This show is an anime where the main character is Jake Senostu. He is a thrill-seeking 14 year old boy and is the main protagonist of the series. It takes place in a small village called Hakozinagakure and mostly resolves around a school with a bunch of friends as they try to expose who is the dark one lurking in the shadows.

Primary Characters[edit | edit source]

Jake Senostu[edit | edit source]

He is a thrill-seeking 14 year old boy and the main character of the series. He is best friends with Kenaichi Haburomai. At first the Kenaichi was a bit cold towards Jake and seemed to not care for him until he quickly befriends him when displaying hos own power. Jake is also the love interest of Antsuki. He seems to possess the same feelings for her however, it is not confirmed. He may seem oblivious to many things and seems to be less intelligent compared to his friends however, he actually proves on many occasions that he really intelligent. He was the one that figured out the killer and the one who has been killing people in the school and village to get stronger, Nuarage.

  • Kenaichi Haburomai
  • Antuski Mezumaru
  • Chiran & Utaku Ganto
  • Ruya Ronaigaku
  • Yanori Feitnso
  • Ketil Kanbaczko
  • Nuarage Tsonoyogi
  • Furastoi Jijemba
  • Miniyaka Quienzetbec
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