri, and two other kids, BT and Glenny resist the spell only for Glenny to get attacked and bitten by Otto and Nova,while Antauri and Bt looks into its eye turning them into zombies. But soon enough, Chiro is the only one left. Can Chiro stop the monster and save all the citizens of Shuggazoom along with his monkey comrades?

20 "The Sun Riders Return" 03/19/2005 206 TV-Y7FV

Chasing the latest Skeleton King monster into space, the Monkey Team encounters not only the villain's latest diabolical scheme, but an apparently reformed team of Sun Riders. But the questions remains... can these villains truly be trusted?

21 "Hunt for the Citadel of Bone" 04/09/2005 207 TV-Y7FV

When a fragment of the Citadel of Bone is spotted, you can be sure the Hyperforce is after it. But when they come across an old piloting legend, the team get a lot more than they bargained for. Sure enough, the Citadel is still in existence - and restoring itself. Will the monkey team be able retrieve this strange man's crew and to put an end to the evil before it starts? Or will this legend let his thirst for revenge end everything - including their lives?

22 "Snowbound" 04/16/2005 208 TV-Y7FV

Snow hits Shuggazoom City and it brings up not only endless questions from Gibson, but weird behavior from Nova. She won't go in the cold and a snowball to the head gets her so flustered, her body temperature alone can melt the snow. When the Hyperforce realizes there are other forces at work, they go beneath the surface to get to the source of the freeze. Haunted by memories of her past, the yellow monkey tries to keep her cool. But when the rest of the team is frozen solid, it's the last straw for Nova, and it's time to see just how powerful one monkey's temper can be...

23 "Wonder Fun Meat World" 04/23/2005 209 TV-Y7FV

A new meat joint has opened up in Shuggazoom, and everyone in the city seems to be taken by this eatery. Even Otto is under its spell! But soon things start to get ugly - literally - when meat mutants begin to attack. Could Wonder Fun Meat World be more than it's cracked up to be?

24 "The Skeleton King Threat" 10/09/2005 210 TV-Y7FV

The Monkey Team is finally able to talk to the citizens of Shuggazoom! Now with this new ability, they've decided to let everyone in on the true danger that surrounds them - the Skeleton King threat.

25 "Antauri's Masters" 05/07/2005 211 TV-Y7FV

Antauri, sensing a disturbance in the Power Primate, heads off to see the ones who taught him the ways of the mystical energy. Fearful that his friend may not return, Chiro stows away in the Brain Scrambler, and joins Antauri on his mission. But upon arrival, things start to go south as the monkey's master informs him that the "Dark Ones" have returned and that the Power Primate is deteriorating - and proves himself a traitor as well. Now Chiro must fight his way past the temple's guardians to get to Antauri and stop Master Zan. But could the Power Primate be coming to an end?

26 "I, Chiro" 05/15/2005 212 TV-Y7FV

The Power Primate is gone and the Dark Ones will soon wreak havoc upon Shuggazoom. All seems lost. But with one last hope, Chiro will have to do the unimaginable to save Shuggazoom - and existence as we know it.

Season 3: 2005-2006[]

Zero Saga[]

# Episode First Airdate Production Code Ratings
27/28 "The Savage Lands" 10/24/2005 301 TV-Y7FV

After all that has happened, Chiro, now in a strange new form, discovers a whole new world beneath Shuggazoom's surface. As the remaining Monkey Team members search for him, he's on a search of his own... for Antauri. Well, he wants to put Antauri's power primate in the silver monkey suit. When the others finally find him, all they want is for Chiro to come home where he belongs. But little do they know of the greater journey that lies ahead...

29 "Season of the Skull" 10/30/2005 302 TV-Y7FV

In hot pursuit of the Dark One Worm, the Super Robot is mysteriously transported to a strange village where everything is, as Otto puts it, "spook-tacular." The citizens turn to the Monkey Team for help, claiming that they are plagued by a curse that is taking away their little ones. But what secrets are these strange people really hiding?

30 "A Ghost in the Machinder" 11/07/2005 303 TV-Y7FV

While still on the hunt for the Dark One Worm, the gang is pulled into a massive spaceship by an Artificial intelligence whose colony was destroyed by Skeleton King, and is now bent on destroying anyone who has something organic.And on top of that, it spilt Antauri from the others.Will the Hyperforce find Antauri and beat this a.i with the aid of the Super Robot which is suddenly displaying an intelligence of its own...?

31 "The Stranded Seven" 11/21/2005 304 TV-Y7FV

Attacked by a swarm of evil giant praying mantises, the Super Robot crashes on a distant world with nowhere to go. Until the Hyperforce meets the feline inhabitants, that is. It seems the Mantidons have been plaguing them for quite some time, and some look to the team for help while others turn them away. Should the Monkey Team stay and help? And will it make a difference if they do?

32 "Girl Trouble" 12/10/2005 305 TV-Y7FV

While out joy-riding, Chiro stumbles upon an old space station where he finds two girls that are being held as slaves by a monster. Meanwhile, the girl's father goes to the monkeys for help. But he isn't exactly what he seems to be...

33 "Brother in Arms" 12/16/2005 306 TV-Y7FV

Still on their journey, Gibson's lecture on wormholes is interrupted when an alien robot mech unexpectedly attacks the Super Robot. The Monkey Team fights back, only to lose Gibson during the battle. Stranded on a strange world, the blue monkey finds that he is not alone - also stranded is a member of the team whose mech attacked them. At first it seems the two will never get along, but when a new enemy arises, can they work together to save their teams - and themselves?|-

34 "Monster Battle Club Now!" 12/19/2006 307 TV-Y7FV

Despite his already impressive combat prowess, it wouldn't hurt if Chiro learned some new moves. So the team heads to a distant planet to visit Nova's former master, only to find it corrupted by the Skeleton King Worm. Luckily, they are able to find Master Offay, who agrees to train Chiro. The leader of the Hyperforce is soon ready to compete in the tournament that will decide the team's freedom, all the while being affected by the planet's corrupted atmosphere. But while searching for a way out, Sprx, Gibson, and Otto make a startling discovery about Nova's former master...

35 "Meet the Wigglenog" 1/31/2006 308 TV-Y7FV

While playing laser quest inside the super robot, a strange creature called the Wigglenog appears before the team promising to grant their hearts with three wishes.Gibson accidentally wishes that Otto was smarter then he has a gigantic brain. Then the Hyperforce soon discover that with dealing with the wigglenog, they should be careful what they wish for as when the wigglenog grants his third wish, he is freed from his cosmic prison to conquer the cosmos! Can The Hyperforce defeat this seemly all powerful trickster?

36 "Big Lug" 1/16/2006 309 TV-Y7FV

Desperate in need of fuel, the Hyperforce stops at an intergalactic truck stop, and becomes enthralled with the contents of the stop's store. While the monkeys play around with the merchandise, Chiro stumbles upon the Lug, the stop's tourist attraction. Appalled by the conditions the creature is being kept in, he decides to set it free. But imagine his surprise when he discovers that the "lug" is actually a transformed human - and that the money-hungry owners of the truck stop have turned him into a Lug to replace the old one! When the monkey team look for Chiro, he turned. Can they ever get back to normal?

37 "Prototype" 2/5/2006 310 TV-Y7FV

Hot on the Dark One's trail, the Super Robot suddenly changes its course to a barren planet stripped of its resources, leaving the Monkey Team baffled. They wind up in a strange laboratory where they encounter a brilliant scientist who has been reduced to nothing but a brain - and claims that he is one of the Super Robot's creators. It turns out that it was the prototype of a long line of fighting robots and the most recent one, the Prometheus Five, that has relentlessly attacking the scientist and his creations. The team sets out to help, but the Super Robot won't seem to let them attack this new robot. In fact, the two actually communicate! And through this, the Hyperforce - and the Robot - learns that there is more to the story than the scientist has told them...

38 "Wormhole" 02/13/2006 311 TV-Y7FV

The time has finally come - the final showdown with the Skeleton King Worm. Armed with explosives and a plan, the Hyperforce readies to face what could be their last battle. But the plan falls apart when the team loses Nova to the Worm...and is dragged through a wormhole to what seems to be a whole other dimension. Can the remaining members of the Hyperforce gets back to normal and defeat the Worm...without Nova?

39 "Belly of the Beast" 02/20/2006 312 TV-Y7FV

Finding themselves trapped within the Worm, the Hyperforce struggles to regain their composure after the day's past events. This doesn't keep them from their mission, however. As Antauri sets out, Sprx, Gibson, and Otto deal with the Skeleton King Droid. All the while, Chiro, separated from his teammates, ponders a way out, only to be confronted by an old adversary with vengeance on his mind. Is all lost for the Monkey Team? Or will the return of an old friend restore the balance? Dark One Worm aims to attack planet Earth.

Season 4: 2006[]

Dark Combo Ranger Returns Saga[]

# Episode First Airdate Production Code Rating
40 ”Galactic Smash: Space Attack (Part 1) ” 09/09/2006 401 TV-Y7FV

The Monkey Team is recruited to play in the world's most dangerous game: Galactic Smash, by an unknown female warrior who requires their assistance, and a cheat device has claimed that they are the only ones who can save the world.

41 "Galactic Smash: Game Over (Part 2) 09/16/2006 402 TV-Y7FV

Chiro and the Monkey Team have been separated, and the Super Robot has been torn into pieces, but with Shuggazoom now as the target in Galactic Smash, they must find a way to reunite with one another and destroy the evil threatening their home world.

42 "Incident on Ranger 7" 09/23/2006 403 TV-Y7FV

The Monkey Team run into an old enemy (who happens to be krinkle...) at the prison on Ranger 7 when Chiro is mysteriously kidnapped.

43 "Ghosts of Shuggazoom" 10/07/2006 405 TV-Y7FV

The monkey team discovers a deserted Shuggazoom City with druid-like creatures called Wraiths until Jinmay arrives to help the team. As things appear to be good, Chiro gets turned into a wraith, and the evil Valeena returns for revenge on the monkey team. Will Jinmay and the monkeys save the city?

44 "Invasion of Vreen" 09/30/2006 404 TV-Y7FV

When a race of super evolved insects arrives to conquer Shuggazoom, the Hyperforce has to stop them.

45 "Evil Ages" 10/14/2006 406 TV-Y7FV

The Hyperforce decides to visit the Shuggazoom Museum, which contains past relics and antiques from the city's ancient times and past. Everything is all fine and normal, that is until The Curator transports our heroes into the different histories of Shuggazoom! Will they be able to find their way back to the present?

46 "Night of Fear" 10/21/2006 407 TV-Y7FV

While patrolling the city, Sprx crash lands the Fist Rocket 3 in front of the Super Robot. When they rescue him they find he has lost his sight. Then Gibson turns into a drooling insane idiot, Antauri starts to lose control of his body and Mandarin takes control of his mind, Nova starts to see scary hallucinations, Chiro turns into a little boy, and clam monsters chase Otto. The team must discover who is making the Hyperforce face their greatest fears.

47 "The Hills Have Five" 10/28/2006 408 TV-Y7FV

A gang named the Wild Five terrorize Shuggazoom and Nova and Jinmay get captured. The Hyperforce must release the one Wild Five member they caught to find them, not knowing the leader of the Wild Five has reprogrammed Jinmay into one of them.

48 "Demon of the Deep" 11/04/2006 409 TV-Y7FV

When the Shuggazoom is attacked by aquatic monsters, the Hyperforce are saved by Captain Protesis. He tells the team that the monsters are only the beginning and an ancient demon in tombed deep under the sea will awaken by the next dawn. Only the black crystal from the Hostlie Depths can save them. But does the Captain want to stop the ancient monster or release it?

49 "Secret Society" 11/11/2006 410 TV-Y7FV

A mysterious underground cult steals the Skeleton King' skull to gain limitless power, leading to a series of curses that fall upon Shuggazoom. The Hyperforce investigates beneath the city to stop the cult and the catastrophes. Meanwhile, witch Valeena and Mandarin set out to the same location to retrieve the skull.

50 "Golden Age" 11/18/2006 411 TV-Y7FV

The monkey team pick up a stranger called Captain Shuggazoom. He was the former protector of Shuggazoom and the Alchemist's friend. Will the monkey team finally learn the full truth of their creator?

51 "Object of Hate" (Fire of Hate) 12/09/2006 412 TV-Y7FV

In order to revive the insidious Skeleton King, Valeena the Skull Sorceress must find three sacred items that represent her master's soul. Learning of this, the Hyperforce and Jinmay set off to find these items before the sorceress does. But getting hold of these items are easier said than done since they might contain more than just power...

52 "Soul of Evil" 12/16/2006 413 TV-Y7FV

The Hyperforce are racing against time as Mandarin, Valeena, and the newly turned evil Sprx try to retrieve the Soul of Evil, which will help to bring back Skeleton King. Will they succeed and stop them? Will they save Sparx from the darkness? Or is all lost for Shuggazoom and the universe? Maybe there is hope...